Kyoto and Nara, Japan | Things to do and Places to Visit

Kyoto and Nara, Japan | Things to do and Places to Visit

Wow Today’s video, we traveled here in Kyoto
and we are also going to Nara Japan We will share to you our experience things to do and some of the
good foods that we are going to eat and for our first stop
we are going to Fushimi Inari Shrine So, let’s go! As you enter Fushimi Inari you need to wash your hands first and your mouth So, the first step is to grab the stick then get a water,
then first wash your left hand then after that, wash your right hand and then get the water from your left hand and then rinse your mouth then after that, grab a water again
and then wash the stick then return So, that’s how you
purify your hands here in Fushimi Inari If you want to wish here in Fushimi Inari you need to get a hitaki-gushi small is 200yen and
1,000yen for large one then you need to write your name
together with your wish then you have to put it in front then you need to ring the bell then after you ring the bell you need to clap 2 times
then bow then say your wish then after that you need to clap
2 times again and then bow then you may go now. that’s how you
make a wish in Fushimi Inari Shrine Fushimi Inari Shrine this is the most iconic
shrine here in Kyoto Japan It is also famous because of these thousand gates the story behind that, those gates are
donated by old men or old businessmen So, what’s written on the gate is the
company name and the name of the donator Here in Fushimi Inari, they said that
everyday is crowded in order for you to take a good picture
for your instagram you have to be patient wait for the perfect timing and… So you’ll have an Instagramable pictures like these We bought some
grilled crab stick for 500yen look at the size
for your reference It’s just a size of my forearm Let’s put some salt and other seasoning salt and pepper chili powder Let’s put some mayonnaise. Ohh! I think this is a king crab or just crab Okay. Let’s try it out crab stick in Kyoto Japan Hmm. Hmm. Wow! Super sweet and juicy there’s also a grilled taste to it I also loved the spicy flavor because of the chili powder Heaven! It’s so soft and juicy Oishi! It’s so tasty For 500yen
really worth it Oishi! For our second stop
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove 10 minutes walk from
Saga-Arashiyama Station so the environment is so
peaceful, so quiet now it’s time for an amazing montage Ohayo Gozaimasu Uhmm. Strawberry
and Tofu [lady] strawberry? [Hershey] Yeah. [lady] Nice. Thank you! [Hershey] Arigato! [lady] Keep straight. [Hershey] Keep straight?
Okay! [Hershey] Thank you. Arigato! I ordered strawberry and tofu I think this is tofu and this is strawberry so, let’s taste it. The cashier said, I should eat straight only so it will not fall Okay. Let’s taste the tofu first I really expected that
tofu ice cream is not delicious but it tasted good actually Kinda milky,
a little bit taste of tofu So, let’s taste the strawberry
and tofu of Japan Hmm. It’s perfect combination It’s not too sweet It’s really good We are on for our third stop We are now here in Gion corner.
Still in Kyoto Japan So, those buildings are restaurants and some of them are souvenir shops you can see the architectural design
of old Japanese I really appreciate the architectural designs of the restaurants and souvenir shops here So, let’s check it out I also wish we also have this
river in the Philippines You know why? It’s super clear [Hershey] 1, 2, 3… Go! and for our last stop
we are here at Nara Park and I’m really excited to play with them We traveled here from Kyoto Japan to experience meeting new friends,
the Nara Park deers So let us show you how did we
become friends with the Nara Park deers Let’s go! [Hershey] Their butt is vibrating We are feeding them with french fries This one is so big The temperature here in Nara Park Is a little similar
in the Philippines in Baguio Philippines The temperature is cold that’s why the deers are
comfortable roaming around And their butt is vibrating Here’s how you greet the Nara deers Arigato!
Arigato! [Hershey] So cute! They have lots of milktea pearls here
and for free! You will just order a milktea and you
don’t have a problem buying pearls Look! Just get those those are the milktea pearls It’s so many. There’s more here. whole pearls But don’t worry it is not smelly I just don’t know how it taste [Darwin] The deers here are so big and..
There’s so many milktea pearls everywhere Arigato! I don’t have fries anymore This is the end of our Kyoto and Nara day tour Like, comment and share and don’t forget to subscribe for more
travel and food vlogs Comment down below
Where you would like us to go next See you on our next video! Arigato Gozaimasu Can I bring home one of the deers? Hmm. No. Hmm. Okay! They are so cute and I want to bring them home Can I buy them from the government? Hmm. Let’s just feed them.

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  1. Ang ganda ng Japan, sana makapunta din kami pangarap ko makapunta dyan lalo na sa fushimi yung red red at ung deer they look so adorable. Thanks for sharing darshey

  2. Omg…Ang Ganda ng Japan I'm so Very Excited Going there Hindi ako makapaghintay Punta doon and I really Like yours Vlogs…God Bless…Papansin na rin mo sakin Thea Ranis

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