Laireibakni Eikhoigi Manipur || Manipur Tourism Theme Song Official Release 2018

Laireibakni Eikhoigi Manipur || Manipur Tourism Theme Song Official Release 2018

Heaven is our Manipur Manipur,Manipur,Manipur Heaven is our Manipur Manipur,Manipur,Manipur Surrounded by nine hill ranges The best of land,she is on earth Surrounded by nine hill ranges The best of land,she is on earth Served by six seasons She is,Manipur,Manipur,Manipur Manipur,Manipur,Manipur Koubru,Thangjing,Marjing,Wangbrel From the cloud-touched peaks Protect her in all directions The game of gods Sagol Kangjei of Manipur Originated from Heingang The place of fetching seven Koreks of water The place of falling water of nine Nandas Loktak is the vast water lake Loktak is the vast water lake The rare Sangai on earth A wealth of Luwang Salai Became of pudang koida Imphal is the capital of Manipur Imphal is the capital of Manipur It’s like a small India Imakeithel of Khwairamband A unique and the only women’s market in the world Kangla is the greatest shrine of gods It’s the capital of great Kings Surrounded by Thangapat Kanglasha is the symbol of Manipur A memorial place of the Japanese for the second world war Is at Maibam lokpa ching (Red hill) Imphal war Cemetery Is a graveyard of lakhs of soldiers Including a lady soldier The Tri-colour flag was first hoisted At Moirang of Manipur Bismillah………..Heer rahamnir rahimmm The ever wonderful The greatness of the God is ! Lucky enough,we are Lucky enough,we are Born as Pangal Praising Thy glory By us,the humble ones Born in this land Mountains of Tamenlong Mountains of Tamenlong Mountains of oranges Mountains of oranges Excellent in beauty Excellent in beauty Barak waterfall (Khoudwang) Cave of Tharon village Beauty of Rengan Ceaselessly running Agu-alang Lucky enough we are,born as Kabui The sight of green forest of Zailad lake on the cloud-touched mountains makes eyes unmoved Nature is wonderfully beautiful Growing on the Shirui mountain of Ukhrul only, And not on any other soil It is Shirui Lily of the world It is the most excellent flower Khayang waterfall, Cave of Khangkhui, Fhangrei mountain Are the unique appearance of Ukhrul How lucky we are,born as Tangkhul We,hill and plain people of our motherland,are only one We,people of the south-west beautiful green mountain Protect our motherland in this direction Against the discriminatory rule of the British, Standing firmly,the sacrifice of hill and plain people Never forgotten by us, Never forgotten How lucky we are,born as Kuki Surrounded by the Isho mountains, The beauty of our Dzuko valley is a dreamland Dzuko Lily,flower of Mao mountain Alone one,is attractive enough Lovely Makhel village, Cave of Fhuba village How can we forget them How lucky we are,born as Mao Kheba Ching of Khongjom Is a sacred memorial place for the brave patriots of Manipur Sahid Minar of Pheidapung It’s a flame,burning ceaselessly,In the heart of every Meiteis It is the symbol of the flame, Sahid Minar of Pheidapung Sahid Minar of Pheidapung Andro,the eastern side of Manipur is the land of pineapples On every slope of hills One’s eyes will remain unmoved Andro,the eastern side of Manipur is the land of pineapples This is the land of Orchids More than hundred species This is the land of Orchids More than hundred species Bloom here in Manipur Bloom here in Manipur Holi,Kang of Shree Govindaji Krishna jarma,Julon,Gosta Heikru hidongba of Bijoy Govinda Theibong of Kaina Folk dance of yaoshang festival, Laiharaoba of Meitei, Gan-ngai of Kabui, Chavang-Kut of Kuki, Thariyou of Tangkhul, Chuthuni,Lui-ngai-ni of Naga Mao Are all colourful festivals Indigenous game played from the immemorial time, Mukna Kangjei,Khong Kangjei, Yubi Lakpi,Kang,Mukna Swords,Spears (Thang-Ta) Martial arts (Sharit-Sharat) With Them Manipur was administered and protected With our Pony and Arambai Meiteis could not be overcome Meiteis could not be overcome With the sweet smell of the flowers of both Hills and Plains With the Natural beauty of this land Mother Manipur is awaiting, With the Natural beauty of this land Mother Manipur is awaiting, O,You tourists O,You tourists Come,we are welcoming you Come,we are welcoming you Hand in hand by us Hand in hand by us Hand in hand by us

100 thoughts on “Laireibakni Eikhoigi Manipur || Manipur Tourism Theme Song Official Release 2018

  1. It's was awesome bond they Shared…

    It is really awesome by watching the integrity of Manipur people….

    Who knows what will happen in the future?!.. let's hope the best..

    This is the tense of Manipur

  2. It's really sad to realise that we have such a beautiful state but what tourism? Let's be real. How will they come when the own Manipuri people can't even move. Bandhs!! Bandhs!! Students can't even educate. This song is beautiful but it's nothing to be proud of, because of who we are.

  3. According to me its good in visual but song is not up to that level. Hingminnasi Eikhoi and Sanaleibak Manipur are still better

  4. Great song…I love this song especially from 4:30 to end. Tangkhul, Mao and Kuki tune was awesome….hats off. Let's unite and make a beautiful Manipur.

  5. Thank you Uncle Thingbaijam Bipinchandra and the rest of the crew for beautifully capturing Manipur. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    Yamna chaothokchaningai ne

  6. Esei asi tabda amadi yengbada tujungba fawi eikhoi amata ni hybgi wakhalsu faoba ngamhalli yam fajei Manipur sana leibak kidamak

  7. I like the rongmei tune very much…it really touches my heart even if I don't know the meaning… Kuki te ni jong them lhon e.mimin in tukal nam pi represent abol teng full cultural dress kibol leh hoi in te… Proud to be kuki Well-done Manipur tourism department

  8. Is it Kabui are representing only for there tribe or for all zeliangrong ?,,,is it zeliang is not considering as a tribe in manipur…?

  9. Mitage pi takhiba khanghoude. Lamdam asida leiminariba chingmi tami ama di meitei pangal echil enao singna pun na emabu ngaklad emage matu nama sokpa ngamloiko

  10. Gracy ahkai hjam tamenglong sakhangh chuang tho Kabui jam sai tho gaini tuange Kabui daithao kho sanu mak dai lukhou gaithe mathang khou tho gaina salou pu o Kabui sana

  11. asukki matik lemjei manipur yam fajei tbada yengbda pi takhiba khanghwde asukki matik sumhatningai oi

  12. Eikhoi g Manipur j asuk ym fajaba๐Ÿ˜Š…..ching mayam n koisnlag leib lmdo kmy n leirino hgngk ej atopa country g mina ym chumi..hgbm thok e..

  13. I feel most grateful and loved our multi culture so we must love each other to bring united Manipur.

  14. Manipur gi masha2 gi culture, traditional fhajakhre adubu dress khak setlaga fhajaba koude esagi laining laison migi religion su thadoknaba twseko

  15. Govinda gi heikru hidongba hairisibu keigino,lam maming panbiningasu sagolband natraga thangapat haibiba yadabra amana lonyan yaodanabadi hotnabiri adubu "Ritu tarukna thouganbi" haihaningde , esibudi yamna fajei…

  16. Yam fjei asumba esei se cna ahalbni……religion manadrasu jati amana amabu respect twgdbni adugi mtamda nungcba hybadu purakni thajeiโค

  17. Meitei+Kuki+Naga+Tangkhul+Kabui=Manipuri
    I am meitei but I live in nagaland for studying

  18. Iseidadi singthabagi loiba naide iramdam Manipur se imagi masaigomdi adum fajari adubu iramdamgi chatnabi achwbana apikpabu neihatpagi chtnabi amadi adum leiri crime singi achum aran puthokpagi hwjikfaoba ngamdri iramdamse fajabadi adum fajei mahwsagi khudol adubu chtnabi midi yam fate yabiningba singna like nambirammu

  19. Eseisigi lyrics amta hpirko hndk patriots day da skadabane ado mayek khngdaba ymna ywwe aduna khitng thuna hppirko

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