Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection First Impressions

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection First Impressions

Forgot to take off last night’s makeup. So there’s that. Hey everyone How you doin if you are new here? I’m Nicole Concilio and welcome to the video y’all You guys my hair is brunette, can you believe it my hair is brunette I thought y’all would never see the day I thought I would never see the day I Really like it. I really like it and I’m having fun being a brunette at the moment I don’t know if my mom likes it cuz I know she loves me blonde, but you know It’s fine. A little change is nice and everybody was like loving my hair too, which makes me feel really good So thank you guys. Also, I do have a tube top on I ain’t Nicki don’t worry So today we are going to be testing out the Kylie cosmetics summer collection This is what we got here The summer collection. I believe it launches really soon. I will look up prices and everything for you as The video goes on and you know as we’re using certain items and things but I’m actually a bit excited for this because there are two new formulas in her eyeshadow palette and She also has like a new lip tint and like a bunch of shimmer eye glaze which is like a new product, too so I’m excited to test out all these new products from her and Hopefully this will be a good launch like I I really like the way that everything was looking just like looking off the bat like You know without really trying anything so we will see throughout this video. You know, what’s going on how it is? What’s poppin? I’m gonna go do my eyebrows off-camera really quickly I’ve been really liking doing my eyebrows really messy not as like defined and everything for the summer At least I’ve been loving it So I’m gonna go ahead and do that off camera, and I’ll be right back to start this review Okay, so we have our messy eyebrows Oh, first of all don’t mind my nails. I know that they’re ridiculous. I’m in the process of Slowly taking off my acrylics so that I can play guitar again So yeah, my family is like freaking out texting me because we had like a 7.1 magnitude earthquake Which is like terrifying by the way, and we had two back-to-back earthquakes where the prices You guys I genuinely can’t find the prices which is like a little bit annoying. So I checked their Instagram I checked trend moods Instagram. I cannot find prices like especially on this palette Like I don’t know what it would go for because there are two new formulas in it So it may be a bit more expensive. It’s really hard for me now to say like Let me see you on their Twitter. I cannot find the prices Well, hopefully prices will be out and I can leave them in a description bar down below you guys I just spent like a good 15 minutes looking for prices so I’m really sorry like that kind of sucks a little bit because oh we’re in a state of emergency from that earthquake I didn’t know that so the only thing that’s gonna be a little bit difficult for me is Like saying if it’s worth it compared to the prices Because I don’t know them and I can’t find them and it’s July 6th right now. So Kylie still has a few more days to release the prices and stuff So, excuse me, like, you know, if I say something like, you know, I really don’t know the prices So just like excuse me for that because I don’t I there’s no prices anywhere I could probably guess like the prices of her high glosses and her lip stains But like for the eyeshadow palette since this is like completely different and has two new formulas inside the eyeshadow palette It’s gonna be a bit difficult for me. Her palettes are usually around like $40 Anyway, so let’s just like assume it’s around that here is the palette I actually did swatch some of this on my Instagram story. This is what the palette looks like It definitely is pretty colorful compared to her other launches Like we have the green, you know the purple this kind of like pinkish color. This is a yellow gold This is a new formula and this is litter Oh and you know what the names on the front of the palette? which I’m a huge fan of you guys know I hate when the names are on the back of the palette because like I Just cannot figure it out. Like everything is reversed and I have a really difficult time figuring it out. So I’m really glad that These are on the front. All right, so I’m gonna zoom you guys on in and let’s get started with our eyes shall we So if I seem really tired during this video it’s because I am it is 7:00 in the morning and my best friend is in Town and I’m trying to film before she wakes up so that I can have the day with her I’m just putting some Murad cream on my face. This is the waterjet like the nutrient water gel I really like this cream especially for my dry skinned gals out there. It’s very thick and like nice feeling I love it. Okay, so to prime my eyes, I’m gonna be using the colour-pop concealer. This is in the shade medium 24 I have a discount code with colour-pop now you guys I’m so excited It’s Nico Elle at the checkout and it works on everything but collabs. So I’m really excited You guys get a little discount I get a little commission It’s a win-win for both of us plus like you guys know how much I love color pops. So I’m Genuinely, so excited to be in a little discount code action you guys I threw a 4th of July party It was so much fun. It’s kind of like my tradition now to like throw 4th of July parties. I really like it Everybody was giving me such nice compliments. They were like, you’re such a great host and I was like Thank you And I love that my friend isn’t down I just love I love having guests at my house, I’m like don’t ever leave please I’m gonna show you guys some little bit of swatches on my arms just of the new formula. This one is called seashell kisses and I’m gonna go just like right here. This is seashell kisses Which is like kind of a foiled formula, which I’m here for because I Like it because it’s like foiled but also kind of sparse. I do really like this new formula She’s got and this is what it looks like on my finger and then the glitter is called can I help you? This is what it looks like on the finger and here it is right here with the glitters and glitter formula is a bit different like it’s hard to tell it’s genuinely hard to tell huh, but glitter formula is a bit different because it’s Glitters, you know what? I mean? It’s not a swatch like like a nice clean swatch. This is like genuinely glitters So like, you know, they don’t swatch the way that a normal eye shadow would I did actually take swatches on my Instagram story? I’ll have my editor insert them for you guys But I’ll do like a little bit more swatching just so you guys can see some of the colors this one right here is called Boss Beach and it’s like a very metallic Yellowy gold and then this one right here is called be a Pacific which is really funny because the Pacific Ocean and There she is So I would say like from swatching these yesterday and even just like showing you guys a little bit today I have to say I was definitely more impressed than her recent palettes and her recent collections I do feel like is a bit more exciting a bit more promising. You know, you have the glitter in there You have the new kind of like foiled shadow in there That’s really pretty and you have some color which I know that like people really want from Kylie is the color So let’s get started. I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do yet I know a few people were like a little bit bored with the transition shades but I can see that they’re just Neutral because she probably really wanted them to like match with every color like it’s hard to have I guess Different transition shades that would fit like cool tones and warm tones So I do feel like she tried to pick the best of both worlds but I can see how the colors are a bit like boring like the Transition shades like I do kind of wish that maybe there was a little bit of a darker one, but that’s okay We’re gonna make do with what we have I’m gonna be taking this shade Sure about you which is right here and I’m just gonna be applying this in the crease. This is a color That’s a very similar to my eyelids. So I’m not really sure if it’s gonna show up on camera We’ll give it a go and see Oh, yeah It’s kind of showing up on camera and I’m just kind of working this in the crease to be Our transition shape because I’m not really sure what I want to do yet. Oh also we have the eye jellies I totally forgot about that you guys I want to show you those too because maybe I’ll use one of those I don’t know. We have so many options that I feel like I might even need to make like two videos Because I won’t definitely want to use the palette like I don’t just want to use the transition shades and the eye Jellies are like beautiful Yeah, so we got a little transition going on Not really sure which way I’m gonna take it, but we will see so I messed up the name of these guys. I’m sorry I don’t know why I was calling them jellies because they’re not jelly at all. They’re actually more like pressed pigments These are these shimmer I glaze from Kylie cosmetics and I’m gonna do some swatches of them for you guys I’m so sorry that this is this is gonna be a longer video than normal I’m genuinely sorry but like I want to do a thorough review for you guys. This one right here is called Aqua mama, and it’s like an iridescent blue To almost like a gold like blue to gold like aquamarine II Situation then we have deep sea dreams. This one is kind of like a pink and here she goes an iridescent pinky purple and we have Night swim which is like kind of like a champagne color and I’m gonna go above here so you could see it Yeah, that’s kind of like a champagne Bronzy color and then we have one more left and I’m actually pretty impressed with the pigmentation of these because I do feel like they’re very very pretty you won’t need a lot and I do think the product will last very long because I’m just kind of like, you know little swatch aroni in there This one is called ocean child. And this one is more of like a gold and I’ll swatch it down here for you guys So the eye glazes I do feel like are very pretty. I love this aquamarine color II I think it’s called. Yeah, it’s called aqua mama so I may try to incorporate that into today’s look cuz I do feel like it’s a nice color and I feel like it’s very summery. So I will say like these eye glazes I haven’t used them on my actual eye, but the way that they do swatch is pretty promising, but we’ll see you know We’ll see so I’m gonna just keep messing around with the transitions I’m gonna go in with the shade my treasure which is like the deepest Transition shade that we have. I will say now that I’m like kind of in it and working with the transition shades I will say that I do kind of wish that there was a little bit of a darker one because my treasure It might be pretty light. So we’ll see how it comes up and I’m gonna go Just like really in the crease with this. Yeah, I do wish that transition shade was darker That’s for sure, but I can also see like that This is a summary palette and I know that a lot of people don’t usually like to Typically in the summer you wear lighter colors lighter everything Like so I can see why there isn’t a darker transition shade We just got to build it up a little bit more but I will say like as far as the blending goes It’s not like patchy or anything. I’m pretty happy with it It’s just got like it’s just like a lighter color like, you know There is fallout on the palette just so you guys can see but there isn’t any fallout like under my eyes I just have something like cuz I literally just woke up and got out of bed. I have some like little morning Marks on my face in my forehead from my pillow. I mean it is blending nicely. So I’m not annoyed at that It’s just light transition shades, you know, if that makes sense. Yeah, that looks okay I’m gonna do the same thing to the other eye also with this I do find that if you don’t like tap off the excess you actually get a darker payoff So I would suggest not tapping off your brushes If you are gonna get this eyeshadow palette, it will be a bit easier to kind of like work with a shoe my allergies I never had allergies until I moved to the valley of California yeah So I will say like the blending isn’t a problem It just like these are light transition shades. Like I’m not really having a problem blending this out It’s just more that it’s a light transition shade. I do think though that little tip I gave you guys about Not tapping off the excess Definitely does help with this. So yeah, I mean, it’s pretty blended. I’m not like upset with it It’s not giving me too much of a difficult time. It’s just light transition shades I wish that there was like a little bit deeper of a transition. I think what I want to do is put the Aqua mama in like the court the corner of the eye and maybe have it go out to gold or Purple, I’m not exactly sure but I definitely want to start off with that. We’ll see how it goes So I’m actually gonna apply this with my finger because I do feel like that is probably the best way to apply these Yeah, for sure with the finger. I’m glad I got my acrylics off or kind of off Okay, Shama. How you doing? Yeah that applies very nicely to the eye and I definitely say with your finger to apply it if you do pick up these shimmer Glaze thingy whatever the hell they’re called shimmer eye glaze Yes a little inner corner moment You guys I love the way like makeup looks on me with my dark hair cuz it’s so different last night I was like feeling myself every time I would walk past the mirror in my hallway. I’d be like, who is she? Who is this? Brunette goddess? Oh, man. If only I thought that way of myself 24/7 that would be nice to have some confidence So, I don’t know if I want to do purple or the gold Let’s see gold purple or even that new formula could be kind of cool, too I’m gonna do purple cuz it’s fun summertime. You know what I’m saying? Now with this I am going to use a brush and this shade is called Mermaid mama, and it kind of has like yeah It’s kind of like duochrome II I’m gonna use my finger to like just kind of blend in the middle This is like more of a satin eyeshadow this purple It’s like Jewel chromey satiny if that makes sense And you definitely do have to layer this one a bit because it is that like satiny kind of formula But I’m not really mad about it. I actually kind of liked the color how you’re doing. Okay, I like this I like the little creation. I’m doing here color is fun I’m gonna go back in with a little bit of this aqua mama and just kind of like Blend it even more. I will say compared to last year. I am liking the I like the colorfulness I definitely will say that I do wish that there was like a darker color in the Transitions because I feel like it would just look like a little bit more Blended or even like a matte purple to blend out You know when I’m singing and then I’m actually gonna take can I help you? And Layer it right here. Just like kind of where we to add some even more glitter moments. It’s not coming up on camera But this does look really pretty on top of aqua mama. It’s not showing up on camera at all. That’s so annoying I wish I could show you guys that’s what happens sometimes with these glitters, though They’re really hard to get them to show up on camera. I don’t know like what to do I wonder if I were to like shine my flash on it. Does that kind of help? I’m gonna close my eyes and just like I don’t know if that’s helping at all. But Maybe you can kind of see the glitter I’m trying here You guys I’m trying the glitter definitely did create a little bit of Fallout, which is like to be expected with glitter And I’m just going to wipe it off okay for liner I’m gonna use the Laura Mercier liner, but I’m not gonna do a wing. I’m just gonna keep it as low to my actual Lash line as possible Because I really like the way that the shadow looks and I kind of want to speak for itself And sometimes you just don’t need a wing, you know what I’m saying? And I’m gonna use some of the Laura Mercier mascara the caviar volume and I’m just going to prep our lashes and everything for posses Okay so I popped on some Lily lashes the style Miami and I like the way that this is starting to look and what I want to do now because really the only thing that’s left for me to test out for you guys is lipsticks and lip tints and a high gloss So I got a little smarter and realized that I should probably try on the lipsticks before I do My foundation that way I’m not rubbing it all over my foundation So I’m gonna test out these lipsticks for you guys And I’m just gonna go off of like what her regular lipstick prices are since like, you know We don’t really know the prices yet. That’s one thing. I will say to Kylie like if she’s watching I don’t know if she even cares about me But it would be cool if in the future she could include maybe like a card with the prices of everything I always kind of applaud brands that do do that because it helps like me give you guys reviews better and stuff So well, let’s do the lipsticks. So Kylie’s lipsticks that are like this normally go for seventeen dollars So I’m assuming they’re gonna be the same price. I do really like this summer packaging this kind of like peachy nude Packaging. It’s really cute. Oh you guys know I do not like metallics this is Endless summer metallic. I’m not a big fan of metallics. Now. I know some people are but They just do not look good on me This is endless summer pretty pigmented I’m probably never gonna wear this color to be completely honest because it is like a very bold Metallic, and I just don’t really like metallic lipsticks that much but there’s really nothing wrong with the lipstick itself Other than the fact that I just don’t like metallics, but it is segmented So there’s that next shade we have is beach bum and this is a matte shade This is a nude and let’s go with the swatch. I would say It’s pretty pigmented with one slide. This is kind of like an everyday nude These are really rough swatches you guys so, I’m sorry. I definitely would wear this nude. I like it It kind of has like a hint of peach with it And then the last lipstick to try out we have paradise, please which is also a matte this more of a pink shade This is like a color right up my alley Especially for summer you can get pretty good payoff with one swipe, but I definitely would recommend too with this color, you know Cuz it’s a little bit darker, but I am like it really isn’t that bad for one swipe This could be a really cute lip for like just like liner lashes Foundation and like a bold lip for summer. You know, I actually was saying to myself the other day I talked to myself a lot. I was like I want to wear like bolder lips for summer I want to experiment the next thing we have is called lip blush which I want to say like is a lip tint like kind of like a lip tint like a lip little Something for your lips like I don’t really know how to explain this formula It does remind me of like if I have to compare it to something, you know, the blotted lip from color pops That’s what it reminds me of so the first color I’m gonna try off. The lip blush is called a bikini bod and It’s in a tube like this. Oh It’s like a very velvet airy formula. I like this. So these aren’t meant to be like pigmented I think they’re just meant to like kind of give you a little bit of like a gorge to your lips Like I don’t think they’re meant to be like pigmented It’s very creamy and light I would have to see how this would work with like lip liner, of course, you know, but I do Like the formula I’m like trying to triple-check if there’s anything I feel weird is very hydrating. Yeah, it’s hydrating That’s for sure I’m trying to be picky here for you guys, you know Make sure I’m really testing everything. The next lip blush is called a boss BAE I actually do like the other color better for like my skin tone. I think I do like this formula I’m gonna like obviously have to test it out. Like this is a first impression So that’s the only like sucky thing about first impressions I don’t really know like how it would wear like if I were to you know what I have my drink here let me leave this on and drink like a few trying to get like Water on it Lick my lips like you don’t try to see if it it leave like a little bit of like residue on the cup I’m not sure if you guys can yeah, you can kind of see that residue right there, but the color is not really budging So it does transfer a little bit but for the most part it does kind of feel like a tinted lipstick mixed with like a very Velvety formula if that makes any sense Yeah, because my lips are definitely like a little bit stained They’re not normally this like pink especially or red rather on the bottom. And then the last thing to test out for you guys is The high gloss and this is called you are the Sun now. I am a big fan of Kylie’s high glosses. I do think that they are very Nice, and they’re not sticky so it’s easy to wear and this kind of has like a little bit of a color It’s kind of like a little bit of a nude peachy color with like gold reflex in it It’s hard to see like obviously this gloss just looks clear on me right now But it does have like a little bit of color like if you guys can kind of see that it kind of does have like I’m trying to like Yeah, it does have like a little bit of color alright So I’m gonna go ahead and do my foundation and everything off Camera and come back and choose my lip and give you guys my final thoughts, duh We all want the final towards. Okay, so I Really want to try I think this will look okay. I mean, no, you know what I’ll do this I’ll do the lip blush. This is in bikini bod Cuz I kind of want to see how it looks with liner like can you make it fuller coverage Okay, so we are all zoomed out here and I have to say like this collection in general I was actually pleasantly surprised with because I really haven’t been Crazy over a lot of the new Kylie launches like even her skincare line I was kind of like men about and the Coco collection I was a little bit mint about but this I do feel like is one of her more fun collections There’s a bit of color involved. Like I do genuinely think that she did a good job like the only Constructive criticism I have is like these transition shades I do wish that maybe there was like a matte purple or matte turquoise or like a Darker color in here because I do feel like these transition shades are very similar, but I do really like the pops of color I like the glitter and I like the new formula The purple is really cute because it’s kind of like a little bit of a satiny duochrome So what I want to recommend to you guys is I would definitely recommend this Lip satin that I have on or lip blush rather that I have on in bikini bod I did really like the Paradise please matte this like kind of pinky color and I Really did like this nude called beach, bum. I do feel like I would probably wear this nude a lot out of the eyes shimmery Glazes aqua mama, the blue that I have on and I also really liked The deep sea dreams these two were my favorite. This is kind of they’re both duo Chrome’s really like the duo chrome situation so I would recommend these two like I’m I’m just saying like what I would personally buy if I wasn’t sent the collection and The eyeshadow palette is like a little bit 50/50 for me because these transition shades are a little bit like, you know Whatever. I didn’t have a problem with them like they blend it out really nicely but I do wish that we had like a matte turquoise or a matte like Purple or some some other like matte and a darker matte cuz I do feel like these light shades are very similar I do think that this is a step in the right direction for Kylie as a brand like I’m very happy that This is like the outcome I really like the way that my eye makeup looks and like the look that I was able to create with this I think it came out really pretty. Yeah, I mean overall I did really like this collection like I said, I do think that it’s a lot more promising than her other collections and Yeah, like I’m a little bit nervous to say that I like this collection because of the whole Kylie ass-kisser claims that you know Whatever, but genuinely like friend to friend here. Like I am happy with this collection I do think that Kylie did a way better job than like what? we have seen from her brands like this is Definitely more of the stuff that I want to see from her like more color more options Like I like that she’s playing around with different formula like I like that There’s a new shimmer eye glaze like God hasn’t been around and I like that. She’s playing around with new formulas like lip blush I do think that this is like a step in the right direction for Kylie as a brand Like I said, I really do like the look that I created and the eye shadow palette for me I definitely will continue to use it personally again I don’t know the price like it does have a full mirror If you care about mirrors there really was not a lot of fall out There was a little bit of fall out with the glitter, but that’s to be expected But everything else like I said, my only constructive criticism is the matte shades like the transition shades But otherwise, this is a cute palette like I’m I do like this summer collection. I think it’s better than last summer’s collection I do like that she added color and again is experimenting with new formulas and different things that being said I will leave all the prices down below in the description bar for you guys I’m really sorry that I don’t have them to provide them to you guys. I’m genuinely sorry about that But I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for watching Please consider subscribing if you like what you see and I will see you next time Bye

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    Shimmer Eye Glaze Bundle $65
    Full Collection Bundle $198

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