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good morning from beautiful Kerala in
India and today we’re going to be doing some sightseeing that the hotel provides
that we’ve been staying with can’t elude and Gardens which is the one behind us
we’re actually staying in that top floor up there it’s a beautiful hotel so they
provide like sightseeing tours so we’ve organizes through explore Kerala so
we’re really looking forward to go and see some of the natural sights through
we’re actually on the Kerala border so we’re really looking forward to this so
that’s good so we have reached our first destination
which is a no Granick farm um not sure if you can see that that photo but we’re
just entering now and we’re gonna have this organic farm how its run so don’t
eat all their food please okay he’s brought out the strawberries I just
think being able to pick up on the tree you prefer with Chandra can just go and
eat everything let me pull up on it this is our third destination and it’s
called honey rock so up here they have honeycomb so we can I think we’re gonna
go it’s a bit of a track made of the climb to the top we have too much walk you can eat the honeycomb the bees gone
yes can smell nice though it’s deuce moon right you just keep
getting bigger and bigger ones this is gonna be the thumbnail you can see all
the honeycomb on the floor that’s fallen you’re gonna get a closer look maybe take a look these funds Stuber all
the B’s yeah what’s with the letter they’re going up to get it yes they used
to you know fired it I mean they’re using fire to kill the base no one
killed them just the scale I’m off after that they’ll take that and they will
excuse it honey look at this one zoom in so you can see we just arrived at the
jaggery factory machine how do I make that one you know like indicate luck we use this
thing as an ingredient okay like most waiters wiser live in Sweden yes it’s
more player and this see you today bagdana boy like up to one and a half
hour to two hours until we become like the paste and then they will pour it to
this one and then when is cold out they’re gonna start like motive and you
can see on the edge here the paste from probably the last one when they tips it
we’re gonna try the sugarcane juice for the first time Wow
yeah actually I have like 10 dudes before Oh like but I never have a bishop
just eat it natural energy I don’t know that this is why elephants we can say that elephant’s looking can
see there’s a wild elephants making their way through and this is the boys house he’s just
watching the elephant’s goodbye hello they’re coming through every day every
day every day wow they’re not Dana I think it is work
tracking this post across the area okay yeah he’s not dangerous
yes sir Henry dangerous you have to ultimately closer Wow a gray area so you
have to be careful yes yes stay away from me yes yes you okay what are you doing be careful sign is going to taste a lot elephants
do you want some masala shot you can see down your top I can see your boobs close the shop so we just arrived at our
final destination of the day so we’re gonna watch the sunset as you can see
over here watch it from the treehouse okay after you climb up like a monkey what’s your head I don’t know – it falls
down okay we’ve reached our final destination
for the day and just have a look at this place
just after watching the Sun go down we got the view looking over all of Kerala how you like it no you love India yeah India has been so
amazing to us it’s unbelievable never would have thought this is how
beautiful it is because how the social media promoting India is very bad so
people think the Indian is not clean dirty or whatever the news has on to do
it on internet but that is me when I first come to Indian I think everything
is bad but when I spend by myself is surprising me especially the last few
day it’s showing me like Indian people is more kind they they you know like how
sexy like they still have like their traditional high values of the
traditional tradition I think we’re gonna wrap up today’s video I don’t
think of a better way to leave India in this we just want to give a special
special thank you to explore Kerala to us they made the last five six days
unbelievably memorable for us and we cannot thank them enough because you
cannot get this experience traveling to like these off-the-beaten-track places
and eating at local places without using someone like them so if you’re thinking
you’re coming to India look at using these guys look them up and we’ll leave
the information in the description below they’re so good they’re so good
you’re not doing it for the money they’re just passion
about kerala and showing people around to get that experience so that’s it
we’re gonna wrap it up from India until next time dream bigger much sooner

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