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Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the PROOF is in the SINGING! While other channels just talk about singing,
WE ACTUALLY SING! Anyway, we got a lot of requests for this
one. Bryan Adams, Summer of 69. We’ll do it first like we always do. We’ll talk about it after. Let’s rock! Okay! A lot going on here! Now, by the way… Brian his been one of my all-time favorite
singers, artist guy. Growing up with him just was awesome! He has natural nodes, natural distortion in
his voice. Now, by the way if you like what you heard,
please like and subscribe to my channel, that would be super awesome! I have a singer’s forum called, I have a
course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else, and in my Website I have a singer’s
forum with over 10,000 singers there, all talking about this kind of stuff and how we can
get better together, collectively, as a group. But anyway, so he has natural nodes. That starts with polyps, which are kind of
funk, which is like a blister on the cord and they develop over time into a lot of distortion. So when I did YEAH!! You know, kind of like a Kind of a crazy distorted sound. Well, we actually have to work up to this
sound, guys. I promise, you’ve GOT TO listen to me on
this. We don’t want to go straight to a hyper
glottal, distorted, compressed sound. If we do, you probably will destroy your voice. He has a natural node sound in his voice. He was kind of born with them or grew them
over time, accumulated them over time I should say… And what’s important about that is, people
say “Ken, I want to hear you do Bryan Adams, cause he has such a great, distorted tone. Well, I’ve also done that over time, safely
built, you know, some distortion in my voice. But I want you guys to really think of, you
that want to do growl and scream and all this other stuff. We want to build this stuff safely so that
we can have a long-term career, and if we don’t, chances are were going to lose our
voice. So, what we can do, let’s just discuss “I
got my first real six-string, bought it at the five and dime…” Right? We can kind of lean into the sound just a
little bit. Not too much. Eventually, like Dio, or another ”HEEEEEY
Yeay, yay, yeah! HOWWW!” And we can kind of like lean into that sound. By the way, notice too, I’m still clean
when I talk, I don’t sound like I’ve lost my voice. Because I’m able to compressed this, and
I cover all of this in my singing course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. Where what we want to do is hold our breath. Hold the air back, so that were not just taking
a flamethrower of air across our vocal folds, and then be able to develop this sound over
time. Now it sounds like I’m really hitting it
really hard, you know, “HEY!!!” like I’m really killing it. Actually, I’m not. I’m holding my breath. I’m coming back you know “I got my first
real six-string” I’m like, literally compressing the air. Now I don’t want to say squeezing on the
throat, because there’s a difference. Now, let me juxtapose a couple things here. The first thing is that when people go to
strain to get a note, they go “hey, hey, hey” and they’ll strain to get a sound. Right? We develop good Open Throat technique first. The first thing that we do. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” We develop this open throat technique first,
with good support and all this stuff you’ve learned from all my videos and my course,
and then, once we learn how to do that and keep muscle memory open, then we come
back and can compress the sound to get a distorted sound. “Hey! Hey, Yay, yay, yay, yay!” We can come back and compress that sound to
get to this place here or even beyond. So, anyways, thank you for joining me. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof
is in the singing! Again, while others are out there talking
about singing, we actually sing. Peace.

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