This is the cost of petrol this is a major bus terminal from where you can get a bus to Almaty as well Gentlemen! Indian food is popular all over the world So if you are struggling to get a job Start a business of making Indian food in some random part of the world Most of the popular tourist places in the world Have some sort of tourist traps For example, you must have seen tourist traps in Egypt & Istanbul in my videos Likewise, you have to be careful in this city Especially in the locality of Osh Bazar Beware of pickpockets If you are coming to this place I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS I REALLY LIKED YOUR RUSSIAN TRAVEL SERIES WE ARE MEDICAL STUDENTS HERE WE STUDY IN KGMA “Kyrgyz State Medical Academy” I thought there is just ISM for Indian students in this in this city In that case, their fees must be less comparatively How many Indian students study in that university? ALMOST 400 STUDENTS IN MY BATCH Please tell me the name of the university again What is your name? Where are you from? I used to stay in Asansol What’s your name and where are you from? ok. You are from Allahabad (PrayagRaj) Where are you guys going now! OSH BAZAAR I was just sharing on the video that you should be careful while visiting Osh Bazar Especially you should be careful from the pick pockets ITS ALSO INFAMOUS FOR SNATCHINGS So just be careful if you are visiting this market definitely, you can find some cheap things to buy WE ARE ALSO GOING TO BUY SOME THINGS FOR OUR DAILY NEEDS Thanks a lot, I am happy to see you I COULD RECOGNIZE YOU FROM FAR AWAY JUST YESTERDAY I SAW ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS dont forget to watch this series meeting you guys this way makes me always happy This is the bus stop from where I am going to catch my bus I hope you have got my message clearly about Osh Bazar This is the Indian restaurant where I had dinner yesterday with my hostel mates This is ‘Sugar n Spice’ restaurant I would rate this restaurant okay Till now, I have just been to 2 Indian restaurants The first one was ‘The Host’ to me, Host was better than this one Here is my bus Looks like everyone is getting down here This is a Marshrutka, that is why you have to pay before the ride Though, you won’t get a ticket What an innovative way of keeping the coins! I have reached the bus terminal it is across the road This is the cost of petrol it cost between 37 to 43 Som It’s quite hot here I just checked the AccuWeather app To check weather forecast in Issyk Kul region I found the temperature is going to be in Minus Even here it’s going to rain I can recommend AccuWeather app for weather forecast It gives you details on daily, weekly and monthly basis I think you can trust this app The signal is green now now you will see how is my experience going to be at this bus terminal! Will it be like my experience in Delhi! While I was going to Spiti Or it’s going to be like my experience in Egypt I took a bus from Alexandria to reach Cairo This was the first experience It was important to do this to get rid of them they were going to take me to someplace peanuts! I wish they could have also shared this information in English although I am trying to understand Russian I’m not able to But I can know about the timings and the route numbers But at least now I am sure that I can get a bus to Almaty So ‘Western’ is a major bus terminal in Bishkek He was smiling at me so I thought to take his help This was the enquiry window He is saying that he saw me at the tourism office I went there to get some information to plan this trip He is working there I’m sorry for the wrong pronunciation I’m glad I get helpful people everywhere Now this gentleman is helping me out here I’m quite excited to go out of Bishkek Unknown people are helping me, some are starring at me I’m happy This trip is starting on a positive note I’m happy After 40 minutes we have reached Kant We are going parallel to Kazakhstan’s border The border is on my left Tokmok is closer to the border This is Kant The gentleman is driving at the speed of 100/kmph We are very close to Tokmok It’s 2:18 PM It took almost 1 and half hours to reach here we are still out of the city He saying that I should get down I will have to get my back it’s 2:21 PM and I am at Tokmok Look at this translation! These were the same elderlies who were talking about India They were asking for money

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