Kumbalam Puttu Shops: Shibu’s Puttukada VS Vadakkeyattam Puttukada | Puttu + Duck Curry and more

Kumbalam Puttu Shops: Shibu’s Puttukada VS Vadakkeyattam Puttukada | Puttu + Duck Curry and more

Shall we try Puttu and some non veg dishes with it? Last time when we came to Kumbalam, we had puttu and mutton from Shibuettan’s shop. Today, we are in Kumbalam Vadakkeyattam. This is also a puttu shop. Is this also called Puttu kada? Yes, this is Vadakkeyattam Puttu kada. When do you open the shop? We are opening just now. We are open from 7 in the evening to 3 in the morning. What curry is there for puttu? Beef curry, chicken curry, duck curry, fish curry, quail fry, shrimps.. Which variety of fish? Today, we have Tilopia. We will have Puttu, duck curry and fish curry. Last time when we came to Kumbalam, we had puttu and mutton from Shibuettan’s shop. Today, we are in Kumbalam Vadakkeyattam. This is also a puttu shop. Here we have beef boiling in the pot. Here chicken curry is ready. Rice flour for puttu is also ready. In front of me, beef fry is kept. Beef fry, duck curry and lentils curry. We can order whatever we want. Let us start from here. Music What is your name? Alby. Alby chettan is from Kumbalangi. He was asking me whether I have gone to Kumbalangi. He is a neighbor of Unniettan. Unniettan is what you call him. For me, he is OMKV Unni. Alby Chettan and Jose chettan came from Kumbalangi for catching fish. They are tasting puttu with lentils curry and papadam. Alby chettan stays next to Unni’s house. I was telling him that Unni is my close friend. Have you come here before? We come here daily. We have got puttu, duck curry and fish curry with two papadams. We can take as much as we want. I am with Hashmi. I will eat some of duck curry and fish curry, Hashmi will also do the same. Let me start with duck curry. Let us try with duck curry and papadam. We have two duck eggs also. Let me pour this curry over puttu. There is one duck leg. I will give it to Hashmi. I am breaking a piece of the puttu. Now I will mix this well with the duck curry gravy. I took just the gravy without meat. Rich taste of coconut milk. Very salty and spicy duck curry. Very soft puttu to go with that. Duck curry is very tasty. I loved it. Steaming hot puttu with duck curry. We need nothing else. Actually, fish curry was not needed. This is all we need. It is night. We are in Kumbalam. There are other puttu shops in Kumbalam. We get good puttu here also. Let me mix papadam also in this. The taste of papadam will also mix with puttu. I am taking a piece of duck meat. Well-cooked duck meat. I am adding this. Now one handful. Duck curry is less spicy. But it is very tasty. This is something kids can also eat. Maybe because of coconut milk in the curry, or maybe because puttu has grated coconut, I am getting a sweet taste. It is superb. Rich taste of pepper also. I have tea also here. If the curry is very hot, it feels good to have hot tea with it. It gives a burning feel in our tongue. For that, I will have to taste fish curry. Till then, let the tea wait. My first plan was to try Tilapia fish. When I saw Kera fish, I changed my decision. I have a special liking for big fish pieces. I am breaking a piece of the fish flesh. Thick flesh. Fish pieces have a sour taste. I ate only the piece. Don’t ask me whether I liked fish curry or duck curry more. I will be confused. I loved both. Fish curry is very hot. Not too hot. Moderately hot. It has the taste of pot tamarind too. Duck curry has the taste of coconut milk and pepper. So can’t say. I like both. Now the tea got its real taste. Now let us go to the next place. There is backwaters near this shop. We can relax here after having food. Now for the next shop. Come. I will give the location in description. So we are in front of Shibuettan’s puttu shop in Kumbalam. I came here to meet Puja and Prashant. They come from Kenya. They do wonderful videos there. They travel a lot. I was also in Kenya. Masai Mara is a different experience. There are many national parks in Kenya. Pooja has covered a lot of places there, right? Yes, I have covered Masai Mara. If you want to see good African videos, visit Pooja’s channel. I will give the link below. Now let us have food from here. We have tried once from this shop. It was at the starting of Food N Travel. We tried Puttu, mutton and something else. Hashmi was with me. We tried all these. People have already started coming. Let us also go inside. Do you like puttu? Yes, I like it a lot. They won’t have many varieties of puttu. There will be many varieties of curries though. Good. Is there any Malayalee who doesn’t love puttu? Yes, puttu is the pride of Malayalees. Shibuettan’s shop is an old house maintained as such. This is a small shop. But the puttu and curries here are very famous. There are people who come here from far off places. We have also come here to have food. Let us quickly see the cooking scenes and then eat. Shibuettan is busy with puttu making. I asked him for permission to shoot videos here. You know what he asked me. You were bald before, did you get hair after eating puttu from here? He is filling the puttu. Shibuetta, how are things going? All good. What is the special curry for today? All are special dishes. Beef, chicken, mutton, shrimp.. Last time I had shrimp roast and mutton. I will have mutton this time also. It is my weakness. And shrimps also. Let me as them what they want. What will you have? Puttu, shrimp, beef, chicken.. I can’t say as fast as they say. I will have puttu and beef. I will have mutton. What about Hashmi? Eggs. So our puttu, mutton, shrimp fry, beef, chicken all are ready. Now we just need to eat. Is there anything similar to puttu in Kenya? The main food item of Kenyans is something called Ugali. It looks similar to puttu. But it is not steamed. It is made like a porridge. That is not made of rice, right? No, that is made of corn flour. They don’t even add salt in it. It is just boiled in water. Generally they don’t use salt and spices in Africa. In Uganda, salt was not there at all. They had all salt and sugar brought from India. But do you make our food there? Yes, I do make. Now let us taste this food. Pooja has started with beef curry. I am trying mutton. I love mutton a lot. I and Prashant are trying mutton. I have tried mutton from here before. It was hot. I am taking a small mutton piece mixed with puttu. When I first tried this, I had just started food videos. I felt it very spicy then. Now this is nothing. Spices have mixed well with the curry. We can mix puttu with it and eat. I felt that it is a little too salty. Shall I give you some shrimp curry? It spilled a little. Prashant? You can put it on top of puttu. Yes, I will put it here. Coconut bits are there. I have tasted puttu and fish curry. We tried it just now. I am trying for the first time with shrimps. I tried shrimps with puttu for the first time from here. It is good. Let me try with shrimp curry. First I will try just some shrimp pieces. There is a backwater next to this. It will be fun to sit on the shores and much on these one by one. This is hot. I can feel it in my throat. Now let us have this with puttu. Pooja, do you do food videos also in Kenya? Yes, I do. A tribal group there takes blood with milk. Have you done that? I have done that. In Masai, they take blood from throat and drink it. Did you drink that? No, I didn’t try. Mutton curry has a good taste of coriander and pepper. My tongue is burning. So I will have tea with this. Try the tea. This hot and strong tea goes well with hot dishes. After having spicy food, this hot black tea feels god. That burning feel is good. When we take hot tea, the tongue gets that burning feel. So let us end this video with puttu, mutton, shrimps, beef and all. Next video will come soon. Keep watching. Always be with us. I will give details of Pooja’s channel. I am very happy to be a part of your video. Big thanks to you. When I watched your videos from Kenya, I used to feel very tempted. It was my wish to do a video with you. Thanks a lot. Always be happy. Keep smiling. Enjoy life.

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