KOTTAPARA \ Tourist places in Kerala

KOTTAPARA  Tourist places in Kerala

we are at Vannapuram tomorrow morning will be going to kottupara is a view point a very famous sunrise hello friends how is the view in the backside great right we will be going there tomorrow morning for the sunrise good morning, friends its 4.30 am we are in idukki, Vannapuram is the place in morning we are going to Kottapara, a view point friends, what a view right you can experience it only in season oct to dec or january winter season yesterday evening, it has rained thats the reason for the fog in season, its full covered with fog, and also people to see it we are truly lucky to witness it you will find lot of crashed beer bottles what to say, they are spoiling a tourist place be aware of that really mad people here there are 3 shop for your refreshments this is idukki road, you have to take left from here there is a petrol pump note one thing its too crowdy in season time so be prepared to hike the link from where to take left turn, will share it in description

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