(Korean♥French) Seoul Picnic Vlog / 국제커플 서울 소풍나들이

(Korean♥French) Seoul Picnic Vlog / 국제커플 서울 소풍나들이

Hello~ Hello! Who is my man in here! It’s me! (I’m checking my eyes cuz i feel puku hair is in my eyes) Je veux… Manger… de nourriture coree! Grand! Beaucoup! Tarpin! Tarpin?? Mdr!!! Do you know this is a real marseille! Marseille slang! Because my boyfriend come from marseille!~~ (DADA NOTE : Togen is so satisfied to teach me marseille slang) Follow me! Follow me please~~ Where are you going what is this place? Ok Ok! Where? Here! Yellow one! AHHHH Hello you~~ (He always take a picture me during our dating so sweet) Dada vlog! DADA Vlog! (Look so super delicious!! If you wo nder this restaurant adress you can check description) Bon apetit! (I’m happy so much for eating) (i just check some coins for paying) What are you doing you try to steal my money? YES I’m robbery! Robbery mdr!! I am a robbery! Yours is mine and mine is mine So what is mine exactly? It’s me! My heart Ohhhh so cute! (Dada note: Nicolas is so good photographer with my teaching hahahaha) (We are in Van Gogh exibition) Vincent Van Gogh (my accent sounds like chinese…) I heared some story he spent his the end of life in south of france! Let’s go! Where are you going dada? Vincent Van Gogh (I try to mimic french accent haha) (I almost fall down!!) Is it funny~~?? I like this painting “Almond tree”
– Almond Tree? This is a my favorite painting! (togen got it) Umbrella is here honey! Honey we have a thousand umbrellas at home! Is that van gogh umbrella? I don’t think so~ (This exibition allow taking a picture and filming too) Wow so beautiful! I can draw this scene what they show me! so i’m gonna drawing this guy! yes I got a this structure tool on this paper Ok Do you know my drawing ability right?
– yes i know so well You’ve drawn so many good cats and tigers… It is hard to draw…Face is here… mustache Look at that compare with this Exactly same!! (what a teasing) I have to write my name in here
– yes write your name! Dayoung TV How do you feel~~ We have a right to touch! (Drawing dance) Um ! Hot mocca! Always i choose mocca! (Korean cafe is self style) Cafe mocca~~ Always~~ oulala! What is this little finger~? This is so important! (I love old style building and decoration. if you wanna know this cafe adress you can check description) (We always play this hands game like who is upper!) (Bother him~~~~)
What is that ~~? (I love ice cream) (She has to check new stuffs if these are ok or not by smelling) Hello It’s dayoung (NEW DAY) Bonjour Barbapapa! Dada est la! Togen est la! Today is the first day in july! it’s monday! We’ve dated during weekend. we work during week days But tomorrow he will go thailand so he suggest me to go out together today! Where are we going? Seoul forest Seoul forest? yes What do you wanna eat today? Bulgogi~~~ Really? Take care of home~~ (Doesn’t care) Thank you~~ (I wanna eat this this this double choco chip!!) Let’s go! So cute! SOOO Cute We arrive at here almost 3 pm But most of restaurant have a break time 3 to 5pm So we make a decision to get subway sandwiches Actually i prefer that Really? During enjoy this park Yes today’s weather is amazing Let’s enjoy today weather Seoul forest is really good I like subway (suddenly) Especially double choco chip cookie You visit subway just for coockie? yes Let’s go! Here!
– There! There! There We finally found a table How do you feel Amazing~~ Look at this view bebe So great yes Seoul forest And also there are a little pigeon too They made a mark for my sandwiche like that tuna!! I take a tuna as always! Bon apetit! Give me one bite! I have a wet tissue for you This bread is really great Usually i choose common bread But that one (Flat bread) is really good These days he make a movement like no sugar So he always drink water with sandwiche and buger I can’t undersand… I always need cola! As always I just stop to drink soda Soda? All of soda is sugar Like sprite and cola I like sugar But only thing what i can drink is energy drinking sometimes But no cola But i like cola too! no What is your best brand for sandwich and burger? What is this burger we ate in aix en provence? Five guys What about in koreA? in korea? Shake shack? for burger? yes shake shack is good but super expensive KFC KFC is cheap and good For me… “mom’s touch” I already finish one sandwich but she just finish half And my favorite cookie double choco chip~~ I have a same with you But you told me you don’t wanna eat cookie So this is a mine! YEs i’m gonna share with you Ah you share with me~? Wow you are so kind So kind girl What do you think about my new cap? I like it Do you like it?
– jordan One of my favorite brand What is your number 1 favorite brand? You (Chiwawa is barking in there) Chiwawa is always brave The most brave dog in this world is chiwawa That’s why you are dawawa (dayoung+chiwawa) He always told me i’m similar with chiwawa Because you are like bark bark bark …. But you are so cute with this weak arms No !! When i have reasons i have to say something so strongly you know But you don’t listen to me for what i am saying you just say ok~ dawawa Ok Ok Like this doggy now exactly same This is you right? haha Are you happy? Seoul forest We walked around this park maybe 2 hours now (actually maybe 30 mins) to find convenience store Actually we found one convenience store but temporarily it is closed. Is it temporarily?
– yes looks like…? So we found another convenience store and then we bought this 2%(beverage name) and water Jeju water And that one (Snoopy coffee milk) This is my tip. when you need caffein maybe you drink some energy beverage like monster This snoopy is the best! that contain most high quantity caffein How many?
– how many? I don’t know for % But when you compare with others this have the most high quantity of caffein So you can try guys There is a another effect too It makes you pooing so well I wanna eat galbi..
-Galbi? Really? She just finish her sandwich But thik about that honey you ate 30cm sandwich right? I just ate half of you! So i am hungry So why you didn’t take a 30cm sandwich? Because i wanna seperate my stomach for some part. This part is sandwich and this part is watermelon and this part is…. Watermelon? do you wanna eat watermelon tonight? Yes! -아이고 Wrong! Wow she made it! OMG But this is not a good bag She should put in this bag What are you doing? I have to take off bebe Wow i can’t belive it i made it for you Merci Is it heavy? Super heavy Super heavy! Heavy? like my love for you? Not enough WOw my delicious watermelon! This is 13 euro 13????? is it expensive?
– Yes super expensive How much is watermelon in france? I don’t know but i think cheaper than korea And this milk is 3 euro (1.5L) What is that puku~? Watermelon~ C’est grand watermelon~~ for summer~~~ WOw delicious~~~ But you can’t eat puku~~ Hello! we are at home with watermelon And we are gonna eat dinner Actually we didn’t have plan to eat but he suggest me to eat so we are gonna go now Thank you to watch my video! A bientot You should keep going to watch this video ! A bientot

45 thoughts on “(Korean♥French) Seoul Picnic Vlog / 국제커플 서울 소풍나들이

  1. Super vlog continue ! Vous êtes trop mignon surtout quand tu dis à Togen Que ton cœur lui appartient 😍so cute

  2. 다영씨 비디어를 보다 좋아요 !!!! 재미 이써요 😊😊😊😊
    Sorry Dada if it's incorrect I'm trying hard ;-; oh and the highest price that I've seen for a watermelon in France is ~ 5euro

  3. Une jolie vidéo on y voit une complicité entre vous qui est chou. Je trouve que le musée que vous avez visité est intéressant on y voit comment sont présenté ses œuvres de façon amusante et ludique. Le parc est beaux ainsi que les restaurant. Merci pour ce bon moment.😊

  4. You are so cute! I really love your relationship and I feel very happy to see how much you love each other.

    Sorry for my bad English! It was a pretty good video again ❤️

  5. toujours aussi mignonne Dada!!! mais le croque de requine qu'elle fait sur ton sandwich togen c'est pas la petite souris qui grignotte la dada!! lol

  6. Tarpin 😂 !!
    Togen is good and bad French teacher 😊
    i give a word. Its Adiou = Adieu.
    Its a old language from France

  7. You two are so cuuute !
    For summer I work in a Supermarket and the little watermelon is 2€ and a big like in video is 3,99€ (for the ones I saw) for milk, we haven't bottle like this one but for the bottle of 1L is between 0,75€ and 0,99

  8. Tu es tellement lumineuse sur les photos… et toujours aussi belle. Merci pour ces moments partagés 😊

  9. Waa, je déteste les pub « don’t skip my project » de la société générale parce que je peux pas skipper ça se fait pas 😂😂😂

  10. Bonjour de France. Merci pour cette vidéo. Cela nous donne envie de visiter l'expo Van Gogh pendant notre séjour à Séoul au mois d'août. Thank you for all your videos. Thierry et Françoise.

  11. Vous êtes trop mignon tous les deux et je vous souhaitent beaucoup de bohneur !! ( PS: la qualité de ton vlog est génial ! Bravo💖👌

  12. Bonjour Dayoung 🙂 je suis désolée de profiter d'une vidéo qui n'a rien à voir pour te poser une question car je suis très curieuse. Au travers de tes vidéos ainsi que celle de Togen, vous renvoyez une image de la Corée du Sud comme étant un pays assez "pudique". Je suis curieuse de savoir comment se passe la gestion d'un enfant en bas âge en public : les caprices par exemple, le change en catastrophe en lieu public et surtout l'allaitement en public. Je laisse soin à Togen de te retranscrire ce commentaire, mon anglais étant déplorable ^^ et j'espère avoir un retour sur cette question. merci beaucoup 🙂

  13. J'adore tes vidéos mon projet plus tard c'est de venir en Corée avec mes potes fans de k-pop sinon super vidéo 🙂

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