Korean Grilled Meat aka Samgyeopsal…Camping Style!

Korean Grilled Meat aka Samgyeopsal…Camping Style!

It’s time for food adventure program for awesome people the outdoor camping grilling edition I know that we’ve done samgyeopsal before which is you know thats so so long ago and it was really at a more traditional normal kind of Korean restaurant today we are taking you to a very special grilling restaurant It’s called The Outdoor Factory This place tries to imitate the outdoor camping experience when it comes to grilling meat and it’s totally glorious ironically rather than sitting outdoors they’ve built a small house that you go in to and they provide blankets and everything and you’re grilling your meat on an actual fire so it’s not as easy You really feel like a caveman when you go there Martina: and the meat is amazing Simon: delicious and were going to show what it’s all about come check it out so we got little mini camping chairs everywhere you see that and every chair comes with a little blanket where’s my blanket? let me get my blanket okay so we got moksal, there are all different parts of pork by the way so moksal is kinda like a neck piece and then there is samgyeopsal, which you guys know it’s a 3 layered fat meat, but this is so good here is really good here kamaegisal, I think we should get uh the sausages look good, we’ll check this out okay, so (the fire!) we got that fire, then we got that boom boom boom Simon: what they gave us right here (Martina keeps singing) this is a gyaeran tang is kinda like, pretty much egg soup is what is called it just tastes like chicken broth with eggs in it, it’s just lovely (Korean) glorious obviously most places don’t serve their food in little canteen trays like this this is kinda like a combination of army style and camping style so our friends that are korean, that were in the korean army they’re like “Oh, I’m gonna come here, it reminds me or army food” look we even got a spork you know I wanna know why do we ever have forks and spoons separately to begin with why don’t we always have sporks? we got fresh garlic we got really spicy peppers I don’t know why the peppers here are so spicy you think they are not spicy but they have really spicy peppers (Simon: They are not that spicy) these WHAT? Martina is a sissy okay ready? here we go you want me to do this? (yeah!) this is easy, just try it okay, I gotta dip in here because this is the traditional way whenever you eat peppers raw, you gotta have samjang Simon is praying he didn’t get a spicy one by the way cause some of this are spicy so, Simon? Was that a (spicy) gochu or was it a normal one? what would you say on a scale of 1-10? you wanna try the second one since is so unspicy I’m just trying to show people (Here!) Hear the wise words of your wife next time that wasn’t so spicy (it was spicy!) okay kai bai bo loser has to bite it, NO! Of course, I’m not a part of this yes take part in it you ready? best two out of three ready? loser has to eat it Oh man I hear the heartburn already let me channel some inner, T.O.P! I already my strategy that I’m doing be with me in this moment strategies win! ready? KAI, BAI,BO! one KAI BAI BO boom KAI BAI BO yes, yes thank you, T.O.P For watching over me in my time of kai bai bo needs this one is a lot thinner so it’s not going to be spicy famous last words you know my mouth is still salivating because of how hot that was are you stalling? that one wasn’t as bad is a little bit bad now I don’t normally do this but Simon, you know what’s gonna happen? (Stars singing “I told you so”, song created by famous songwriter Martina) and that is the Martina I told you so That’s very civilized and mature thing to do thank you wasn’t it very mature of me to do? masterful barbecuing so basically this is actual charcoal so what winds up happening is because this meat is so fatty, the fat ends up dripping down and causing really big sparks of flame you gotta make sure you lift up your meat at that time otherwise you’re gonna burn the hell out of your meat you don’t want to do that so you gotta pay really close attention my mouth is still burning from the hot peppers okay so what kind of Konglish (Korean English) that happens in korea a lot is self serve bar and if you come here and you haven’t been here for awhile you’re gonna be like what is self serve bar means? so, it just means that you get your own side dishes refills and your own water as well so come on up here to the steps self serve bar of magic we got more kimchi, more sangchu think we’re done because Simon doesn’t want anymore death peppers let’s go! Don’t fall on the steps and die plastic disposable shot glasses very much like a camping trip because you don’t bring glasses, you bring little tiny shot cups except you don’t really have this available for you in North America you gotta search party stores when you’re making like jello shots wait, aren’t we gonna play a drinking game? No good idea Leigh hahaha drink soju and flip meat at the same time we’ll play other drinking games for other f.a.p f.a.ps in the future once we get Sooze and Leigh in the shot together just the two of us playing would be lame Leigh approves okay, I’m gonna try this what is this? Why is it so yellow? I don’t know but it looks amazing! it tastes like burning here’s the thing there are a lot of sausages on menus in Korea and when you get them, it’s actually a hot dog and you’re like this is isn’t a sausage so the first we came here and we got the sausages we were like I don’t know if it’s gonna be good (It’s smooth like a hot dog) but they are actually sausages like some of them are the hot dog kind some of them are the sausage kind and so when we had it we were like: HOLY CRAP! This whole time we were coming here and not eating a sausage so that’s it for this week F.A.P F.A.P I hope that you find this place as amazing as we did the meat is wonderful, the sausages are wonderful the atmosphere is so cool they usually play like 80’s kpop music as well so whenever we’re here we hear like really old stuff stuff that we don’t even know but our older korean friends happen to love I know a lot of it as well (UHHH Martina is a pro XD) I’ve heard some Shinwa not saying that they’re old but they’re from that time

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  1. Your page is awesome. I'm Korean but adopted. Who know how I came across it…but can't stop watching. Much love.

  2. Korean grilled food restaurants would never work in America because we're not going to a restaurant to cook the food ourselves.

  3. I don't know why people think I'm korean. do I really look like korean or what I'm hmong not korean but I wish I could be korean lol?☺

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    im going to korea December 2015… and i now realize that i dont want to go…
    i will probably see hot and cute waiters that will make me die and self conscious while eating cause i hate when i eat and people are around me (that are not my friends and family)

  5. Looking at the comments and now I want to go there just to see the hot waiters XD. I mean what do you mean? I totally want to go there for meat. No but seriously this place seems really cool.

  6. Lmao why does Martina commends herself to T.O.P or G.D whenever she plays Kai Bai Bo? It's so funny, I'm gonna start doing it but like in my head because people would think I'm crazy

  7. I remember all the comments about the waiter when this video 1st came out, now 3 years later there are still lots of comments about the waiter. lol

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  9. i miss these type of instruction food videos. So educational and delicious at the same time. I had a giant grin and salivating the whole time. watching this again in 2016

  10. omg you guys have like the best job ever! Traveling and eating omg! I have never had Korean food, but i want to try it.

  11. Obviously the Eyk audience would be hungry, but I didn't expect such THIRST– x') oml…
    ( and I'm 4 years late but I wanted to say Martina's eye shadow was poppin – She rocks her style, ya'll )

  12. Whenever I miss you guys too much I go back and watch old stuff. I guess that's why you sometimes go back and answer comments on old videos, because you miss us too ☺️?

  13. Oh my gosh, this video is so cute… And awesome to watch in 2019 haha. I live in AB and plan to take my samgyeopsal out camping this spring! 😀

  14. I JUST REALIZED THE WAITER KINDA LOOKS LIKE SHOWNU FROM MONSTA X /Also it's been years and I still see people thirsting over the cute waiter haha. Same sis.

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