Kodaikanal | Tourist Places | Beautiful Mannavanur | மன்னவனுர் |TamilNadu Tourism

Kodaikanal | Tourist Places | Beautiful Mannavanur | மன்னவனுர் |TamilNadu Tourism

Hi Guys We’ve packed our things now We’re heading to Mannavanur next After seeing all the places while returning from Mannavanur Let’s try to check out few other places around come let’s go Our driver Sagayam has come Now we’re going to Sheep farm On the way towards sheep farm we will see Palani view and Poombarai village view and then Mannavanur lake view Mist covered the view This is the Palani view point Time is now 11:20 A.M We just saw Poombarai Village and moving ahead to Mannavanur come let’s go We’ve almost reached Mannavanur We’re in Mannavanur lake view point now Eucalyptus oil is being made here How it is prepared? There’s a big drum where we fill it with 100 litres of water and 500 K.G of Eucalyptus leaf and closed air tight and we lit the drum from bottom the smoke flows through the pipe and another drum is placed at the other end this smoke goes through the pipe and reaches the other end as oil We’ve reached Mannavanur eco tourism Time is now 12:25 P.M We enjoyed the kayaking in the lake and next we’re heading towards the sheep farm Sheeps went to eat inside the forest so they’ll return only by night it seems, anyways let’s check out the rabbit shed this is going to be our last place for today we’re returning to our hotel next, bye.

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  2. I've been to Mannavunur and Pumbarai village.. beautiful places and still not destroyed by commerce and tourism. Your video is very nice too.. suggest make this more popular by presenting in english.. and avoid the loud background music

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