Kiernan Shipka And Isabela Merced’s Holiday Traditions Involve Fire And Guilt

Kiernan Shipka And Isabela Merced’s Holiday Traditions Involve Fire And Guilt

– Do you have any favorite traditions like for Christmas that
you do with your families or anything? – Yeah, I do. It’s a little offbeat. – Can’t wait, love.
– Well off center, but it’s a tradition in our family and I think it comes from their traditions that they brought to America from Peru. It’s a little crazy. – [Kelly] So Excited]
– What you do is you take a napkin and you tuck it behind
the person who’s playing, you tuck it in their
pants like a little tail, like a little tail. Then you light it on fire (crowd laughing) and you play a song and they have to shake their butt and put out the fire
before the song is over or else, well before
their pants catch on fire. (crowd laughing)
– Before it leaves a scar. – [Female Guest] Yeah. – What? (crowd laughing) How, wait, what is this? Is this a tradition? Are they running from, are you escaping a, like what’s? – It’s all in fun spirit. It’s all fun-spirited.
– [Kelly] Okay. – Yeah, it’s not menacing at all. But basically if you don’t know how to shake your butt you can’t play. – You know what? I’m in ’cause mama can
shake a tail feather, so I’m good. I’m in, wait, do you have any ones that might put you in the ER? – I mean, (crowd laughing) I’m Irish Catholic so like guilt I guess. (crowd laughing)
(clapping) – Oh my God.

49 thoughts on “Kiernan Shipka And Isabela Merced’s Holiday Traditions Involve Fire And Guilt

  1. Don't you just love how fast her channel is growing? Anyways can you please invite TNT kids( they are little Filipino vocalists) and please have a duet with em!

  2. Those 2 young ladies are so pretty ! The movie is not that good but their stories and acting are the best parts of it 🙂

  3. only after I heard isabela describing the dance I've realise how weird is this dance lol I've danced it since kindergarten but only now I can see that is actually weird

  4. This is the dance that Isabella is talking about, from Peru… But with actual fire

  5. Isabela misunderstood that tradition. Im peruvian. AND what she Is talking about is " EL BAILE DEL ALCATRAZ" It Is not putting on fire that thing, It Is about traying to burn that tissue (i dont know "servilleta" in english)
    Another, that tradition ( wich Is a traditional dance) Is not for holidays ir christmas.

  6. Iaabel merced mention a peruvian danve even tho she didnt know how to decribe the dance. the name of the dance is alcatraz The Alcatraz is an Afro-Peruvian dance from Peru’s coast belonging to the festejo genre. This festive and erotic couples’ dance is usually performed in the departments of Lima and Ica. Alcatraz historically had its own proper choreography where the man and woman danced rhythmically, with papers attached to their waists. The man, holding a lit candle, tried to light the cone of paper while the woman danced, moving her hips.  In the choreography practiced today, the woman also tries to light the man’s paper on fire.

  7. Isabela is talking about a peruvian dance called "alcatraz", it is not a holiday tradition. She must be careful about what she say because peruvian people watch videos about her.

  8. As a Peruvian, living in Peru I think she didn't exactly know how to explain that. That is NOT a tradition is a dance. "El Alcatraz" is a festejo (african-Peruvian) kind of music and the couple dancing the girl has a napkin as a tail and the boy is with a candle behind her. The napkin never sets on fire.

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