Kheerganga(HD): The place where KartikJi meditated | खीरगंगा | Parvati Valley | Himachal Tourism

Kheerganga(HD): The place where KartikJi meditated | खीरगंगा | Parvati Valley | Himachal Tourism

Water embracing the rocks Flow of the water which flourishes life Water which gives impression of Milk This water which keeps on flowing down is of river Parvati Beautiful and sober people Pine tree forests Glittering snow on the peaks These things make it nothing less than a heaven These are few of the traits of Parvati Valley Parvati Valley is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh And in these valleys lie a spiritual place, “Kheerganga” Which is famous for God Kartik’s cave and hot water springs Himachal Pradesh has been the top destination for trekkers And there is no doubt, in every district they will get a suitable trekking option As soon as terrain gets more treacherous landscapes become more and more beautiful Kheerganga is known for God Kartik Kartik…who is brother of God Ganesh and first son of God Shiv He meditated here inside a cave for years And beside that, there is a hot water spring also Domestic and foreign tourists & venerator come here for a bath in hot water spring And, it’s also on the way of Pin-Parvati trek The road till Barsheni, becomes very dangerous due to bad weather and its interior location But we all know that HRTC’s very skilled drivers make it an easy go HRTC…is one of the best transportation system in India You must have seen pictures of HRTC buses carrying civilians on FB pages This is so astonishing for a Govt. institution like HRTC that it has so many fan pages on FB There is an ongoing Hydropwer project construction in Barsheni And the area which is visible in this picture will sink in the dam of project after completion Hydro-power projects cause how much damage to nature, it’s still a big debate Parvati Valley has been blessed by nature with enormous beauty This valley is full of fruits, flowers and wild animals and birds On Kheerganga trek, you will find Apple orchards too And to prevent them from monkeys and other wild animals you will find villagers making many efforts And we talked to a villager named “Parvati”, who was in similar situation Do you come here right in the morning? “Yes, early in the morning” You sit here right from morning to evening “Yes, I make a fire and drink tea” Yesterday, you had someone sitting along with you, who was she? the one who took cattle along “She has a family and I don’t” “She just left from here” What was that? “That’s Daroo(GunPowder)” Okay, then Namaste, it was wonderful talking to you “How can it be wonderful talking to an old lady” “People come here and click pictures with me” “What will they get clicking pictures with old lady?” Are you from this village only? Rakthan.. “Yes” This place must be getting a lot of snow in winters.. “Yes, till waist” Next time when we will come, will surely meet you Now, let’s take you all to a village here You can see here typical houses also Social life is very important for Himachali people That’s the reason, people never shy away helping and talking to you This is my experience.. Often on trek You will find a dog walking with you You won’t get an idea, when they become part of your journey Parvati river flows along with trek River water makes you feel thrilled Water is one of the five basic elements Where, this tittering noise of water makes you feel relaxed and this rock-engulfing water also causes fear A few decades before when these villages were not connected to roads then these wooden bridges used to connect people to society Walking on these bridges takes your heart out Slipping from mountains, colliding with rocks this water gives life to villages and towns and sometime during heavy rainy season, spoils them too Gaddi, has always been acting ambassadors for Himachal Right from childhood, we(Himachali) have seen them in folk songs, folklore, paintings, pictures and sometimes on our way stopping us with their cattle Gaddi life is an ideal lifestyle. These wild-wandering, simple-sober people crosses river, difficult mountains and passes just to get their cattle nutritious grass in pastures A lot of passes have been told by Gaddi people only We met a Gaddi named “Shami Pandit” on our way He had this never ending smile and nascent, very young kid goat in his hands which he gave us to lift on our request At night, after camping in Kheerganga, in the morning they left for the next camping site These heavy stuff carrying people keeps on wandering on mountains for months How strange is that? Where on one edge, men and women are fighting for money on the other, these people take a lot of pain for such a long duration, just to get their cattle good grass Gaddi community, living in the abode of Nature, really makes Himachal grateful After reaching Kheerganga in the evening, don’t forget to relax yourself in Hot Water Spring The cave of Kartik is little above spring only So do spend a while there in serenity You will get a different serene sensation there Mornings are very special and while in the lap of nature, it’s none less than a heaven Getting up early on mountains, is none less than winning a prize Kheerganga is bound by peaks in such a fashion that after getting up it seems if you are sitting in a theatre looking all around the scenes of nature, like it is a movie l love living close to nature and despite of knowing everything, why I go away from it It’s still an unanswered question

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  2. Great video man.. The old lady seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest even in the scarcity of means.. What a great soul she is

  3. Smile on that old lady looks beautiful n evergreen !!! Last week I visited himachel people out there are the sweetest n so trustworthy !!!! Hard to find here !!

  4. Great video .. we encountered a bear on the same trek ,story in my video

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