Kashmir’s Most Popular Tourist Spot Fast Turning Into A Garbage Dumping Site

Kashmir’s Most Popular Tourist Spot Fast Turning Into A Garbage Dumping Site

On one hand the unabated construction of concrete structures are wreaking havoc in the eco-sensitive Pahalgam health resort while on the other hand the incompetence of Municipal Committee of Pahalgam is worrisome too. The Municipal workers collect garbage from all across the Pahalgam town and dump it in these valleys which is affecting the ecology of this area. We the local residents of Pahalgam requested the Executive Officer of Municipal committee not to dump all this garbage here but they never paid any attention. Despite repeated requests to the concerned department they have been throwing the waste here. A few meters ahead at Baisaran meadow, the condition is much more worse than this. It is affecting our environment. Tourists keep on frequenting through this track and it looks very messy. If this place remains clean, that will be in the interest of everybody. The authorities bring all the waste and deposit it here. Being a tourist area it becomes very unpleasant to come through this place for the visitors. As of now it is winters but as the temperature rises this garbage emanates very foul smell. Did you meet the concerned officials regarding this issue? We even highlighted this issue on Facebook. The greenery of this place gets endangered due to this exercise. Previously, we requested the officer in-charge but he did nothing. It will be your kindness if you forward this complaint to the higher ups so that this place is saved. Where else they dump all this rubbish? At Baisaran, this place and several other spots. Is this the Municipal department which is indulging in all this? Yes, they bring all the garbage in tractors and dump it in these mountains. They do not have a proper waste disposal management. There should be a proper waste disposal management system in place to save this place. In the event of a rainfall and winds, all this garbage drifts into the adjacent stream. The water of this particular stream is provided to thousands of households. This could not only lead to several water-borne diseases but it also damages the ecological system of this area. The locals did meet the concerned officials but nothing productive could come out. The viewers can call on the number of concerned official, provided on the screen, and press him to shift the dumping site from this place and get the glory of this beautiful place restored. For Kashmir Unheard, I am Shafat Mir from Pahalgam.

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