KLM iFly – Things to do in Edmonton during Summer

KLM iFly – Things to do in Edmonton during Summer

The way I would describe Edmonton
in one or two sentences… … is that it’s a great urban
metropolis… … full of a progressively growing
younger crowd. So people 24 to 35 years of age
have decided to make this their home. And really infuse a lot more
culture into it. I think Edmontonians grew up a little more
blue collar compared to some of the other cities. So, for us, connecting with nature is a
very important part of our heritage and our culture. We are also very much
city dwellers as well. So it’s that good combination between
people that want to be out in nature,… … out in the wild, and awesome people
that want to do regular business. My name is Chris Tse. I own a company
called Blitz Conditioning… … a personal training and
group fitness facility. I grew up in Edmonton
and around the area. So for me this is home. This whole place is
one of the coolest places to be in the world. One of the most amazing things
about Edmonton… … is we have this river valley that expands
from the east side to the west side of Edmonton. About 22 times the size of
Central Park in New York. So that gives you a sense of the immensity. It’s probably one of the longest contiguous
pieces of greenery that we have. And it goes from east to west. I can’t really describe our river valley
too much in one way… … because each part of the river valley
is being used in different ways. We have some beachfront properties
that are just a little bit further on the west side. We’ve got tons of pathways, either single track
trails for mountain biking and trail running… … or paved pathways as well. We have downtown just 5 minutes away
from here, which is the North Saskatchewan River. People utilise that just to relax a little bit,
get out of their regular head space. Everyone now is taking on a lot more
walking, running, biking… … we’re utilising these trails almost
365 days a year now. For me, an ideal day would be… … just to hit work right at the beginning and,
in the afternoon, drop off to river valley… … hang out there for a bit, get some exercise down
and then come back to work again. Tonight we’re actually going to go to one
of the oldest and biggest festivals called Folk Fest. It’s a two-and-a-half-day-long festival. We’re taking over Gallagher Park,
which is a nice big hill. People usually camp out, especially on a Saturday,
for the entire day and just listen to music. Edmonton is known as the festival
capital of Canada. Every summer, we have at least
1 festival every weekend. Sometimes 3 or 4 at a time, so it’s really hard
to count and go to all of them. We are so close to other parks in Edmonton
that are a hop, skip and a jump away. So, on the weekend, my preference is always
to get out of the city a little bit. We’re about 45 minutes away from
Elk Island National Park. Elk Island is actually a bison preserve… … that helped to rebuild the entire bison
population across the world. Which is an amazing thing to see. How was your drive in?
-Good, great, awesome. Beautiful day.
– It is. It’s gorgeous. Edmontonians definitely love their outdoors. We’re so close to the mountains as well… … that we’re always heading out to either
Jasper or Banff, anywhere with wildlife. We’re landlocked in Edmonton for 8 months,
with lots of snow and it’s relatively cold. So the 4 months that we’re out there,
and there’s so much lush greenery… … we definitely want to take advantage of that. It feels so much more refreshing when you
spend even a day or a couple of hours… … out in the greenery.

23 thoughts on “KLM iFly – Things to do in Edmonton during Summer

  1. Practically grew up in Edmonton – many great memories! The VERY short summers are beautiful! BUT, if you have type O blood (which is most of us) the mosquitos will eat you alive. Beware!

  2. Loser does everything by him self.. walk alone on the bridge. Ride bike alone. Walk to resturant alone. Have lonly face alone.
    Edmonton is boring… many dont stay long. PEROID @!

  3. Call it dead all you want but it's only Canada's fastest growing major city. It only has North America's largest mall, and only 18000 acres of river valley parks. It is only building many skyscrapers including one that is 250m and one that is 280m tall (both are taller than anything in Canada outside of Toronto). It only has one of Canada's highest GDP's per capita. It is only building a gondola over the river. And we are only nicknamed "Festival City". But whatever I guess it's dead I better go back home to my grave.

  4. I’m moving my family from Whitehorse to spruce grove. The time I spent in Edmonton/spruce was the best time in my life. Can’t wait to settle and put my roots down in such a great community. Both Real and affordable.

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