KICKING Off WINTER JAM 2020!!! || Q & A || JACKSONVILLE, FL – Zauntee TV (Episode 4)

KICKING Off WINTER JAM 2020!!! || Q & A || JACKSONVILLE, FL – Zauntee TV (Episode 4)

this is gonna be crazy we just got off
the bus I’m about to a catering stuff we got a bunch of things to still do you
know we gotta shoot like the commercial for the arena we got a set up merch
we’ve gotta knockout some more content and stuff but like there’s a lot on our
plate it’s one of those things where I’m starting to feel that adrenaline kick in, like this is a real thing we’re on winter jam, bro I’m telling you, I’ve been dreaming about this since I was five our sound checks tomorrow at 2:15 it’s a weird feeling I mean I got used
to it on the last tour but it’s kind of a weird feeling still to like being an
arena but just like walk out into the middle and then know that later you’re
going to be in the middle of that very arena and that people are gonna be like watching you, that’s crazy I was pointing the camera in the air, basically right
now we’re making the commercial that’s gonna play in the arena we’re making it now, day of, go you’re like it felt awesome bro, honestly yes gonna
be good we’re gonna be doing good 20 times the energy though, and there’s gonna be
screaming fans in here, so, yeah we’ll bring the full energy you know hopefully the people rock with it regardless I’m
sending some like Doc Rivers active it I’m trying to sound like Doc Rivers at
the very end of this show ya know soundcheck went great I mean this Winter
Jam I’m hyped regardless I love how it’s a joke everywhere we go
but that actually just happened cuz we where’s the best place to see that, oh my gosh, there’s alot of people, like an arena full I’m Brandon oh yeah because it gives the glory to the one
who gives us the opportunity for all of us to do all this we have to realize
that without Jesus none of this is possible another one I like is a
brand-new one called center stage which just came out a couple of days ago and
I’m going to get to do that tonight as well this is alia would like to know if you
are the silence the audience right now I’ve been a San Francisco 49ers fan
since I’m 11 years old and what’s that we just started do you
ever get nervous come on stage and if not what is shirt like ritual to beat
your suffering that come onstage before you come out
I think for me I mean nerves can be part of it but it’s like before a big game
kind of feeling I think for me too because I’m new to this side of the
world you know watching people like you know Amy and Randy who have been added
for so long and seeing how they walk out with that confidence that clarity in
that focus is inspiring cuz it’s like you know what if I’ve got God on my side
and if the people here are coming you know to worship the Lord as well it’s
gonna be good Oh God
through this process where now I get to be on this stage with all of you Sakana
beware if you’re trying to put your name out there and these guys know even more
about this but the key is consistency you said it going for yourself you give
100% of God and then every day you’re taking steps forward every day you’re
putting yourself out there through social media through making music
through the TV any show on the jab and eventually you look up in here two years
three years and you’re like wow God actually move this to a place where I
can do this for a living but I think the biggest team and God first and
consistency you my brother we just came off a stage man
and it was crazy it’s weird because I’m so used to being on that the other side
of that stage so being up there there’s one of those things where I was nervous
and then I got up there and I was just saying my element so God was good he
showed up we brought him glory and walking off was like okay that just
happened man that’s crazy I just it encouraged me because it’s
like I know I mean I believe this anyways I think now seeing that living
it out is like wow it really does matter to have a dream to set a goal and then
just like pursue it because like we just did it you know it’s on to the next I’m
just I’m excited that it’s not a one-time thing but that we’re gonna get
to do this in cities across the states man I’m still kind of in shock it
doesn’t feel real yet but God is cray bro yeah that’s my favorite part
if you come to Winter Jam I’m a link-up with you please please please meet me by
my merch table every night at Winter Jam 2020 it’s a movie all glory to God we
are the zealots and we will change the world we’re going down I’m yelling timber you
better do it onward that’s a wrap day one the winter gym is
complete still surreal man I’m still kind of in all cuz it’s like it just
happened you know I mean we’ve been dreaming about this and it like it just
lifts it out but yeah I mean it was great we had a lot of stuff happen right
at the end we needed to jump for the vehicle dad started to feel real sick we
had to pack everything up and it’s kind of time-sensitive we almost discuss but
we did it you know against all odds no weapon formed
against us shall prosper got his great man and I’m just so grateful for how
incredible today with and the time meeting every single cell it was and
that was my favorite part sad when awesome everything was great I’m just
yeah I’m still blown away that we just lived there but
like I keep saying hot glory goes to God Jesus is for you man and yeah remember
guys this is a movement it’s up to us to impact other people be different to make
a difference stand up and stand out and keep in mind that we are the zealots and
we will change the world

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  1. So cool to see how God can fulfill our dreams like that. I’ll be praying for you guys as you continue on tour with WinterJam. Can’t wait to meet all you guys when I come in March!

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  3. Man cant believe I missed you in Tampa! Can't wait till you do a show here again its gonna be crazy seeing you live for the first time after being a fan so long 👌👌

  4. I couldn’t have loved this video more! It was awesome. It showcased how humble, down to earth, and kind you and your team are. You are amazing at connecting with fans!

    ~ Laura ( the fan that loves My Time 😁)

  5. Awww Zauntee you got me 😭 over here. I am so excited for you and everything you are doing for the Kingdom. God is so so good! Wish I hadn't been the introvert that I am and had stayed and talked with you a bit after my sister in law took our pic before the Mobile show at your table.

  6. Super excited to see you and ALL of Winter Jam in Charlotte! Even better that I can bring my 10 year old daughter, who's currently obsessed with Fanatic-as am I, to this and this music and movent is healthy for her and myself 👏❤️

  7. I am so sad you aren't coming to Houston but I am so happy for you ZAUNTEE my favorite songs are God Taught Me , center stage ,fanatic , my time now #Zealotnation🛡🛡💯

  8. That’s so awesome, Zauntee. Thanks for giving God the glory! So excited for you that your dreams are happening!! Excited for all the people who will also be able to be there and participate in this event with you. Thanks for the encouragement via text, and all glory to Him! Be blessed, brother!

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