KUALA LUMPUR BUS: Bangladeshi advise Indian tourist – DON’T TRAVEL WITHOUT TICKET

KUALA LUMPUR BUS: Bangladeshi advise Indian tourist – DON’T TRAVEL WITHOUT TICKET

I am waiting for my bus numbered 403. I have lost hope from my couchsurfing host. Now I am going to a hostel. I had booked this as a backup plan. From here I will get a bus. Fare would be about 1 Ringgit. And from there a bus to KL Central for 3 Ringgit. They call Indian Muslims as ‘Mama’. They like the food cooked by ‘Mama’. It would be great if we could have a system similar to here in our country. Where we get to know the timing of the next bus. This facility is available in Kuala Lumpur I didn’t see this even in Prague. There was an app which indicated the timings of the buses. But here you can see the bus timings live! Our bus will be here in 4 minutes. I’m learning Bengali slowly! While travelling in these type of buses in Kuala Lumpur, always give loose change to the driver Avoid giving bigger denominations of currency notes. This is because if they put the higher value note in the machine, it won’t give out change. I had to pay 2.5 Ringgit. But when I gave 3 Ringgit to the driver, he did not give me change. Never travel without a ticket! It will take 4 minutes. The place is 350 metre from here. I think I found my hostel! I’m not sure what’s the name of this place. Nevertheless it looks good! Even here, people have a habit of spitting on the road while walking. ‘Shree SagarMatha Restaurant’ The way it is written reminds me of Kathmandu. This font style is used for writing in Nepal. Found another one! Not sure what’s it about? This bus is different Here a person will come to give the ticket This is a ticket worth 1 Ringgit. If you face a problem in understanding English You can ask people around you who look like Indians. Probably they would be from Bangladesh or Pakistan. The person sitting behind me is from Bangladesh. And understands little bit of Hindi. So if you face problems in understanding English You can take help from our brothers from Bangladesh and Pakistan. In fact, there are some people from Nepal as well who understand Hindi well. Train is expensive because it takes you faster unlike the bus. This place reminds me of South India I think this place is ‘Little India’ I didn’t know that I was so close to ‘Little India’!

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  1. Indian muslim in Malaysia is called mamak, not mama… Malaysians don't normally spit while walking. Those you saw spitting are foreigners from Bangladesh or Nepal or Myanmar who came to Malaysia for work. That area you went to are full of them especially on weekends which are their off days.

  2. Your Biggest fan from South India……is there any south indians online right now watching regularly ??

  3. Regarding paying extra money and not getting change, it is common in major European and American cities also..

  4. I also stay in Kuala lumpur . Hear Bangladeshi people very friendly, if you need any help they can help you.

  5. bro dont ask malaysian people aboit bus..bus number or anything,,,we dont know,,because we never use public transport at all time .we use own transport,,sorry my english bad

  6. Malaysian don't spitting on the roads…..we Malaysian hate to this kind of habits…..and we Malaysians repeatedly complaining of foreign workers to have such bad habit like those from India,Nepal ,Bangladesh and not to forget the worst, Myanmar …… .

  7. I don’t know why i kept watching yr videos despite not understanding a word u said and rely mostly on yr subtitles. FYI, most locals don’t use buses and thts the reason u can find many foreigners on the bus.

  8. Varun bhai apki language ne mujhe aoka fan bana diya hai, bahot kuch sikhne ko mil raha hai…ap har cheezo ka behad behtareen vayakhya karte hai….

  9. Bhai mei v malasiya mei hu (frm india assam) yaha bangal gali gali mei milega… aur yaha ka government india walo ko help nhi karta sahe wo muslim ho ya hindu…..

  10. Most Malaysians dont spit on the road, but the bloody bangla ( some) and burmese ( some) is spitting everwhere.

  11. what is name of the music you used in the starting in this video……after all great video of tour….

  12. background music is lovely…..dont worry with the video quality …its ok…sometimes happened

  13. Assalamalaikum Varun.. Kch Khana h toh boldo? u vl too like d food…… Joldi boldena vorun otherwise u won't get any food… ?

  14. Hi Varun,
    Why dont you visit ISKCON temples spread in approx 83 countries and stay there and have ur meal as you are a pure Vegeterian also I think you should show the beauty of Indian culture spread accross the Globe.
    Awaiting your reply bro.

  15. Give us some information about "my rapid card", we can use it for our trip? How much they will charge for it? How much days it last?

  16. Aapka video dekhte dekhte pata he nhi chalta ha ki kb khatam ho gaya

    Really nice and interesting blogging and video

    So nice

  17. Hi Varun, I saw in your malaysian videos that you werent able to remember how to say Thank You in Malay. Well the easy way could be to break down in syllables as in How is your mother/Teri Maa Kaisi i.e Terima Kasih

  18. Accha lagta hai ke hum Sab south Asian aaj bhi dil se jude huve hai Indian ,Pakistani,Bangladesh, Nepali Sri Lankan and Afghani
    Hum Sab Bhai hai


  20. भाई आपकी तुर्किश सीरीज़ बहूत मज़ेदार है वहाँ के लोग भी

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