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oh okay the camera getting it a gasolin oh I don’t know how it’s possible but I’m taking these smallest potential I literally and he has licked one I didn’t swallow like the first three today we are trying every single Trader Joe’s seasonal holiday dessert of which there are 40 to 41 will be really funny if there’s not 41 be able to edit sorry Kelly Barney we did it last time too maybe next time I’ll know how many there are so we base this based on desserts that were like clearly labeled holiday or they had special markings on the packaging or if a trader drips employee pointed at stuff and went yeah it’s holiday as it stands this is everything that was at our local Trader Joe’s we have a lot of fun shooting the last Trader Joe’s video obviously lots of other people try all the foods and places online we know the key test videos were eats everything at fast food restaurants Matt Stoney also does videos like this competitive eaters we are going to be trying every single dessert and then at the end we will be picking our favorite three and our bottom three so we’re gonna be throwing these into three categories same as last time which is that’s okay pretty good really great and if somebody does meal bad and they go in the penalty box yeah but we’re hoping not to do that okay please be good boys and girls we’re talking for the desserts what we have here it’s basically cookies candies barks assorted pretzels covered in things yeah I don’t really like pretzel bark I don’t really like barks in general this is all harder food I don’t only a few bready type desserts in here mostly because these are all be baked oh they’re pretty hard not a fan of peppermint I’ve ever met in small doses but it seems we’re gonna have a big dose today anyway let’s make my teeth hurt cuz they’re sensitive our very first dessert are the Trader Joe’s brandy beans brandy fell Charlotte’s I don’t have ever had brand new before the thing about these is that they seem disgusting yet homey you can kind of hear the alcohol and then when you shake them smells like dark chocolate yeah a little turn Cheers oh sorry you got a bite in the middle so you get some brandy whoo my teeth are clean do you hate this well first of all it’s exactly what it says on the tin mmm there is brandy a nut chocolate yeah it is delicious here’s the thing I don’t really like brandy so I’m just gonna say that these are just okay okay so we’re gonna say these are pretty good okay yeah they’re pretty good cuz that’s the middle between really great and just okay this is okay only nine percent alcohol no it says maximum alcohol content four point nine percent alcohol so it’s fine next up chocolate hazelnut cookies phase my name oh we don’t need your knife for this we’ll need a knife Sunday Oh their legs do not look like it’s all the box they’re very even and then when you take them out it’s like ninety two percent of the way there I mean if this was a moon landing situation the spaceship would have skipped off the atmosphere into space I don’t understand but I love your mind you’re my beautiful space that tastes like a shortbread cookie yeah it’s sort of like what an Oreo should taste like you know it kind of tastes like a Girl Scout cookie I’ve had before I think they’re pretty good I think these are really great or somewhat a big deal should we rock-paper-scissors for it run baby shoot Ron team would say they’re pretty good Jordan to now deep dark chocolate mint tea Malo oh you crazy girls they’re light and fluffy pepper and marshmallow dress and smooth dark chocolate put into your mouth girl okay Oh pot falls apart when you eat it’s sort of like my life no but actually it’s quite good you can taste our process the marshmallow is which is a bit of a knock for me but yeah it’s a little bit of like chocolate-covered toothpaste kind of if you’re a naughty child and you like to eat to face might I recommend Belgian cookie collection with 12 delicious varieties we’re not gonna rank each one we’re just gonna write the total tin because if you don’t like the total tin you’re not gonna buy it like somebody wishes I would use my legs don’t want you to use stick night so you’re gonna try six I’m gonna try six oh no it’s gingerbread Oh gingerbread is it very good it’s a buttery sugar cookie but the chocolate is really kind of minty and bitter oh it’s sort of like someone took a Milano and then gave you only a quarter of it gingerbread pretty good okay this is like kind of a waffle that’s covered in chocolate which I guess I could do at home but I appreciate the convenience good here’s the thing all these kind of case the same oh this is no chocolate this one’s nude they are just okay the holidays you happy chocolate liqueur cherries I’m optimistic about these I do like chocolate a lot and I also really love cherry I think chocolate and cherry is probably one of the best combination that’s me my name I don’t need your knife it’s like the briefcase from pulp fiction it’s exactly like the briefcase for pulp fiction’s chocolate feels very thick no put it in your mouth you’ve often put the whole thing in your mouth I don’t like it you know what I was lying I don’t like alcohol dessert I hate you too grape I think they are also super great these are really great the acid of the alcohol like fights with the fat of the chocolate Kristin watch salt from an acid he eats the good show and also it helps people explain why food tastes good Maksim alcohol content 4.4 for Thursday we got carded when we bought these I think these are really great I think these are really great really you literally spit yourself I know so these really great are so good great I don’t think any American grocery store chain does gingerbread well I think that’s probably true but I’m someone who really enjoys homemade gingerbread I don’t like gingerbread I think it’s spiced cardboard no it’s bad this is like just very basic gingerbread like it’s spiced a little bit it’s got the crunch it’s passable it’s just okay it’s just okay chocolate covered pretzel twist assortment wait why over to the tape I’m not using it I don’t want your fact I don’t want to use your knife okay fine cutter open this is the one with peppermint and it’s not bad I don’t really like pretzels covered in Duff I think pretzels should just be their own woman oh yes I gendered pretzels wrinkled pretzel let’s get it okay sprinkle pretzel complete don’t like it all right next one dark chocolate and ice almonds with the dark chocolate drizzle this is delicious I feel like overall all these pretzels why do you think they’re just okay oh sorry I was about to go to war for these pretzels I don’t want to try these these are the dark chocolate covered peppermint cream yeah the peppermint cream a snow thing to me which I think means the peppermint is gonna be very creamy Wow actually now we know that Tripta Jo’s makes their chocolate peppermint with the exact same type of peppermint you just buy like a giant peppermint Mountain and you like half at it also does not look like the cream on the box yeah it’s a scant this is a lot more purple scant looks like a big junior mint it doesn’t mean it’s good this is probably what Hawk roaches taste like in heaven what if you think Junior Mints are awesome you will love these but you can also get your mints for a lot I think it’s a penalty bus bad all right yeah yeah keys jingle jangle a fun mix of fan favorite candy treats this is every chocolate dessert they’ve already given us I don’t want to eat more chocolate covered hard things my chocolate is too sweet it’s not bad I mean it’s just a big box of candy Hughton really adorable fun branding great name what is this oh it’s popcorn what who are you there’s like three M&Ms in there like well this is like the gift you get your boss when you don’t like your boss very much this is what I’m kind of like candy cane JoJo’s so JoJo’s if you don’t know know our knockoff Trader Joe’s Oreos oh my crotch but these ones have candy canes in them I guess there are not that many peppermint flecks in here you got it’s like someone put sand in an Oreo oh but the end taste is really good I’m torn on this I’m not I think these are just okay okay great the other dress these are just okay what is my side of the desks disgusting maybe reflect on your choice [Laughter] this is ninnie pray line Troy nutty nutty pray line trio that’s nutty praline truly oh basically there’s three nuts these are the the pecans split one oh my god yeah it’s three things that are good it’s nuts caramel and chocolate caramel either okay Syst heat everything okay this is solid grandma’s house sitting on the table dessert we get pretty good bye Keith Hershey Trader Joe’s English toffee for some reason it comes in a jar do you want my knife yeah I’m gonna help you out now she used her knife fingers a little nutters they look like little viruses that you see under a microscope I’m like covered in chocolate oh it’s a freckle they’re very crunchy I think they’re okay the main ingredient in this is sugar then almonds then butter I would say that they’re great but I’m saying they’re pretty good under duress the chocolate orange chocolate orange we’re biased because we both think this is already good although I’ve never had Trader Joe’s brand chocolate or you haven’t had a chocolate orange before it’s basically like an orange that has all these little slices in it and then you open it by cracking it and then you eat all the slices and they taste like a little bit like orange they’re a little bit like chocolate and they’re delicious and it’s the best part of Christmas I feel like a really strong emotional attachment to these oranges because like wood used to buy them and like give them as gifts it was like a thing that I could afford that I thought was like super magical and special Wow I’m not gonna start crying it says break then open yeah what’s that guy I’m still crying about a chocolate orange mine Wow does it look amazing Christmas the orange is just so zesty and present and the chocolate is just so rich a really great peppermint bark popcorn Oh God so it’s caramel popcorn coated in dark chocolate and robed in a white chocolate and peppermint candy coating that sounds so rich this is one kernel of popcorn a little bird egg I don’t like it I hate it the white chocolate and the peppermint are like sickly sweet and then it takes like forever to get to the actual pop form that you can’t even taste because the dark chocolate totally overwhelms it I mean it looks good it looks beautiful I think these are going to the penalty box yeah these are friend of the box bad fare-thee-well many many peppermint rings I feel like sometimes people think there’s one holiday flavor and it’s peppermint why not marzipan why not orange why not cinnamon why not anything else I do always like the texture a meringue how like a dumpling with nothing in it it’s like eating drywall I think this is penalty box bad yeah hang in there pepper news the German spice candy it literally says cookie wait the photo on the front has like two kids sliding down a mountain on a face aren’t they they’re soft gingerbread tasting cookie with a hard shell these are very much like after a cold day cookie dare I say great I think it might be great Wow we agreed good job Germany dark chocolate covered peppermint jo jo’s oh my go go to me it just tastes the same as a lot of the other stuff we’ve had I feel like I’m trying to be nice to this I don’t know why because we don’t owe you anything Jo Jo if you don’t want to dump your own Oreos here you go sir just okay chocolate-covered love kitchen cookies and these are sugar glazed lab kitchen cookies so we’re gonna try these at the same time cuz they’re just slightly different versions of the same product what though it’s just like styrofoam texture what is this cookie so I gotta look cold so now I have my red jacket festive Oh weird Oh actually it’s pretty good I like it I like the softened gingerbread and the wafer thing at the back actually is really nice it cuts the sweetness a little bit Wow let’s try the other ones no one bought wow I just ate a hair also really good mmm protein I’ve never thought that I would be like doing styrofoam yeah that’s a part of a balanced diet but here we are these are really great how do I keep getting care in my mouth oh it’s from a jack sauce honey nougat baby with almonds this is the worst thing I’ve ever put my mouth do this like an eraser the papers not good the nougats bad the nuts are just kind of there I like these better than anything in the penalty box but that doesn’t mean they don’t also deserve to be there bacon goes badly box family box by salty honey toffee milk chocolate covered crackers it’s like a woman who’s taken her husband’s name five times I’m Theresa salty honey toffee milk chocolate covered crackers he’s actually like a Saltine in there when you first bite into just the cracker it’s straight up this is a Saltine it’s not terrible it’s just dumb these don’t need to exist but they’re fine they’re just okay so that was the first half of these desserts Kristen and I have tummy aches and also it’s 6:00 p.m. so we got to go home which means tomorrow we are gonna be trying the rest of these desserts and when we come back we will have different clothes all right we’re back it’s day two of our attempting to try all of the seasonal Trader Joe’s desserts twelve tantalizing truffles and classic dessert flavors here I get my shirt no token card why aren’t I wear a nice shirt that I really like that’s white mostly chocolate summer Trader Joe’s is just kind of like generic cheap chocolate it’s like chocolate so it’s really refreshing to taste chocolate and actual flavors this is the gingerbread spice chocolate and it does taste gingerbready this is delicious I’d venture to say they’re really great I’m with you Belgian truffles these are wrapped really sweetly yeah well oppressive ripping into this box like a bear I like the chocolate look like little soaps I like the guy it’s like a voter guide but for your mouth I think these are just okay Trader Joe’s and the astounding multi-flavored JoJo’s that’s chocolate and robe sandwich cookies I have a feeling we already know what these taste like also there’s a peppermint one which I’m pretty sure we’ve already tried on its own no more peppermint wish not granted I really like the peanut butter we’ll try this one no this is far away better the flavors and the other ones not very sophisticated three your garden-variety chocolate with this one it’s like chocolate but I have a personality these three great this one still keep pace these are pretty good I regret to inform you it’s peppermint bark time no one wants this I will say this look at the color the peppermint it’s different not interesting in your mouth but it’s too rich to eat anything else afterwards yes huh peppermint bark you’re just okay yes okay Oh Scandinavian tidings holiday shapes these are soft and chewy gummy candy I don’t really see the point in doing a seasonal gummy candy and unless the flavors are really really different I think it’s gonna be gummy candy shaped like trees this thought it tastes like swedish fish it doesn’t taste like chemicals which I appreciate it kind of does though I think they’re okay Danish butter cookies Danish butter cookies are like what happens to a tin before it becomes a place for sewing supplies these are the cookies my pediatricians office used to give out after you get shots real dark chocolate sea salt caramels you know what I like this all I don’t like the chocolates chocolates right here the salts all of I don’t each thing of a seesaw it’s like the size of a horrible it’s either not good and you can’t get it out of my mouth I think these are box but I don’t really like panettone oh that is a pungent smell look giant bathroom oh ha ha this is my son Anthony jr. oh I already hate it it’s like very fruit picky it’s a yeasty cake yeah if you like things that are you see and orange and like kind of a sour sure this is just okay it’s just okay the chocolate bar quintet milk chocolate cinnamon crisps this is a crunch bar dark chocolate orange peel remember what I cried about chocolate over milk chocolate and honey oh really taste something I do dark chocolate hazelnut it’s a Nutella milk chocolate toffee and sea salt a better way to do milk chocolate and salt where the salt is not giant chunks that attack you for a chocolate bar quintet is pretty good peppermint pretzels limbs they don’t have like chocolate on them I think it supposed to be like slightly reminiscent of yogurt for like not quite they’re a little rough they’ve been through the washer a couple times actually I don’t have the fact that the pretzel is so skinny makes it and work because it’s less overwhelming it’s way less rich than the other peppermint things we’ve had because of the lack of chocolate I think this works that’s pretty good yeah it’s a bird portes oh my god it’s the cricket also microphone no one is gonna put you I’m barking up the wrong tree sir I am a married woman I’m sorry that’s Kristin who’s married I’m Jen this is milk chocolate with candy cane jo jo’s and a white chocolate drizzle it’s peppermint and milk chocolate again it’s not very impressive dark chocolate top with cashews toffee and a sprinkle of salt with salted chocolate dark chocolate with crisp rice covered with almonds and coconut yeah it’s just chocolate with a bunch of noise this is like those albums where it’s one song remixed like nine times yeah it’s like no get a new song yes okay oh my god but it is chocolate it’s Italian don’t do shit you’re junkies your chocolate and I are breaking actually that’s pretty good are you not like the hazelnut filling it’s sort of like a little Nutella bomb I think it’s pretty good yeah how was it is it just chocolate chocolate or exactly Oh Jason it was bust this is probably coconut actually that’s pretty good with a coffee the bottom is very hard to bite into pretty key lime pie all truculent salted caramel boo yeah okay I think I’ve tried enough to render a verdict I think these are just okay we have three left but one of them is an activity winter chocolate reindeer and sled kit so this is a little reindeer here’s his hat look we did it it’s a sled it’s a reindeer here’s all this toys for the children you broke the slab uninsured I mean fun activities just okay chocolate ornament I mean if you like milk chocolate it’s pretty good which is actually a nice palate cleanser considering all the frills and whistles we’ve had it’s just like no metallic after case it doesn’t taste like cheap chocolate yeah these are pretty good they’re pretty good guess what it’s the last one little chocolate truffles oh these are small like you these are the Prosecco uh yeah worth of Prosecco the brews echo you don’t really taste the Prosecco that much it’s mostly just an overwhelming white chocolate oh I’m gonna try the London gin this one you can taste the gin I actually think it adds a nice flavor I’m gonna try the scotch whiskey I feel like I can’t really taste the whiskey oh I can’t oh I hate scotch maybe wrong the rum is present I don’t know how much it necessarily adds to the chocolate it’s like the whole point of putting alcohol on a chocolate is so that the sharpness of the alcohol will just hang out with the chocolate so the boozy little chocolate truffles are just okay oh my god we’re done we have completed our journey now we have to come up with our favorite three and our least favorite three my top three of all the desserts we tried were the scheffer nice cookies chocolate orange and actually the peppermint pretzel thens oh I know and I think it was just because those weren’t too overwhelmingly sweet and I do really love pretzels that I found them to be like a nice little palate cleanser my top three were the brandy beans okay the dark chocolate orange and the chocolate hazelnut cookies a lot of nice fun because we actually agree on our bottom three dark chocolate sea salt truffles that broke our mouths the peppermint popcorn which was like barely popcorn and then our bottom bottom choice is the peppermint meringue today you can eat with you long I think if we thought it was pretty good or better it’s probably worth getting merry holidays to all of you don’t put the ornaments on your tree if you’ve got a dog just saying goodbye [Music]

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