KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan in 8K HDR – 釧路 [summer ver.]

KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan in 8K HDR – 釧路 [summer ver.]

Kushiro Marsh Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko Train Kushiro Marsh Tancho Kushiro Harbor Kushiro Washo Market Katte Don Kushiro Harbor Onnenai Promenades Mt. Meakan Onbetsu Onbetsu Kushiro Soba Soba Sushi Kushiro Soba Kushiro River Kushiro Ramen Nusamai Bridge Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO Ganpeki Robata Nusamai Rotary Kushiro River Robata Yaki Kushiro Harbor Lake Akan Lake Akan, Mt. Oakan Lake Akan Marimo Takimi Bridge Kushiro Marsh Mt. Meakan Onbetsu Kushiro Marsh Iomante Fire Festival Akan Ainu Kotan Iomante Fire Festival

100 thoughts on “KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan in 8K HDR – 釧路 [summer ver.]

  1. 釧路湿原は良いと思うけどたまに家の近く魚臭くなるから釧路そこまで好きじゃない

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m7MajDQOxM&t=17s this song to fit for Japan. when i listen the song … i want travel in japan on rainday . i want recommend …

  3. 途中、映ってる遊歩道は達古武ですかね?

  4. 釧路は日本一住みやすいまち!春は花粉が少ない。夏はとても涼しく、台風や大雨が少ない。秋は人肥ゆる味覚が豊富。冬は冬らしくなっても大雪にはなりにくい、樹氷・ダイヤモンドダスト・サンピラーも見られる。空気も水も野菜も魚もとびっきり美味いです。私は釧路が大好きです。

  5. I'll guide Kushiro. I'd suggest going Akan Lake. This is because it is spectacular and has special natural monument which is called Marimo. Marimo is the only kind of algae in the world. kushirotourismcompany.jimdosite.com

  6. 釧路の美しさが伝わってくる素晴らしい映像です。構成、表現も魅力的で学ぶところが多いです。手本にしたい動画です。

    It is a wonderful video that conveys the beauty of Kushiro. The composition and expression are also attractive and there are many places to learn. This is the video you want to model.

  7. Kushiro original ramen is light shoyu(soy-sourced) soup and thin nodles. Its taste is very good.

  8. Akan-Mashu national park has the Ainu nation. There are about 130 Ainu people in Akan Lake Town.
    It is the largest village which is called “Ainu-kotan” in Hokkaido. kushirotourismcompany.jimdosite.com

  9. The other day, there were lots of tourists on the Nusamai bridge. I was very surprised to see it .
    This is because it once didn't have many tourists. So I was very pleased to see it when I was driving my car on the bridge.
    I wish the Nusamai bridge had a lot of tourists more and more. kushirotourismcompany.jimdosite.com

  10. Really bad focusing. Ruins the video. I have seen 4k. video way clearer and crisper than this. Viewing on a 55 inch 4k. HDR 10 Samsung TV.

  11. Very beautiful scenery. Watching it in HDR really brought out the beauty of the place. after watching this, watching the other videos not in HDR made the other videos look dull in comparison.

  12. WTF is wrong with people these days, now they have 8k video and they ruin it with this crappy HDR, HDR is omsething pretty old already, and it makes every video goddamn ugly.

  13. 都心の夜景もキレイだけど、自然の美しさがはるかに勝る事も多いですね。

  14. 釧路公立大二次志望だけど、なんかこれみたらアリかなっておもいはじめてしまう。1次志望頑張るけどな!

  15. 中国人の友達と

  16. 釧路湿原の素晴らしい絶景は何年も昔から残されてきた自然の形ですよね。行ってみたいです…

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