Kyoto | Our favorite spots to visit

Kyoto | Our favorite spots to visit

Thanks to Odigo Travel, we’re in Kyoto the number one tourist destination in Japan and one of the most famous cities in the world. There are so many places in Kyoto to visit that it’d be impossible to get to them all even if you had a week. Here are some our favorites! We’ve arrived in Kyoto! Is Kiyzomizu-dera not super crowded yet around this time? (It’s 8:30am) Well, school trip season has already started, so… Ahh, right, it’s that time of year. It might be pretty busy around noon. He was so cute! There are so many middle school kids. I was in the same spot some 10+ years ago. We passed them!! Go Rachel go! Kiyomizu Dera They’re so cute!! I know I want all five of them. Line them up in the genkan. You definitely couldn’t jump from here. [There’s a phrase in Japan that says if you jump off Kiyomizu-dera and survive, you’ll be granted a wish] Kiyomizu-dera is one of the most iconic temples of Kyoto. The grand scale of the buildings overlooking the city is breathtaking despite the crowds. Like most places in Kyoto it’s going to be insanely crowded, but it’s a must-see anyway. If you can only make it to one temple, this is my recommendation. How is shaved ice in autumn?
[We came here last fall, too] Isn’t it cold?
It’s great. Gion Gion is a geiko, or geisha, district in Kyoto. This surrounding area is filled with things to see, like the famous Shijo Ohashi bridge and streets lined with traditional Japanese stores and restaurants. Wow, that’s beautiful. Thank you. You can’t look away. Yasaka shrine is right at the end of Shijo Dori road. I think it’s better at night, when you can see all the lanterns lit up. I’m going to do fortune telling! They have two varieties. Which one are you going to do?
[They have Love and Life omikuji] Should I do the love one? Are you going to cheat on me?! Number 9.
[This is the Life omikuji] Bad luck?! This is the first time I’ve ever seen it! [That’s what I get for joking about doing the love omikuji] You can tie it up over there so it’s okay. I have to tie it up now so it won’t come true. Kyoto’s beautiful at night, too. What is it? Crab!! Crab?! Really?? Oh, there is! Itadakimasu Kitazato That’s a great sound Omg it’s amazing A girl dropped her hat lololol ^^; Arashiyama Wow, this is fantastic. Amazing. Arashiyama is one of my favorite places in Kyoto, with a beautiful river you can take boat rides on, and the incredible bamboo forest you’ve definitely seen pictures of before. And again despite the crowds, Arashiyama is another must-visit in my opinion! Rachel, look!! It’s a snake skin! Snake! snakesnakesnake Oh!! BOAT BOAT BOAT!! You scared him! During our second visit to Kyoto, we managed to meet an incredible woman. I’ll let her do the speaking from here on out. We’ll contact you again! Thank you so much! Aoi Matsuri Tenryu-ji Isn’t that a pretty color?
Yeah, he’s a really pretty koi. YUM, ROCK Mmmm rock rock yumyumyum If you want to visit the places we went today, or find other spots in Japan to visit, check out Odigo Travel. It’s a free website that helps you plan your trip to Japan. This year they’re sending YouTubers to all 47 prefectures to find the best spots for visitors. We’re going to less than half, but you can find videos on every prefecture on their YouTube channel. Check the description box for links!

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  1. To anyone who loves a tough hike, Kyoto’s Atago Mountain (Atago-san) is a great challenge and an excellent view! Only locals climb it, and it wasn’t crowded at all when we went, even during the height of Golden Week! Definitely one of the highlights of my visit.

  2. I feel bad for people who live in tourist destinations, people wouldn’t understand that they have a life in the city that isn’t. About looking at things.

  3. It's just gotten too crowded with tourists (thanks a lot JNTO!). I think this summer I just went a half day to To-ji. Nara is better.

  4. I love KYOTO soooo much! I just saw you two in another video presented by Bliss Travel. Amazing!

  5. I have been to Japan twice in the last 8 years and will go one more time before my daughter’s teaching contract is up in two more years. Kyoto is my VERY favorite city to visit the first time as well as the second. It was the biggest reason for my intense love for the culture and history of Japan. Since I had been to Japan, I have been teaching myself the language as well as to read and write. I won’t need my daughter as an interpreter the next time I go, and I can’t wait to strike out on my own. You two are sooo lucky to be spending your lives in the most beautiful and amazing country in the World❣️😍❤️

  6. Ahhh I studied abroad in Japan and we went to Tokyo and Kyoto. We visited a lot of places you all went to, I’m feeling the nostalgia!

  7. i'm going through Rachel and Jun's older videos now and as someone who's studied Japanese for 3 years, it's so much fun hearing Jun speaking Japanese in this one!

  8. Just arrive from Kyoto, and loved the city as well your video. I was there also making a film about the city. Have a great tme.

  9. I am going to an exchange program at Kyoto university this April, so I'm watching this vid as a reference for places to visit 😆

  10. 京都は😆👍✨やっぱりサイコー😍💓だーーよ 僕は五重塔が🍀😌🍀だーーよ 秋に🍧は美味しいよね🐶

  11. I lived in Kyoto for a year and still didn't see everything! Thanks for the video, it brought back wonderful memories!

  12. I really miss this kind of content of you guys… I know it takes a lot of time and work, but I'd love to see this kind of video about some other cities as well 😊
    Like Tokyo or kamakura, kawagoe or Nikko 😀

  13. 京都市民です!この度は京都に来ていただいて嬉しいです!

  14. Thank you very much for your recommendations and efforts you put into filming and editing this masterpiece! I am going to Japan this summer and will definitely visit places mentioned in the video!! They look absolutely amazing and totally breathtaking!

  15. I really enjoyed my two-day stay in Kyoto. I stayed at a ryokan that was actually run by an expat American. Sometimes, some of the more ordinary ryokans can save you a lot of money compared to hotels. As for things to see in Kyoto, I had two favorite places: the Ryonji rock garden and surrounding areas, and Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion and its surrounding grounds. I visited Japan during its color peak in autumn. The scenery was breathtaking in both locations. Highly recommended.

  16. 1:39
    148 years of Kiyomizu's business diary records between 1694 to 1864 were discovered at its storehouse in 1990. According to the manuscript, 234 people jumped from the stage of Kiyomizu. A woman jumped even twice. Survival rate was about 85% (34 people died). 170 people had their age recorded; over 70% were of age 10-20 (as expected). The reasons why they jumped were varied; people wished for the cure of one's own (or mother's) illness. A person apparently earnestly desired for spare time off work (!).

  17. 最近自然との融和の欠如が見受けられます。「災害が多すぎ」これ人災です。特に九州・四国・中国の地域!参選挙運動で再チェックして?

  18. I agree, those are all cool places to go. My father-in-law's from Kyoto so we get out there to visit whenever my wife and I go back to visit. I also highly recommend spending some time walking around the normal non-touristy places even if only for a couple of hours. There are a million and one hidden gems throughout the city. My mother-in-law's from Nishin in Aichi. Nagoya and the surrounding area is beautiful too! 😀

  19. 京都に住む者として、こうして美しく動画を作って下さるのをとても嬉しく思います。また是非いらしてくださいね( ´∀`)

  20. Hey i went to that temple a couple years ago, my favorite spot in kyoto really, i like the shrine too thanks to the shrine our group actually got to do karaoke and twas a very fun and funny time, the best time in kyoto really

  21. Hey do you ever cover the "before and after" of the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. That would be so interesting and let the rest of the world see how strong and resilient Japanese people are. Thank you so much. Much love from our small family to yours.

  22. Kyoto is lovely n beautiful place, very peaceful ,lots of antiques ,especially Japanese kimono 👘,Kyoto one of my favorite ,thanks for sharing your beautiful channel Kyoto woman’s very strong n lovely 😊. God bless and peace take care guys

  23. 3:37 I like the way your caramel colored leather jacket looks in the light reflecting. Your hair too lol. Yes Kyoto is lovely I've always wanted to go there. I just want to see Japan so badly. I live in Georgia and I'm trying to find many Japanese gardens to see. I've even been thinking of remodeling one of my bedrooms to look like a Japanese place with bonsai trees and lanterns and things.

    時 忘れさせて 京都の街
    この傘 とじれば
    あなたが 遠くなるようで
    せめて 今は ここに いさせて …

  25. I was in Saga Arashiyama, on the Scenic Train, back with the Boat, Incredible beautiful River btw, the Boattrip was about 2 hours. Then i was going to the Arashiyama Monkey Park, not knowing what avaits me, going up that Hill with 28°c at over 90% humidity was realy hard work. But Beautiful sight over Kyoto. That Day was worth every minute, one of the best Days in my 16 Day Japan Vacaition 🙂

  26. Hello I'm curious to know more details about the parade and games appearing in arashiyama part , an u share the details pls?

  27. I'm curious, does anyone know what that Japanese parade was for? And did those ladies sitting on the carriages in the parade hold any important title?

  28. I am finally planning my (short) Japan trip and Kyoto is THE place I've always wanted to visit! It is the perfect mix of new and old and still looks very traiditional japanese to me. Being vegan and my boyfriend not eating fish (yes we are THOSE tourists) We wanted to go to a more foreigner friendly place before I get more comfortable around Japan. I am now re-watching all your travel videos 😂

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