Kid President’s Holiday Gift Guide

Kid President’s Holiday Gift Guide

Kid President: It’s the holidays!
Some people are excited! But for some people it could be overwhelming. There’s so much
to do, see, eat, don’t stress! Life is short and deodorant can be expensive. I’m here to
tell you that it’s going to be okay. It’s time to give the perfect gift!
Perfect gift! I wrote that theme song do you like it?
I got some special people who I need to get presents for. My mom, my dog, Beyonce. I can’t
just give them just anything! Got to be perfect! How can you tell if the gift that you’re giving
is going to be bad? A few questions to ask yourself.
Is this a random item that I wrapped up from my house?
If it is, it’s a bad idea. But Kid President, I don’t have any money!
No problem, you can always make a gift! Like this awesome macaroni picture I made! It’s
a picture of Uncle Jesse from Full House! Have mercy, perfect gift! This is an old pumpkin
from Halloween! I drew a face on it! Pretty good! But the truth is, most people don’t
need stuff! They need to know somebody cares! It’s about spreading love! Things like, bear
hugs! But don’t hug an actual bear because they don’t understand hugs, they will rip
you face off. Time! Spend some time with the people you
love. Life is what happens when you put down your phone! Do something awesome! Maybe you
and your friends can get together and give a gift that matters. The perfect gift is something
that makes the world better. You can go to a site like Buy blankets
for kids who need them. Send books to kids who need stories. You can even help with K.I.N.D
Kids in Need of Desks. Help provide thousands of school desks. They go to kids in Malawi!
For less than seven dollars you can buy a kid a soccer ball! Plus make sure they have
the nutrition that they need. These aren’t gifts that just make you happy, they make
the world more awesome! Like for real, they help save lives! Giving gifts can change the
world, especially when they are full of love! You can give a gift in honor of somebody.
Who can you get an inspired gift for? Your teacher, your parents, your dentist, anybody!
As cool as it might be give macaroni art like this, it’s cooler to give a gift that matters!
What if everybody gave a gift that made the world a little bit better? Then, we would all
have a big dance party! Put a gift under somebody else’s tree! Go
to I challenge you and your friends to give a gift that matters.
Send this video to people who matter to you! Perfect gift! Help save children’s lives.
Best perfect gift! Peace out! SoulPancake

99 thoughts on “Kid President’s Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Hey KP!!! I'm coming to America soon and I don't know any good places to go to eat or go to to give you an idea of things I like to do is go to theme parks with lots of huge rollercoasters that go fast and have loops and funkaaaayyyy shtuff liok dat thanks♡♡♡

  2. Two years ago I gave charitable gifts in honor of everyone in my family… they didn't love it… Now I just give time and money to charity all year long instead 🙂 

    but I think it's awesome you bring this up… because don't most of us have enough stuff?!?! (I know I do :p)

    Maybe next year I'll just ask for people to give in MY honor 🙂

  3. I can't understand how this kid is tell a really good inspiring message and this video gets over 300 thumbs down. I can just see another Dr Martin Luther King in the making. We has adults should always do something to change the world for the better. But we have to wait for a little kid to come and tell us what's the right things to do.

  4. ''life is what happens when you put down your phone''                                                               truth said

  5. Go kid president president go kid president you're the best ever you rock maybe you could even make up your own games so why don't you try

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