Korea Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Korea Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

South Korea occupies the southern half of
the Korean Peninsular which sits between China and Japan. The nation is a land of contrasts with an
abundance of high tech cities and industries, but also a strong culture and traditions stretching
back thousands of years. Over the last 50 years South Korea has changed
dramatically emerging as one of Asia’s most dynamic economies. The nations capital Seoul is one of the world’s
great mega-cities. Here the locals love to have fun in the countless
bars, casinos and theatres, not to mention entire neighbourhoods dedicated
to South Korea’s other great love, shopping. However, Korean traditions run deep and this
city of 10 million people is also home to dozens of ornate temples and
palaces. There are many beautiful coastal areas in
South Korea where it’s easy to mingle with locals and enjoy a more relaxed
beach-side lifestyle. A holiday atmosphere abounds and there are
many amusement and theme parks. The mountainous areas are beautiful and are
easily accessible by cable cars and paved pathways and offer incredible scenery. The countryside also abounds in parklands,
gardens and waterfalls that are exquisite all year round. All over the country you’ll find museums and
art galleries of every kind with exhibits ranging from fine art to the
outright quirky. With a long history and deep traditions South
Korea has many well preserved military and religious sites as well as historically
important ruins. The mix of modern and traditional culture,
a long and complex history, and warm and friendly people make a holiday
in South Korea truly unforgettable.

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  1. hello! I'm student in korea. it appear to be imprudent for me to assess your creation, but i want you to take a step.
    first of all, I think that this video emphasized the tradiotional beauty and people leading a life in korea.
    But It seems to be too vague and outdated to refer to the best video for real korea. as i am a client also taking advantage of your company to travel foreign country, i hope it to be updated likes other country.

  2. I have always been dreaming of flying to South Korea…. I love k-pop, I love the language and I love the culture. Please take me there 😭

  3. You need to specify the destinations that need to be visited! Put the names of the areas, please! I am considering a one month or two weeks vacation in South Korea do you think that it is possible to see all of that in one month?

  4. Imagine a united Korea all the tech in the south and all the resources in the North it would be one of the richest countries in the world.

  5. I want to go there to experience just how fast their internet is and how their download speeds are, as they apparently have the best internet in the world.

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