KENZO Spring-Summer 2017 “Music is my Mistress” a film by Kahlil Joseph

KENZO Spring-Summer 2017 “Music is my Mistress” a film by Kahlil Joseph

He was a musician’s musician Born deaf Sound was introduced late in life And then everything changed I mean you do understand what I do, right? He’s letting me in though, that’s why I have to stick with it If he’s letting me in, I’m going to stay here until I find it That’s not even a real fucking address People can’t find this dude I’m not trying to be out here when shit gets dark Do you know where Figueroa Street is? Are we… Are we close to that or not even? Yeah you are close She is a smart person Incredible wealth, incredibly well traveled, intellectual She couldn’t find you, she knew I could And then everything changed No, no, no don’t say anything just call me if you see him Pick up G…. No, no he’s got his car, he’d drive himself, he doesn’t let anyone drive [Please leave a message after the tone] Nobody can find her … and they are trying And she’s been trying to find you for eight months I can’t get her back if we lose her now. Ok? She’s banned from the country B. And she’s willing to fly to you.
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I’m here to see the Princess Oh, come on in Nice to meet you Nice to meet you Is she here? She is. She’s in the main house, this is the guest house Yes….right Right this way Yeah, no, I’m in the guest house which is a five bedroom mansion and from here,
I can’t even see the house where she’s staying Some henchman, with an impressive accent shows up and takes my phone basically muscles the phone away and gives me some old flip phone Turns out the only number I can really remember is… my mom’s landline Just ended up talking to my mom for like an hour That’s fine, did he make the team? She made it very clear that she won’t even come visit me until he arrives Did you fucking ask her? I don’t need you like inferring things. Just ask her directly She waited He never showed up After three days, she vanished We never discussed it, him and I We don’t go there for them, we go there for us That’s a two way street homie Give me seven dates No less than five… give me seven to ten Small though, right. Small… No more than 300. Like cocktail lounge-y Josephine Baker shit Word-of-mouth, old-school playbills It’s really what it’s about. Like song-writing…

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  1. I am a Fine Art Photographer and Filmmaker from Senegal. My name is Djibril as Djibril Diop Mambety, my inspiration. This film got me so emotional that I cried. Thank you Khalil for this masterpiece and the quotes from Djibril's words.

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