Korean Camping Tips

Korean Camping Tips

So we are–Are we actually recording? Yes. We’re trying to enjoy a relaxing picnic weekend with friends and there’s like a rock festival! Hahaha Time to set up our tent!
LET’S DO IT! Blip!Blip!Blip! Hahaha! What’s happening there? We’ve been here for over seven years now and we’ve done so many things in Korea, but we haven’t done one of the most fundamentally important Korean things to do– and that’s camping in the city park. I wanna say camping for free in the city park! Exactly! You can just come out here for a bike ride. You can come out here with just a basic mat to throw it out, but we finally bit the bullet and decided to go full Korean city camping style. We got the tent! We got the mats! We’ve got a tabletop! We got a cooler! We got two coolers! We got the rolly thing! And I use my Big Bang glowstick as a light at night time. So here are some tips you’re going to need to know if you wanna come to a Korean park. Know if you’re here to relax or if you’re here for sport activities. If you wanna relax, make sure you do not go anywhere near the kids section guys. As you pull up to the park, don’t think that “This represents the whole park”. There’s a pocket where it’s a kids area Then a pocket that has– let’s say biking and then there’s a pocket that might have a stage set up So you wanna kind of get to know which section of the park you want to set up in. We got bushes right there, we got a little manhole thing over there. We are isolated. And the next tip is for getting food. Now make sure you bring some of your own food as well because you can go to the convenience store and you can order delivery, but that might not be enough for the day. The great thing though, is that when you do order delivery, they will bring it right to the part of the park in which you mentioned. Gonna go get the chicken. He’s meeting us at the drop-off location. Got the stuff.
He’s got the stuff. I got the cash. We’re gonna get this right. Stop showing anyone this, we gotta go! -The chicken–
-We got it?
-We got the stuff? We got the stuff? -Let’s go! go! go!
-We got the stuff! We got the stuff! Aww yeah boi! We got the chicken for the tent!
-YESSS!!! FRIED CHICKEN!!!! This is my favorite delivery chicken. Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! And the final tip is, remember, public drinking in Korea is allowed! So bring yourselves some beer or sangria or soju Bring some games AUGH!! AUGH!! AUGH!!
Did you bust a nail?
Sorry!! RIP nail You got your nails did, and now your nails are done Play some catch ball, break your finger off on a frisbee, you know. -Same old
-Whatever Not that I’m bitter… -Stop having fun!
-Our friends having fun in the back! -Stop having fun!
-Stop having fun! And final tip: Be safe. Have fun Wear sunscreen Wear mosquito repellent Cause these f*****s don’t mess around Poor dams…. -When will you die?
-When will you die? You contribute nothing to our ecosystem You’re moochers! So that’s it for our wonderful adventure day. We’re all packed up and ready to go home. Goodbye summer! I was barely here for any of it, but I liked it today! Look at that view

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  1. Rose you are looking healthy I'm so happy your okay. We were all worried after the incident but we are all happy to see that ur okay.

  2. Nice to see you guys in the great out doors and a wild Spudgey! Him playing with the dog was to cute and I should try day camping cause I can't get up from the ground we have an attatchment.

  3. do you guys speak korean when you were talking to any korean people? or are you forcing korean people to speak English?

  4. I must say, I had one of the worst anxiety attacks I have ever had in a long time, and watching your videos really help calm me down . Your ability to stay light-hearted and make fun of yourselves is a very interesting thing to watch and for some reason, your videos are one of the few things that allows me to calm down because you are able to make me laugh even when you're talking about something as simple as camping. So, thank you for making me laugh and smile. Your energy is rather contagious.

  5. Please make a video on how to run a successful youtube channel, and what steps you can take to make an income from it

  6. THAT's a purely Korean thing? Wanna ask someone who's married to a Korean person? BTW I wouldn't be abusing the H out of the free delivery system telling those college kids to bring my snacks to places far far from the heart of the city. Inconsiderate.

  7. My little sister and I ate at our first Korean restaurant in Melbourne on Thursday. It was awesome! My sister had ddeokbokki without know what it was and found the spicy kick an … interesting surprise. She liked it though, and I loved my beef dish. I really want to find a Korean restaurant near me to recreate the experience!

  8. did anyone catch what Simon said towards the end? "Wonderful Adventure Day." instead of a WANK, they gave us a WAD. lmao!!

  9. " you got your nails did, and now your nails are done." That's Simon everybody. Highlight of the video and picking up the chicken.

  10. La, I love Rose. xD I mean, I love all you guise, but it does my heart so much good to see her smiling & dancing & goofing around. 😀 This was so much fun! Maybe someday I will be able to put these tips to good use! xD
    UWAAA! Spudy & that little Poodle! SO CUUUTE! x3

  11. Where I am nobody is watching what you do (in smaller towns) but sometimes when the police is walking around they are telling you to go to a camping area or to thr woods but where I life the police isn't so strikt about camping in the park here in Germany

  12. I have a question – in variety shows, they often make fun of each other's dialects like people from the US make fun of each other's accents. Are there a lot of dialects in Korea and are they that easy to tell apart? Would someone from Seoul recognize a dialect from North Korea? In having lived in Korea for 7 years, can you tell the difference in dialects?

  13. Simon needs a bigger hammer.
    Delivered chicken looked like it was only enough for 1 person with an extra order of fries. Come on guys who you trying to fool, everyone watching has seen you two eat. 😛
    Camping in a city park, to be honest I wouldn't do it. Give me a camp site with no around and deep in the forest.

  14. well city camping is not a actual camping, it's more likely picnic with a tent. some people would think it's lame, but it has own charm in it. First, it's convenient and casual, so you don't need to deal with common camping problems (ex: water, bathroom, cooking fire, light, power charger, wifi). and second, you have an option to stay night so you don't need to worry about dedicate driver and you and your friends can be wasted whatever they want. Ha-ha.

  15. Hi… I love your videos. one day I will visit Korea. maybe next year. if you could say the location of your eateries videos, it would be great. coz I might visit them too. Thank you. example this Royal Cuisines. where is it?

  16. I really hate how you guys eat, what happen to manners. chewing with your mouth close. it's every video where you guys put food in your mouth. that's the reason I will no longer see your videos . it's even to the point were it's disgusting

  17. I just saw both of you in Itaewon 2 hours ago on the subway! We got off at the same car. I wanted to touch Simon's manbeard, but chickened out. Go Jays!

  18. Woah ? I'm surprised it is legal to camp in a public park like that ? Also given all the traffic around wouldn't it be tough to sleep ? It looks like Simon & Martina left when it got dark, but do people stay overnight ? I'm guessing it is safe in Korea, but I'd hate to try camping in a public park in LA or NY !

  19. That must have been the Someday festival. I was there, it was great. I got to see Zion T. and Leessang. It's a nice park too. I went to a meet up with the TTMIK crew there.

  20. that is one nice looking tent. i must have missed this video when u guise upload it. Anyways, QUESTION:
    1) do people stay overnight during camping? is it safe to do so?
    2) do people generally not bbq their own food during these camping trips? is buying/ordering food more common?

  21. Spudgy always looks so cute and well groomed! How often is he groomed/washed? I have a similar breed (shitzu/pekingese/whatever/rescue) who looks just like Spudgy, but she gets washed or groomed one day, and looks like a teddy bear, and then gets so stanky and rekt just a couple days after. I totally love her, but I wish she'd stay as floofy as Spugdy!

  22. I LITERALLY CAMPED AT THIS EXACT CAMPGROUND WITH MY KOREAN HOST FAMILY ROTFL and as much as I love them it was one of the most comically horrific experiences of my life

  23. This might be nice but I think of camping as: uncountable stars
    Bug repellant
    Fishing for your food
    Fresh air cold mornings
    Random exploring
    Huge trees
    Maybe some river rafting
    Bonfire smores
    & real hardcore : having your own generator for electricity and/or makeshift hot shower
    But also nasty bathrooms lel

  24. This actually might be one of my new favorite videos because it highlights an aspect of Korean culture I never heard of– city camping!

  25. In the states, a tent at the local park is usually inhabited by a pack of hobos named Dirty Mike & the boys.

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