Koh Phangan Day Tour: Getting around | Local Taxi | Must visit places for family

Koh Phangan Day Tour: Getting around | Local Taxi | Must visit places for family

There are a lot of option for vegetarians Koh Ma is connected with Mae Haad Sandals or beach footwears are not ok for this place come here and relax with nature best way to explore Koh Phangan is rent a bike finally reached FireFly Bungalows all these are bungalows I am required to fill up this form People are relaxing on such benches I don’t want to disturb them with my camera there is a couple the lady is reading a book gentleman is probably taking a nap I wish I could show you the ambience but I don’t want to show them in the video This is a place where you can just relax in whatever way you want wear whatever you want on other benches are 2 ladies So if you are looking for a calm, serene place then you are welcome here its 6:20 pm I am going to explore this area there is just dormitory among all the bungalows its beach facing, an ideal place for families lets do hitchhiking! there were 3 people on 1 motorbike! thats a good idea 3 people can share a bike’s expense probably they are barking at my selfie stick! facing this situation for the first time! i think I should keep this stick in my bag a few more dogs there i have taken another path oh god! never faced this Probably this is the main road a lot of restaurants there rental bike for 250 baht per day with the helmet this is a street market you can buy clothes, fruits, etc I want to have sticky rice with mango This is Big C market i am going to buy this there are many things now this is getting interesting he is happy to be the part of the video there are a lot of options for vegetarians many things made up of coconut milk most of the thins are available between 20-40 Bahts but you have to take them to your hotel room to eat them you can also buy clothes i am at a 7-11 store i found a Jumbo Paav here costs 27 baht you can use their microwave to warm the things this is stuffed with vegetarian things another veg option its 10 am I am doing some work thats the sea and these mountains are on another island koh samui it also has an airport koh samui is the nearest airport for koh phangan There are direct flights to Koh Samui from Bangkok operated by Bangkok airways there are plenty of flights second nearest is Surat Thani where I landed thats it. I am getting back to my work now I have to go for a day trip its 11 am i am at 7-11 store The day tour car is coming here to pick me up i got this coffee from 7-11 for 30 bahts also 2 jumbo paav i thought I will get front seat this is a songthaew now I am going to explore this island with all these people I never expected a day tour in such a way this is going to be a bit different there were 2 children with both of them this road is good, the landscape is also good you should plan your next family holiday at this place i am paying 500 baht for this local taxi for the entire day trip and here are the lovely children I know a few new parents most of them do not travel thinking their child is very young but look at them this kid seems to be a few months old arent they admirable! he said its safe to leave bags in this vehile itself but my bag has laptop and hard disks everyone has taken their bag with them when why should I leave my things! I wanted to learn more about this family they are travelling for 4 weeks and some of them have already gone into the water Haad means a beach I stayed in Mae haad and then in Ban Tai now I am at Thong Nai Pan Yai another beach Beaches on the north of this island are more beautiful they are less crowded there are many resorts even villas, appartments in comparison to Ban Tai, beaches in the north are cleaner, whiter and beautiful Here water is also clear than Thong sala or other beaches in the South You must have noticed this in Koh Ma Thong Nai Pan is the name of the beach Yai means Big Noi means Small So this is Thong Nai Pan Yai That is Thong Nai Pan Noi He is Nom, one who gave all the information He is from Mingalba roadtrip let me share an interesting fact about Koh Phangan A few hundred years back the first people to reach this island were Indians People from South-India came here through Myanmar I came across this fact through internet Even Tourism Authority of Thailand said this quite an interesting Indian connection! You can stay in such resorts on this beach This is Aesthetic resort Find it on internet this is the swimming pool also rooms resort face the beach This is Than Sadet Waterfall i am so impressed by these kids salute to their parents who brought their kids of such a tender age Than Sadet Waterfall is a national park this is the only waterfall on the island which never gets dried One of the ancient Kings of Thailand… King Ram visited this place many times This is the historical importance of this place This is a restaurant its 3 pm that is why I was starving I liked the Menu This is Absolute Restaurant I have already started charging my gadgets I saw Indian dishes on the menu 100 Baht for ‘onion pakode’ & 50 Baht for ‘Gobhi ka Parantha’ There are a few Indian restaurants on this island This is Nutella with coconut shake its very cold I have a few more people sitting behind the camera We were gossipping people are here from many parts of the world i am happy to be with them I went to the kitchen to specially instruct them not to add fish oil they didn’t understand properly and got scared They replied We have already put butter in it I said butter is ok but don’t put any non-vegetarian thing so this what I am going to eat and drink now so let me eat first everyone has gone at Koh Ma for snorkelling But I stayed at Mae Haad i am getting a bad headache dont know why! Snorkelling is also a part of this day trip i was about to slip so this 500 baht’s day trip also includes 1 hour of snorkelling they will give you snorkells this is the mouth piece and this is mask untill now it was just headache but now I think my stomach is also upset i just had mushroom rice i cant speak! People come here to see this tree this is also a viewpoint in our day trip people climb it and get photographhed although views are beautiful do whatever you want

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    You have almost 1 million subscribers. If you learn sustainable environment friendly travel, you can be an example for your viewers who can follow your good habits.

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    We did see and followed your video of thailand. We planned and designed Koh Phanang after seeing your video. Simply great peaceful place to visit. We followed and visited all the places you mentioned. Best adventure we did was the Koh Maa. You crossed that island by walking, we crossed it by swimming. It was high tide that time. It was fun to do that. Middle of sea and we were walking in between water and crossing. Keep traveling and motivating this way to see the world. Thank you. Happy New year in advance and many more travels in coming year ๐Ÿ™‚

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