Korean guys Planning a travel to Philippines (ENG SUB)

Korean guys Planning a travel to Philippines (ENG SUB)

Don’t ask that Do it!
-for what???? hey guys kim and lee here and today we bring a special guest I m woo -good to see you
-me too Actually he is best friend long time no see anyway searching internet for travel to cebu in Philippines cebu. So we have to search for information foods and people and culture and difference (with korea) and everything we made closed caption below so why don’t you turn on the caption in settings right now make sure like subscribe and leave a comment cuz its free -lets search it
-ok lets go so what should we know first period is 02.04~ 02.10 -flight ticket already get
-what should we find first? what will you do after get out of airplane We have to buy USIM card Can get at airport and just go to hotel Next is… flight and hotel is ready and -how about transportation
-we ll use taxi safe and comfort -how about bike?
-I want to but All of us used to ride a bike
So rent 3 bikes and ride freely go to good sightseeing freely riding lapu lapu city mactan island so I consider to rent bike Anyway its fine
-so you are going to ride bike i ll ride that
and room is just go guesthouse totally free tour So smith kim will be 100% free tour No destinations, no accommodation What’s famous in the Philippines?
-hopping tour There’s one more thing we booked. Hopping I’m second visit to Cebu and he also second but we went another day But he was no-show at hopping I have to go this time no matter what. I’ve been there so I told this story Every time he was crazy I was drunken at first day -ay don’t do that
-no no What’s the most expected of hopping? What’s the most expected of hopping? at first Relaxing while drinking beer on the sea play in the water, and the lunch is so delicious, right? When i was there .. Just lunch was wow… has good quality BBQ, shrimp, garlic rice fruits and korean dishes. everything is there and unlimited beer Its just heaven. and where we eat A small sand-island that’s going to be in a real movie eat there -4 sides are sea
-delivery for us? they cook on the boat ah that? thats good they take picture like viral picture , 장풍 picture ah 인생샷(Life shot) after we eat there is main program . its not main Snorkeling after eating I think I’ve already finished healing
-i think so Snorkel and feed fish watching There, a dedicated guide takes pictures and takes videos I have to eat there Curious are locals hopping there much? But do locals do it everyday? just enjoy alone
-Philippines is heaven -I think so
-so when we get boat Can we play freely on the ship? Basic safety regulations should keep But we can play freely If you want to dive, you can dive things can be lost. so they say keep them on boat Dive and play. And playing on water and journey on boat its not end. they cook ramen -on the boat
-on the boat?? ramen on the boat.
-that’s lit eat ramen on the boat??? whoaaaa. its awesome The real good thing is when you go to the hopping place The car picks up when we comes -in front of our hotel
-that service Shouldn’t you find your own? Originally it is but its better what should we eat? I’ve been to one place, Blue Elephant. Let’s go there together with our schedule. You must go there. there is awesome Its rooftop restaurant. the reason why am i recommend here Our rooftop restaurant is expensive You can secure it at a very reasonable price and also rooftop The atmosphere is good The food is delicious Or find a local restaurant That will be fine When I used to go, I only went to tourist spots I went to a place where many Koreans Or go to a local restaurant that many locals eat Will it communicate naturally? You like to make local friends. Go and make many friends There are many locals here Manginasal Like a 김밥천국 in Korea. Atmosphere was same Is it a franchise coming out now?
-yes it is And I went Gerry’s Grill was Here sell meat, seefoods also Taste is guaranteed. And garlic rice. there it is We’ll go look for restaurants like this. Somewhere is. but how about you I go anywhere and there a lot of people, if crowded, i go there. smell good Its really adventure style I want to resemble this part You must eat jollibee Eat with chicken and rice I also find and have at least one main dish. We’ll think about it, if you like the schedule, let’s go together. Ok so i ll follow you end this eat things. And good thing is beer is cheap It was so cheap that I drank beer instead of water It’s too bad that I can’t drink much We’ll be drunk for 24 hours We are think about hocance ( hotel +vacance) must do hocance hotel swimming pool What is hocance?
-hotel plus vacance vacation in hotel? Eat hamburgers with music Get beer and drink
-and swimming You have to chill and you can do next plan Next year we are gonna 30 years old. must chill When we arrived at destination Feel the mood even during the day I have to feel the mood at night of course Want to drink when night come Downtown. Go there and local pub Or pub where has good music -ahh good
-with a san miguel Because you can drink at night and make friends there -thats good
-i just excited when i think Except for the time of sleeping in the hotel from morning till late at night There’s an atmosphere we feel How many hours do we sleep? 2 hours? 3hours 4hours If you go to the locals, you should get to know the locals. Then I feel their country Go to locals and ask “what do you eat?”
“where is nice place at night” They know hot places -just go and ask
-so f4f instagram? -make friend
-yes friend enjoy together and go hotplace together At first. As a whole They are kind When I ask something they answer kindly
than korean last one. language? language is English
-Can i use English there? All of them speak English. They have a Tagalog language, but good at English. So thats comfort So final one is We are waiting Cebu for 2 weeks left special guest woo. Feeling?
-Feel? Time goes too slow My heart has already left Time goes too slow but What can I do? Enjoy this feeling as much as I can before I go. Looking for something delicious or something to enjoy Hold on. I can only stand it. And you I don’t know where is and i didnt go there yet Wanna go there and live If you search now, it’s different -I just buy flight ticket and go
-and I I feel same like special guest woo Time goes too slow and We already have planes and hotel I’m just excited about it. I just excited and time goes slow Thats all So see you at Cebu ~ We end this video and see you next time

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  1. Watch Sandara’s Vlog – Dara TV she has a lot of trips here in the philippines if you want to try it too. You know sandara also lived here and became a famous actress here in the philippines. That is why she is always here for a trip. 😊😊😊😊

  2. ν•„λ¦¬ν•€μ—μ„œ λ΅™κΈ°λ₯Ό λ°”λžλ‹ˆλ‹€. μ΄κ³³μ—μ„œ 즐거운 νœ΄κ°€λ₯Ό λ³΄λ‚΄μ„Έμš”.

  3. Planning to go to Cebu, but our schedule is different… it would've been great to see you guys there…

  4. You must try to go in Palawan, it was indeed a beautiful island.
    Have a safe trip!😊
    New subscriber hereπŸ‘‹

  5. Try to visit El Nido palawan and Coron Puerto Princesa Underground River is a must also check it out in my video honda bay tour is grear also hope you consider my suggestions thanks

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