[Korea Vlog Ep.1] Couple’s Relaxing Vacation in my Boyfriend’s Favorite City in Korea

[Korea Vlog Ep.1] Couple’s Relaxing Vacation in my Boyfriend’s Favorite City in Korea

So we got pizza for breakfast. There weren’t that many choices so… Surprisingly I thought there would be like Tim Horton’s or something. It’s barbecue chicken.
It looks pretty good! So excited for our little trip! Let me show you. That’s right. *wiggly hands* That’s good. Do you want to eat? Do you have a fork and knife? Cheers to our vacation! So now we are picking movies to watch on the flight. I’m so excited! It’s our first time taking a flight together. So we arrived at Incheon Airport and now
we’re going to take the railroad to Gimpo Airport for our final flight. Yeah one more flight to go. Danny. Danny. A: We made it! We’re finally here!
D: We made it after like 24 hours of flying. We haven’t eaten in a long time so we’re looking for something to eat. But it’s really late so lots of places are closed, but some are open so… Oh this looks so good! D: Do you want some chips?
A: Ooh chips! Mmm it’s good! Ah it feels so good to be laying down. A: Ok so now after a long day of traveling across the world…
D: A long day. I know. We left Montreal on Friday, no, Saturday morning and we arrived in Jeju literally on Sunday night because of the time difference so it feels like we’ve been traveling for two days, right? Whenever I travel so far or so long time ceases to exist. I don’t know how long it’s been. The weather was bad so we thought our last flight would get canceled but it wasn’t. There’s a typhoon right now, or just left. Mhm. Okay so we’re gonna shower and sleep. Sleep. And then we’ll see you in tomorrow’s vlog! Yay! This doesn’t even work you out because there’s so much momentum that it just keeps going. Hi! D: How are you Aaron?
A: I’m good I just posted on Instagram! This is the cafe April 25. If you ever come to Jeju go check it out! Yeah it’s really nice inside. So now we’re going back to check out of the hotel. And we are going to meet up with our friends and go to the next location. I can’t wait to show you guys because we’re going to check into a really beautiful, what is it, a cottage? Aww! *Aaron is whistling* Oh they’re saying, “bye!” Bye! Oh I see a panda. Panda! So now we’re going to the arboretum. A: Right?
D: Yes! And the weather is so beautiful. Hi! These are volcanic rocks. Yes? You just learned that? Yeah. Oh this is so cute. Oh we arrived at the cottage! This is our cottage for the next two days. It’s so cute. It’s so adorable. It’s paradise! D: So we’re gonna show you our little cottage.
A: A little tour. Yeah that’s right! This is the front door. Wow! So here’s the kitchen area. Very spacious. And we also got a hammock. And here’s a bedroom. This is the second bedroom. Wow so nice. And there’s a bathroom back there. Another bathroom, a makeup station/vanity. So cute. Wow. I can’t believe we’re staying here. This is so nice! *Aaron is making a wish* What wish did you make? Secret! Really? You can’t tell us? D: Do you like it?
A: No. Aaron thinks this one is too fishy for him. This one’s really good! Jeju Island exclusive specialty drinks! A: So mine is mugwort and yours is black sesame, right?
D: That’s right. It’s good right? Mine is better but yours is really good 😛 What do you think about this place? I love it! Welcome to our home. So, oh– I’m gonna close the door. A: This is the kitchen.
D: Yes. And here’s another bedroom. This is a desk. Oh that’s so cute though! I know right? Oh that’s so cute though! A: Right?
D: Yeah. And another bedroom. And I really want to try using this projector.
(We didn’t T.T) The last bedroom is here. It’s so adorable. And that’s a view from the top. Whoa! Okay so now we just finished our Jeju trip and now are heading to: Yeosu and Suncheon! Suncheon. Yeah Suncheon is heaven so we have to be there. Did you say Suncheon is heaven? Yeah it’s heaven! It’s my favorite city in Korea so I have never been there before so… If you ever come to Korea Suncheon should be on your list. The first thing that we’re going to do in Suncheon is get a beautiful haircut so we can look good for the rest of the trip. Oh it’s here! This is after! A: What do you think?
D: It looks so cool though, your color. A: Do you like your curls?
D: Yeah I do. Oh it looks good on you. Yeah? A: New glasses!
D: He got new glasses! A: Do you like them?
D: Yeah. D: So cute!
A: And you’re getting new glasses too. Tomorrow. Because his vision is worse so it takes longer to make his glasses. So we’ll pick them up tomorrow or the next day. And so we’re gonna smell some of these scents and then pick the ones we like the most and mix them to make the perfume. Shaking shaking shaking. So right now we are shopping for our
family and friends. Is this one good? You look cute. Oh. I think it will be fine. This one will be fine. This is large. I think extra large. Yeah I think you should get extra large. Because they might be wider. Yeah. Finished shopping. Noona’s holding the bag. Yeah! We got a lot! ~the puppy likes Aaron~ For your best friend? Yeah! We’re getting a fidget cube. I can’t believe it. Let’s check out. Yeah let’s go. So much fun here! -Watch Danny lasso Aaron- -Getting our fortune!- Hard! -Ok, that was a little too hard…- Omg it’s so long.

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  2. you make bored for not uploading a lot of videos of you…. at least 3× a week… love you danny and aaron❤❤❤❤

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  5. OMG this video is lifeeeee!
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  6. I really wonder how it sounds like when Danny speaking Korean! He is a Korean after all. :))) Will Danny speak Korean in the coming vlog? ?

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    Psdt: I speak Spanish but I prefer to use the translator so that they understand me xd Os amo, sois muy tiernos >-< ❤️?????

  10. Such an inspiration!! I have a Spanish hubby too and I'm Korean also :3 we met at the Korean gay bar two years ago and after that like one of half-year of relationships for now, unfortunately, I had to take a military service from Korea for 1 year and 10 months(it's a mandatory service and I’m 22 and he’s 29) so we've been in a long-distance relationship for now but I'm pretty sure I'm going back to Spain and travel,make a video,take a lot of pics and being with him as many as possible too :3 this kind of video gives me some inspiration all the time! Thank you guys so much hehe I wish I could make a video and share on YouTube someday after finishing my service! Love y’all ❤️?

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