Landed in Japan? MUST DO Travel Tips from Airport to Tokyo

Landed in Japan? MUST DO Travel Tips from Airport to Tokyo

Hey guys! This is Kim Dao here and welcome back to my channel! Japan is an amazing place to travel to and tourism has increased rapidly over the last couple of years. However, Japan is not the easiest place to navigate for a first-time traveler. I always get asked the question: What should you do when you first arrive in Japan to make your life easier? Well, instead of me just telling you, why don’t I show you so come with me on my most recent trip to Japan! Hey guys, so I’m on a plane bound for Tokyo! I am flying from Australia, so it’s about a nine and a half hour flight. I landed at Narita Airport in the early morning. Now, this is what happened to me on my first trip to Japan: I was super excited as I exited the airport, but then as soon as I did, I did not know what to do! I didn’t have much time on this trip to Japan and I wanted to make the most of it. However, I have this ridiculously big suitcase to deal with. Luckily these days, smartphones make things so much easier… If you have reception. But hey, luckily nowadays these things are easily accessible to tourists. So, let me show you guys what you should do to make your trip easier. Step 1: go to the visitor service center and get yourself a SIM card if you haven’t gotten one that works yet. Fortunately, there are many counters where you can get them from and different players to choose depending on what you need. You can also get them from vending machines located in the same area. As you can see there are many different ones from short-term to long-term use some have more data than others as well, so just pick whichever one suits you the best. Change your sim card around but make sure not to lose your SIM card you are using for your home country. I like to leave a pin and SIM card in my phone case. So, YAY! I have internet connection but… what do I do with my heavy luggage? Alright, so I want to explore Tokyo straight away, but I don’t want to deal with my luggage. There is actually a service you can sign up for where your luggage can be sent straight to your hotel. I want to go into Tokyo straight away because I want to make the most of my trip. So this is perfect! Japan is known for its excellent customer care. So, I know that my luggage will be in good hands. You can actually book this service in advance before you even arrive to Japan, but because I didn’t, I’m going to quickly reserve now on the spot. Now, because I’m sending off my luggage quite early in the morning, I’m able to receive my belongings on the evening on the same day. Luggage delivery time is different, so you will get a chance to receive your luggage on the same day if you send before 10:00 a.m, and if you are sending within the Kanto region. So, make sure you check that out first. If you can’t receive your luggage on the same day, make sure you take out your important belongings that you need first. Now all I have to do now is walk to the baggage delivery counter, show them the QR code that I received when I confirmed my reservation and then they would take my luggage off my hands for me. I also want to mention that they do have support in different languages as well. So if you don’t speak Japanese, that is okay. So here I am– just checking in my luggage by using the QR code. If your phone is not working for some reason, just make sure that you have your reservation number handy and you can use that to check-in your bags as well. Now that I have finally gotten rid of my luggage that I was struggling with I can finally explore Tokyo stress-free! Let’s go! But wait, how do you get to Tokyo from the airport? I’m going to show you guys! So, there are a few different ways. You can take the bus, the taxi, or the train. First, I am going to be talking about the bus. So there are a lot of different buses that you can take just outside the airport. They have buses for almost every single region inside Tokyo. So it’s very convenient. This is one bus I recommend taking if you are on a budget, it’s only a thousand yen and it stops at Tokyo or Ginza station. But if Tokyo or Ginza station is not convenient for you, there are many other buses you can take using the airport limousine buses. As you can see there are many different stops you can go straight to the counter and ask for help if you don’t know which bus to take. Once you have your ticket, you can board the bus according to the platform that it should say on your ticket and then just relax and enjoy your ride to Tokyo the next option that you can do is take the taxi, but I’m going to warn you guys, it’s going to be expensive. So, unless if you have a very good reason to take the taxi, then I don’t really recommend it. The last option is the train. So, you can go straight onto the platform, go purchase a ticket at the ticketing machines, and then you can board the trains. I find that trains are the quickest and most efficient way to get into Tokyo, depending on what train you take. From Narita Airport, you can get to the middle of Tokyo in 30 minutes. I decided to go to Shibuya. So I took the Narita Express straight to Shibuya station, and now I can just explore stress-free! After a long day of exploring Tokyo, I head to Shinjuku to check into my hotel and also pick up my luggage, which has already been delivered. It was very quick and easy– just show the hotel your reservation forms, and you will be reunited with your belongings! So, now that I have my luggage and I’m very tired from exploring the whole entire day, I am just going to relax and sleep well for the night, and then continue exploring Tokyo the next day. After a couple of days of exploring Tokyo, I am now checking out of my hotel and I’m going to head to Osaka. But the thing is I don’t want to take my luggage with me once again. So this time, I have already reserved the luggage service in advance and I’m just going to show my QR code to the hotel. They are going to give me a reservation form and they are going to actually send my suitcase to my Osaka hotel. So, unfortunately, I won’t be able to receive my luggage on the same day I arrived in Osaka, as I sent it off a bit late. So, I packed away everything I need for the night in my backpack. As the backpack isn’t as heavy as a suitcase, I’m able to explore Shinjuku a little bit before I head to Tokyo Station to take the bullet train to Osaka. So, I’m on a train bound for Osaka! The great thing is because I’m traveling luggage-free, I can go explore Osaka straight away before checking into my hotel. I head to Namba and Dotonbori to walk around and enjoy some street food! The next day, I head to the hotel lobby in my hotel, give the forms to staff, and I am reunited with my luggage. This really made my trip stress-free and I was able to enjoy my trip a lot more! That is the end of this video! Thank you so much guys for watching and I really hope that it was helpful for you to plan your trip to Japan! If you have any other questions, which I did not mention in the video then please let me know in the comment box down below and I try my best to get back to you. Check out the links in the description box down below for more information about your luggage service Seriously guys, they saved me so much time, and I was stress-free. I was able to travel, walk around, and not worry about carrying my heavy suitcases with me. So, if you have a limited time in Japan I highly recommend that. Especially because I was traveling in Summer– Walking around in the heat whilst carrying a heavy suitcase is not fun. Please thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and found it helpful and also subscribe to my channel if you have not done so yet. I have a lot more Japan travel videos coming up in the next couple of months! Follow me on all my social media, which I will link down below as well. Thank you so much once again guys for watching! I really hope you guys enjoy your trip to Japan and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye guys!

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  1. I’d like to mention you can also get a WiFi pocket!! This worked for me and my boyfriend perfectly. We were able to share the WiFi and even use our laptops with it! 😋

  2. On the video you visit some nice places to eat 6 drink . Can you make a video about places to visit on Tokyo ? Thanks.

  3. JR rail pass definitely saves you tons as you can go practically everywhere with it. It’s cheaper for tourists too. Once you land in japan, look for the JR RAIL store (everywhere) to book where you wanna go and they’ll help you as well. If you don’t want to pay for luggage service, it’s ok to lug it yourself. It looks like she paid close to $40-50 for that one way trip so I’m not sure I’d think it’s worth it….but I’m cheap hahaha! I could be wrong bc I didn’t rewatch. I hope she paid less 🙂
    I’m from USA and I get the google fi SIM card (look it up and they can mail one to you or you can buy at Best Buy for $10). I used it to go japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia all in one trip and didn’t have to change SIM cards! I think it was roughly $60 for unlimited internet basically in all those countries. Before I use to buy SIM cards and had to change them out every country. Using 20-30$ each time! Google fi made life much easier.

    There’s a lot of money exchange places there at airport but I always change out money at currency exchange place. You can call them in advance. Most places take credit cards in japan but I use it for all the family marts or 7/11 (there’s about 2-4 in each block) and all the vending machines. You MUST try the food in there! So cheap and delicious! And you can buy almost anything you’d need for your trip there lol!
    And if you are struggling where to go to first in Tokyo, I’d say shinjuka is where all the action is! And from there it’s easier to get around everywhere in Tokyo!

    Enjoy your trip!!!

  4. Wherever We Are, If You Rise Taxy. The tariff is definitely expensive, the connotation: A. Semi Transportation, Between Public and Private Transport. B Specifically in the Tokyo City Area. C Different Again, If You Ride: The Train Can Be Cheaper Because: Able To Accommodate Many Passengers In The Entire Train Series In 1 Train.

  5. Thank For Information .

    ( It's Just a Comparison: Take a Bus in Tokyo ¥ 1000 / $ 10, In Indonesia For Economic Class Bus Status in the City: Rp. 3,500 – Rp. 5,000 Not Up to $ 1. A. In Tokyo, with rates like that. B Because Indeed, Already Adapted To Work Earnings / Profits Start From The Micro Business They Do. )

  6. Very cute guidance video by cute Kimdao 🙂 love it indeed lol. Would u mind making more youtube videos for recommending the famous yummy food in different countries by yourself? Such as sushi and chiko roll. BTW, I've sent you an email to your gmail, hope you can receive it, and hope to see you in the future if possible in Sydney or Tokyo, gracias 🙂

  7. Hi Kim! I really love your videos, and they are a huge inspiration for me as I will travel to Tokyo and South Korea in March/April! I have a question for you. I know you have travelled between the two countries. What type of transport would you recommend? I know fast and budget friendly might not work well together here. I will go from either Osaka or Kyoto to Seoul. Thank you in advance <3

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  10. That baggage thing , yes i love that and i will be using it , although ill be coming from Ireland so it will be a 15-16 hour trip i might not have the mindset or energy to get out right away but its a nice thing to have also going to osake when i do, Great video and i seen your 100 things to do in tokyo , do you have a simialr for osake and also im a photographer do you know any sites to hire models as i would be interested in shooting some iconic shots with models when there

  11. Do n’t try to buy this SIM card, it will make you crazy on the day, slow and expensive, please rent mobile WIFI, I rent it at the airport, 1 USD per day, 4K video casual viewing, no traffic restrictions

  12. Kim, can you only send luggage between hotels/stations? Or can i make them deliver it to say an address where Im staying (like Airbnb). Thanks in advance.

  13. The real magic is getting into Tokyo with no money and convincing a bus driver to take you into the city for free

  14. I just discovered your video and your youtube channel, that's funny to see videos about japan from australian girl. Good video. I have a Youtube Channel too about Japanese Culture in frenc and subtitled in english for you. Have a nice day Kim Dao, can't wait to see all your videos. David-Minh TRA from Paris, France.

  15. Could someone explain the suitcase thing again? If I stay in Blank hotel for a night and plan on going to another hotel, do I send my luggage off by giving it to the hotel I'm about to check out of? I'm so confused

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  17. Personally, I won't spend the thousands of dollars going on vacation. I rather watch others spend their money doing so, while I watch it on YouTube for free. Win-Win situation for me with money in the bank, while I just get the snacks in the comfort of my pad.

  18. Thanks for the tips I will use your advise when i eventually go to Tokyo or going to japan in general you are so helpful and love your Japanese vlogs you always show some incredible places and I think to myself I would like go there one day your my favourite vlogger your just good at giving advise to first time travellers keep up the good work also love you’re gaming channel big love from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

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  20. With the Taxi, some drivers don’t speak nor understand English, so beware of that. However, they tried to be helpful. If you be prepared and shown them where you want to go in Japanese, you will be fine.

  21. Hallo, i wanna ask about the luggage, where the best way I can get that service?, do i need to install apps of luggage service in my hand phone, thank you.

  22. I'm so glad I found your video. Me and my friends are planning to go in a few months and we had so many questions. 😭😭😭😭

  23. My flight is from Narita airport to Melbourne but I’ll be stuck at the airport for 12 hours will there be any place I can leave my luggage during that time?

  24. I've been to Japan twice and didn't even know about the luggage service! It was so stressful bringing my luggage around esp. when I was travelling with family. You just saved my life for future visits to Japan omg bless your soul

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