Kelty Salida 2 Backpacking Tent

Kelty Salida 2 Backpacking Tent

Today we are going to look at some of the
features on the Kelty Salida Two. This is a two person, three season backpacking tent.
It weighs in at four pounds, eight ounces. There is just enough room for two people to
fit in there. It does have one door and a sin-gle vestibule for storage and does come
with a full coverage fly that is seam taped and waterproof. So I’ll peel the fly back here so you can
get a better look at the body of the tent on the Salida Two. Most of the body is made
from a dark, no see them, mesh netting. This tent is going to offer a fantastic breathability.
It is going to be perfect for three season back-packing. Ands you will have plenty of
breathability to prevent some moisture and con-densation build up in cooler temperatures
as well. You do have a nylon paneling here around the
bottom of the tent. It follows all the way around. You have got a little bit at the top.
But most of the tent body here is going to be mesh. And in the floor down here this is
a seam sealed waterproof floor. The material used here is a little bit more durable than
what is used on the upper of the tent. So you have got a little bit more durability
and complete waterproofness in the floor. There is a single D shaped door on the Salida
Two. And there is a toggle system here that you can anchor the door back with, kind of
keep it out of the way. Inside the tent here you have got just enough room for two standard
20 inch wide sleeping pads. If you are used to using a wider sleeping pad, this tent might
be perfect for one person, but for two people you are going to need to stick to that standard
20 inch wide pad to fit in here. On this side of the tent you have got two
small pockets in the corner, just enough room to stuff a head lamp or a cell phone. Kelty
does include gear loft with this tent. You can see I have attached it up here. It ties
in to some webbing points in the corners. It gives you a really nice option for stowing
extra items in the tent and gives you a little bit more space inside. The Salida Two is a free standing tent. It
has got two poles. Kelty is using a DAC Pres-cott pole. So they are lightweight aluminum, don’t
really weigh the tent down, but you get some good structure out of it. Because it doesn’t have a third pole, this
tent isn’t going to be super suitable for any sort of like early spring, late fall use,
definitely not in the winter time. It doesn’t quite have the pole architecture to support
a heavy load of snow or really bad weather conditions, but it is going to be great for
most three season use. And you can see Kelty uses kind of a quick clip system here. It
is pretty easy to do. I mean, even with a glove or a mitten on you can get away with
it. We have got two double clips at the top here that kind of anchor both of those poles
together that create that wedge pole design. The fly on the Salida Two connects to the
tent body through a fast tax buckle. And you can see here that the tent pole comes down
and anchors into a grommet and a piece of webbing is attached to the body of the tent.
Your stake goes through the loop on the end. That fly attaches in through the fast tax
buckle and you can adjust it here. And these pieces of webbing on the corner of this tent
are color coded. Two corners are orange, two corners are silver. So you can easily match
the corner of the fly up with the correct corner of the tent to make sure you have got
the fly oriented so the door opening and the vesti-bule connects with the door on the tent. So you have got your full coverage fly. You
can see it creates a vestibule space here. There is enough room to tuck a pack or a pair
of boots in. When it is closed over you can easily have two packs, two pairs of boots
in here. So it is enough space for two people to stow their gear. You do have a nice rain
flap over the zipper. So it doesn’t allow rain to run in through the zipper on the fly. And Kelty also has added these guide out points
on the side of the tent here. You will see these later in these orange pieces attach
to this black. It is a black piece of looped webbing. So if you are going to be in some sort of
like windier conditions or think you are going to run into some bad weather, they do give
you this option to support that pole structure a little bit better with the guide points.
You will find one on every corner on each pole. And along with that gear loft that is
included, you have some light weight aluminum stakes. Kelty does through in a little bundle
of guideline with some guideline adjusters. It looks like there is about four of them
here, which would easily do those other four corners. So you have got some nice additions there
with this tent. It is a great space. It is a good weight coming in at under five pounds
for two people. It is a really good value tent for anyone that is looking to do some
three season backpacking and is looking for a solid tent that is going to be weather worthy
and hold up under those conditions.

3 thoughts on “Kelty Salida 2 Backpacking Tent

  1. You should have lain down so we can get sense of room, especially for 2 people.  Hate when reviewers fail to do such an basic, easy, obvious thing.

  2. I bought one and it's super roomy inside. I'm used to a Moss Outland 1 person bombproof 4 season…. don't get me wrong, I love it but for long distance hike and being the same weight, The Salida 2 is great.

  3. Thanks, great review! Appreciate view with / without rain fly. Also the for heads up about mattress pad width. You packed lots info.

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