Kids Describe a Made Up Holiday to Koji the Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

Kids Describe a Made Up Holiday to Koji the Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

– Do you know how old you are in dog years?
– That’s impressive. – How old would I be? I’m six. – You’re six? You would be 42. – What? – Yes. (mellow music) – Woop. Oh, there you are, Koji. – Oh I didn’t know you, I
was wondering where you were. – What are we drawing today? – Well, we’re gonna draw a holiday. You know, there’s the main ones, Christmas and Thanksgiving, and all that. But then there’s, like, kinda weirder ones everyday of the year, so there’s, like, National Donut Day, International
Cupcake Day, or like, – Pancake Day. – Pancake Day. So, if you were to make up a holiday, – I already have one. They take a whole doggy holiday
and they go to the dog park. – Ruff ruff, dog.
– But you have to put a Pomeranian. – I always forget what they look like. Okay, so you’ve got a Pomeranian. – How couldn’t you remember
that cute little face? How rude. – (laughs) how rude? I’m sorry to all the
Pomeranians out there, I always forget, it was very rude of me. – (laughs) – (laughs) – (gasps) I got the perfect holiday. – Yeah? – Crystal day. – And, uh, – Kids are allowed to drive cars (laughs) – Oh, what? Okay, we’ll draw that. So kids are allowed to drive cars. What kind of car would you wanna drive? – An SUV. – International Love and Peace Day.. – (laughs) Okay. What
would you have there? – A giant dining table
filled with delicious food. – Okay. – And you’re sitting there
with all your family. Like a mix between Love Day,
Peace Day, and Family Day. – Wacky Animal Zoo Day. The animals get to go out of their cages, but they’re wacky. – Yeah. – So, maybe one can drink soda pop. – Okay, what kind of, what animal is that? – Elephant. – Okay, I’m gonna make it
sipping a soda with its trunk. – There’s a tree but it’s not like a Christmas tree,
it’s a weeping willow. – A weeping willow? – It’s in the middle of
the dining table (laughs). – Oh it’s in, okay. – I like weeping willows. – Yeah, they’re cool. – They’re pretty, and I like
imagining you’re under it. – I would have Christmas decorations, some pumpkins, I would
put some little bats. – So you’d kinda mix it all up? – The dog is walking the person. – Okay, the humans and pets switch places? – Uh huh. – We got our person walking on all fours. – In the morning, everybody wakes up and parades for the whole day. – There’s, like, a parade in the distance. – So, yeah, there’s this float, and they take a big ice cream,
and the puppy’s inside it. – It’s like popping out of the ice cream? – Yeah. – Okay. What kind of floats can we have? – A giant Eiffel Tower on wheels. – Oh that’s cool. – And at the top there’s a karaoke stand. – Ooh. – And there’s gonna be a giant taco with actual beans, and cheese, and tomatoes, and lettuce in it. So you can, like, bathe in the taco. – So people just run up to
it and, like, jump in there, – Yeah. – And start eating? – Yeah (laughs). – Floating houses where they drive it.
– Are they, like, are they made out of paper, or something? Are they like,
– No. Real houses. – Real houses, okay. – Where then they have a steering wheel, and then they fly, fly, fly. – Oh that’s cool. So, if the humans and
animals switch places, do the animals have to go to work? – Uh huh, draw a pig driving a bus. – A pig driving a bus? – Uh huh. – Okay, I like that. Do you think a pig is a
good driver or bad driver? – It’s bad because it has, like, straight kind of hands. It’s like this. – Oh yeah, they have the hooves, right? – Uh huh. – Okay, so we’ll make this bus
driving a little bit crazy. But he’ll get you there, right? It’s just gonna be a wild ride. – Uh huh. – There could be a giant pyramid. You go inside of it, there’s
a disco party inside of it. – Oh, sick, that’s cool. – Kind of like, the whole
world’s a big family, yay. – Yeah, I think the world
could use more of that. I’d go hang out there. Do cats celebrate Dog Day? – They sneak in. – They wear dog costumes but,
man, they always get busted. – What is the dog costume like? – It’s like this little box, and then they made it, decorated it. – So it’s got, like, a fake
dog face drawn on there. – Snow tiger. – A snow tiger, okay. – They just make snow angels. – So he’s gotta spread
all his limbs like that. Do they eat anything special? – Dog pudding. – Dog pudding? – It has bones sticking out. – Have you had dog jello? – Yes. It’s okay,
– It was okay? – I didn’t eat the bones. – On Crystal day, everybody
eats halo halo (gasps). – Where does that come from? – The Philippines. – The Philippines? – Then you start celebrating with your family in early evening. Everyone in your family has
to come, there’s no excuses. And there’s also a plate
of sushi at the table. – Oh, nice. – Do you like sushi? – Yeah. – You’re invited to my house,
you can try it yourself. – Cool, I’ll put myself here. – You could easily do my dad,
he doesn’t have any hair. – (laughs) Do humans celebrate dog day or is it really just all about the dogs? – People marching around holding
their dogs up in the air. And they’re saying,
– (laughs) – And they’re saying “dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs”.
– dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs. – What day is it on? What day is Dog Day? – September 21st. – February seventh. – Let’s make it November 14th. – April, the last day of the month. – So it’s on April 30th?
That’s like the big day. – Uh huh, that’s when all
the animals birthday’s are. – (laughs) They were all born on the same day? – Uh huh. – What would you say are, like, the core values of this holiday? – Family. – Family. – Parade, food. – (Laughs) – It’s made for all the kids, because there’s mothers
day, and father day, but there’s no celebration for kids. – Yeah, the kids don’t, kids
don’t get no credit, do they? – They do a pledge,
“thank you for our owner, and thank you for the dog, yay.” – I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe. – Okay, should we introduce
the world to your holiday? – Yep. – One, two, three.
– Three. – This is Dog Day, bum bum, ba ba bum. – Happy, Happy, oh wait, Happy Wacky Animal Zoo Day. – February seventh is Crystal day, eat halo halo, kids drive cars. (laughs) – If this was a parade,
giant tacos in the parade, I’d be in in there. – Here’s the dog walking the person, and he has a little baggie
to pick up his doo-doo. – On Dog Day, you have all
kinds of dogs come over. – And the cat looking really weird, he dressed up as a dog but he needs to work on the costume. – Happy Dog Day.
– Happy Dog Day. – Happy Wacky Animal Day. – Happy Wacky Animal Zoo Day. Good job. (laughs)

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  1. food day I don't now if this is already real but I'm still doing it so there is a tree with food on it and instead of a star on top its pizza and for briefest you can eat some of the food of the tree same for lunch and for dinner but at dinner time the oldest kid (and I am) gets to eat the pizza and the day is april 12 (and that's my b day )

  2. I really like Austin's imagination here. And Koji is always so patient with the kids and lets their creativity run wild. Love him.

  3. A celebration day for kids? We have it. April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Thanks to ATATURK.

  4. Please do atleast one video with teens or adult in it. I know, I know, kids' imaginations are so creative and cute but impossible but for adults I bet it going to be more realistic and it would make more sense.

  5. I will be blessed to learn a little bit arts from Koji. i loves to draw but on the other hand I suck at it

  6. Oh wow. My favorite was Happy Wacky Animal Zoo Day. Kids have really good imagination. P.S.: In India we actually celebrate Children's Day….on November 14.

  7. My made up holiday would be a day when everyone can be themselves and nobody can say anything about ?

  8. aw these might be my favorite series in hiho kids >< they're so wholesome~
    and everytime I watch Kids Describe, I love Koji even more <333
    I wish I could draw/describe with Koji 😛 hehehe

    also I love the red head girl's holiday !! says alot about her~ she even invited Koji <3

  9. I'm excited for these kids to grow up and watch these videos as adults. I wish I had Koji to draw weird things I imagined as a kid haha

  10. Sign me in. I'll celebrate all of those holidays. Except Austin's. I'll get hit by that bus with a pig as a driver. Too crazy, if animals started to do those things I'll probably just stay inside

  11. Disclaimer!! I’m not a VSCO girl but this would be my holiday and what will happen

    National Turtle Appreciation Day:
    -Learn cool facts about turtles
    -Meet a turtle (the big one)
    -Turtle parade
    -Raffle to get a free turtle (small ones)

  12. Heck I'd make a sleep day where you'd have the right to stay home and sleep for once
    I feel like that'd be especially good for students cause ha we don't get sleep

  13. Oh…man….kids have the wildest imagination…????? I get a smile on my face just hearing them talking about holiday….

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