Kyiv (Київ) – 20 things to do Kiev, Ukraine Travel Guide

Kyiv (Київ) – 20 things to do Kiev, Ukraine Travel Guide

This week we’re showing you around Kiev,
Ukraine. This was our first time travelling to the
country, so we hardly knew what to expect, though we did have an inkling we’d find
churches with onion domes, borscht on every menu, and very cheap prices, but that was
it! Well, we found some of that, but we also discovered
a fascinating city with ornate architecture, massive Soviet monuments, a completely new
cuisine, more churches and monasteries than we ever thought possible, and friendly people
despite the language barrier. The following is our travel guide to the city. Now let us share with you 20 things to do
in Kiev (Київ) on your next visit! Well good morning good morning. New country. New adventure. New country. We are in the number 1 city of Kyiv (Київ). And we’re so excited to be here. Just a new place for us to visit. Mmmhmm. So we’ve been here a few days and it is beautiful. Like you can really see the European influence
here but it also has a bit of a Soviet edge so it has been really fun exploring around
and yeah in this video we’re going to take you guys around, show you some of the highlights
some come along. 20 things to do in Kiev. So we’re about to visit the Golden Gate (Золоті
ворота) and learn the story of Prince Sviatoslav. Never heard of him before but apparently he’s
a big deal. So we’ve got our tickets. We paid 40 per person in the local currency
and 20 for our cameras. So that is a 100. Let’s do some math. Just four dollars. Yeah, $4 US dollars. That is pretty good. Let’s go. The Golden Gate was constructed during the
11th century and it was one of three medieval gateways into the city. Though the structure was dismantled during
the Middle Ages leaving few traces of its existence, it was completely rebuilt in 1982
in its current design. Okay so we just finished climbing to the very
top of the Golden Gate and it was pretty cool because they have different levels with balconies
so you can go out and enjoy the views but now that we’re at the top there is a church
on top of this gate which is totally unexpected so we’re going to go in and have a look. Alright, so next up we are doing Saint Sophia
Cathedral (Собор святої Софії) right behind me and we’ve also paid to climb
the Bell Tower. So hopefully we’ll get some more amazing views
of the city. St. Sophia’s is Kiev’s oldest standing
church, dating back to the 11th century. No cameras are allowed inside the cathedral,
but you can see some impressive mosaics and frescoes that are still intact almost a millennium
later. Alright, I hope you guys aren’t getting tired
of churches and monasteries because we still have lots left to visit. This is kind of like the thing you do in Kiev
(Київ). So right now we’re about to go into Saint
Michael’s Monastery (Михайлівський золотоверхий монастир)
with the golden domes I believe it is called. It is quite the mouthful. This place has quite a sad history, as the
original cathedral was demolished by the Soviet authorities in the 1930s for having “no
historical value”. It was only following Ukrainian independence,
that a copy of the church was rebuilt and completed in the year 2000. So it was time for lunch. Yeah, so we’re right by a major attraction. This is Saint Andrew’s Church (Андріївська
церква) just over there. Tada. You can see it. And we were looking for a place for lunch
and we are like where are we going to go? Where are we going to go? And how did we choose this place? And we saw like this cute cat. Sitting out front. Really friendly. Loved getting strokes. Haha. So yeah, we were like that one. Cute cat. We’ll eat here. The cat brought us in basically. So lunch is served. What did you get? Well, since we’re at a French restaurant I’m
getting croque monsieur and french fries. And I was in the mood for polenta with caramelized
onions and mushrooms. Yeah, and I have to say that in Kyiv (Киев)
you can get some pretty good International food. Oh, yeah. We’re eating a lot of different things. From there, it was time for one more church:
St. Andrew’s which is a 5-domed Baroque church that’s painted teal and located atop
a steep hill. If this design looks familiar, it’s because
it was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the same Italian architect who designed the Winter
Palace in St Petersburg, Russia. So it looks like we won’t be able to visit
Saint Andrew’s Church after all. We paid our admission but once we got here
I just noticed all the windows and the doors are closed. So I think we’ve just paid to like enjoy the
views from the terrace but that is it. We can’t actually get inside of the church. So we just noticed a sign explaining that
the reason the church is closed is that it is currently undergoing restoration work. So yeah, that is too bad but instead we’re
going to be visiting this like antique slash flea market that happens directly across from
the church. Tada. So maybe we’ll find a few little nic nacs
to take back home. I sure hope so. After visiting the market across from St.
Andrew’s Church, we continued down Andrew’s Descent (Андріївський узвіз),
which is a street lined with cafes, restaurants, traditional craft shops, art galleries, and
museums. It’s also a great place to shop for souvenirs
since they have a wide selection of items. (Traditional Ukrainian Music) So we’ve been walking for a really long time
and we just noticed that there is a funicular (Київський фунікулер) here. Uh huh. So that makes a lot of sense for us to go
down and I hope it is cheap. And we’re going to go down to the waterfront. Down to the river. We sure are. The Funicular connects the Upper Town with
the lower commercial neighbourhood of Podil via Volodymyrska Hill. It’s a fun and cheap way to reach the waterfront
and save your legs the trouble after a long day of sightseeing. So that was only 4 in local currency and you’re
talking a whopping 16 cents US so pretty good value and it was a nice short ride although
it was quite stuffy in there. I was sweating. It was a bit like a sauna. But it was a nice view. And actually this station at the bottom is
even a little bit more grand than the one at the top. So now we’re down by the riverfront (Київський
річковий порт) and I have to say it is much busier than I had anticipated. There is a lot you can do here. You can walk along the promenade. You can take a river cruise. There is a restaurant and dining options. It is just a cool place to hang out. We then continued to Maidan Nezalezhnosti
(Майдан Незалежності), which is Kiev’s central square. When the population has wanted to make their
voices heard, this has been the site of protests and rallies, but on the average day, it’s
just a place where people hang out with lots of vendors, buskers, and random performances
taking place. Alright, Mister. We’re at Taras Shevchenko Park (Парк ім. Тараса Шевченка). Tell us all about it. We sure are. And this is a park I’ve come to absolutely
love because it is only 2 minutes away from our apartment. So I’ve been coming here frequently to go
jogging. But every time I come here I kind of appreciate
it a little bit more. There is just a lot you can do. There is a real cool restaurant. You see men at night playing chess in a certain
section. There is a lot of couples going out for a
stroll. There is some pretty impressive monuments
and yeah it is just kind of a cool park. I really like it. So these are the coolest park benches I’ve
ever seen. Chilling on one now. It is so awesome. There is another one. We’re facing in opposite directions. Yeah. So it is perfect for couples but they also
have solo benches. I can sleep. Are you falling asleep? I could sleep. Now, about that restaurant we were talking
about, that’s O’Panas right here. This place specializes in traditional Ukrainian
dishes, and it’s a two-story restaurant built around a tree. The food here was amazing, and we also loved
that at night they had live music with singing and accordions. On this particular visit, we sampled stuffed
cabbage rolls, veal salad, duck brisket, and a dumpling soup served in a loaf of bread. So there is my soup. And if I kind of touch the bread it is starting
to get a little soft because we’ve been taking so many pictures. Haha. We have. So I should probably dig in before it starts
like seeping through the bread. But yeah, if you have a closer look in here. Look at this. It looks so good. Some real mushrooms in there. Some carrots, there is dill and nice broth. I’m so excited for this. I skipped breakfast purposely for Ukrainian
food. So here is some of the behind the scenes stuff
that we don’t always film. We wanted to visit this one particular church
that has these catacombs so we rode the metro to what looked like the closest stop to the
church on Google Maps. And then we got off and there was like a highway
there and no clear path. So we were like walking along the side of
the highway. Then we hiked through a forest. We ended up on another path. Now we’re walking along some abandoned road
and it looks like we’re really close to the church but we can’t seem to reach it because
it is just blocked off every way we’ve tried. So yeah, walking in circles in the middle
of nowhere in Kiev (Киев). So we started our adventure this morning right
by that highway. There is a metro station down over there. And we’ve walked up the mountain. Oh my gosh. As an FYI, the closest metro station to Kiev
Pechersk Lavra (Києво-Печерська лавра) is Arsenalna, NOT Dnipro, and
even then you’re looking at a 20-minute walk. So next up we are visiting Kiev Pechersk Lavra
which is like this massive historical and religious complex. They have monasteries, churches, there is
caves with the bodies of monks. There is museums and yeah there is a lot to
do. So much to see it is like this massive huge
space. And admission we ended up paying the equivalent
of $3 US dollars in order to be able to enter all of the buildings. Exactly. It was 75 per person and where they really
got you though was the camera. The camera was 200. 200 which would be about eight US dollars. Which is quite pricey to take photos. And they checked. And they’ve been checking for tickets. Every time we enter a church or a museum they
are like ticket. Ticket. Yeah, so for the camera. Haha. We first visited the Dormition Church, with
its gold domes and beautiful frescoes, followed by the Refectory Church which has more of
Byzantine style. Lastly, we walked downhill and eventually
found the entrance to the cave complex. There is no admission fee for this, but you
do have to buy a candle at the entrance in order to light your way through the tunnels. If you’re a woman, you’ll also be able
to borrow a skirt in order to enter. Another place we visited in Kiev (Київ)
was the Chernobyl Museum (Український національний музей “Чорнобиль”),
which documents the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath. On the way into the museum, you walk up a
set of stairs that displays road signs for the villages that were abandoned as a result
of the nuclear accident. The images you see with a radiation symbol
signify that the individual died as a result of exposure. From there, we walked to the One Street Museum
(Музей Одной Улицы), which is a small museum along Andrew’s Descent,
which chronicles the story of this street over the years. It’s filled with photos, antique postcards,
historical documents, manuscripts, and even costumes from the turn of the 20th century. Another attraction we couldn’t miss in Kiev
(Киев) is the Motherland Monument (Батьківщина-Мати – Родина-мать), a 62-meter stainless
steel statue, which is kind of hard to miss. In one hand, the statue holds a sword and
in the other, the State Emblem of the Soviet Union. Now going back to churches because it’s
been a while; nearby our AirBnB, we also visited St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral (Патріарший
кафедральний собор св), which is designed in the Old Byzantine style
and is considered the ‘mother cathedral’ to the ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Moving on to food, one place we frequented
in our neighbourhood was Katyusha, which had a bit of a retro vibe and served traditional
Ukrainian dishes on a budget. We tried things like borsch, potato pancakes,
and dumplings, and we liked that the portions were small enough that you could order an
assortment of dishes to sample. For more Ukrainian food, we visited Pervak,
which is more of a high-end Ukrainian restaurant. We ended up having a few traditional dishes
here, like pork fat spread, pickled herring, shots of vodka, as well as the city’s crowning
dish, Chicken Kiev, which is coated in breadcrumbs and stuffed with butter, garlic and parsley. Since we’re speaking of food, we also have
to recommend Georgian cuisine, which is super popular in Kiev (Київ). We ate at Mama Manana on two separate occasions
and had the biggest feast of feasts. Last but not least, the Kiev metro is an experience
in and of itself with train cars that rattle and screech to an abrupt stop. Also, fun fact: Kiev is home to the deepest
metro station in the world: Arsenalna, which is a whopping 105.5 metres below ground! So I actually timed the escalator ride at
the metro station by our apartment and it takes almost two minutes to reach the exit. So I don’t even know how many meters underground
we are but it is really really deep. We’re still going. Train sounds. And that’s a wrap for our visit to Kiev! This was our first time travelling in Ukraine
(Україна), but we were hooked right from the start. This destination felt very underrated with
few tourists around, yet we were surrounded by beautiful architecture, there were churches
galore to visit, the cuisine was hearty and filling, and everything was super affordable. So, if anyone out there is thinking of travelling
to Kiev, we hope this video was able to give you a taste of what it’s like. Now you guys know the drill, if you have any
other suggestions of things to do in Kiev, that we may have missed, feel free to share
your tips and suggestions with travellers in the comments below. Wishing you happy travels and until next time!

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