Las Vegas Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Las Vegas

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  1. Watch my latest Las Vegas video — Common Tourist Mistakes in Vegas:
    Or watch my entire Vegas series in this playlist:

  2. Hi sir… I just travelled to Las Vegas last week . Your videos on Las Vegas tour, tips, videos on best /worst hotels ..Every video i followed and I just followed your videos and completed my trip successfully …Initially i was not sure what to see there ..Your videos made my trip very memorable ..Thanks a lot ..I really appreciate your work .. Would like to see much more videos on different places

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  5. Chris has great stuff here…pay attention. If you want to see what Vegas was like in 1956, watch my video

  6. Whether it be taxi, Uber or Lyft refuse transportation with foreign drivers. They don't know how to drive, their vehicles are filled with filth and bacteria and they smell.

  7. Thank you for the helpful info. One additional point…I usually leave a $5.00 tip for the maid (give it to her personally, otherwise the supervisor may sneak in first and grab it).

  8. I'll carry my own bags for free and why the fuck would I want to or case to tip a taxi driver?!?!?! Only retards tip taxi drivers.

  9. Number one trip he mentioned: YOURE GUNNA WALK A LOT!
    (Check Groupon as well, save a few bucks on monorail ? and such)

  10. The video was good and informative. You dont need the cheesy panda security blanket. Its distracting. And dumb…

  11. The good restaurants in Vegas are the ones that don’t cater to tourists. They get customers and stay in business because they are renowned, and instead of them going to the customers, the customers come to them.

    Edit : Bouchon in Vegas is an outpost of the of the acclaimed chef Thomas Keller’s Michelin starred restaurant : Bouchon, in Yountville, California. Due to the restaurant being more secluded inside of the casino, diners at Bouchon aren’t going to be a typical family of 6 with small children crying, as they would be at some of the more strip-side options, making it a more pleasant ambiance to run a fine dining restaurant

  12. Thank you for your Vegas videos. I watched them all and I wrote down lots of little tips in Google Keep so I can refer to my notes when I am there for the first time next month. 🙂

  13. ?Anyone Else Want To Move To Las Vegas Because The Quality On Your Camera There Is Better There And You Have A Better Chance Of Getting Famous On TikTok IF Your From America?…

  14. Cashback at the Walgreens or grocery when you get your water to avoid ATM fees, or even the Post Office if you're out in a rental car.

  15. Las Vegas in the summer is basically a hair blow dryer on Hot, My family went swimming and when we got up, we got dried hella quick xD

  16. I just don't get it now. Las Vegas is a totally different place to what it was 20 years ago and 20 years prior to that. The original allure no longer exists and it's lost what should be the draw cards, so why on Earth does anyone still go there, just to lose $$?

  17. I always find a cab driver, tip him well, get his personal cell phone number and it's like he's your private chauffeur for however long you stay. They come much faster than waiting in line at the casino. Works every time. Start at the airport.

  18. Thanks for your video! i made a video on how to get my trip to Las Vegas FREE! Would love to see your input on it 🙂 Its using the My Vegas Slots app!

  19. Yeah I would have to disagree on the no time share thing. I usually try to sit through one almost everywhere I go. Just keep saying no, and Im here for the free thing they are giving me. The sales people will notice pretty quickly and not want to waste their time and move on to another potential sale. Usually I can get out in around an hr. thats well spent when many places give you free tickets to parks, shows, dinner vouchers, ect. I can spare an hr or 2 when Im on vacation normally its done early in morning. Its also a good way to get some free 4 night stays sitting through it as well.

  20. As someone unfamiliar with tipping culture (this isn't really a thing in Europe) – how do you tip your Housekeeping staff? Do you leave a couple dollars on the sideboard with a note?

  21. Thank you VERY much for your videos. I highly appreciate it. Kinda sucks that the things you need to know are based around "how to not get scammed", whether at the buffet, with taxis, etc. These are all must-knows before you go.

  22. I'm from San Diego and go there often, sometimes on a whim. Do not go around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Muslims arrive en masse, but just the men. So it's no fun if you're a single male. Also, never take a taxi down the strip. They know the side routes. Frank Sinatra blvd being one of the side routes.

  23. If you desperately need a bit of cash, instead of going to an ATM, go to Walgreens and purchase a bottle of water for a buck and then get cash back. Not only do you get to hydrate at a regular price, you avoid ATM fees. This obviously doesn't help if you're pulling out a couple hundred dollars. Also, if you go into Starbucks and ask for a glass of ice water, it is free.

  24. You mentioned Groupon for shows but you can also get some good drink deals. For example, you can get two giant margaritas for $24 instead of one for $30. If you're about to try somewhere new, check Groupon quickly to see if they have a deal you can use. It's saved me tons of money in the past.

  25. I’m taking the family to Vegas right before Xmas this year. My wife and I have 3 young kids, ages 1, 4, & 5. We’d like to stay on the strip with a view of the lights but all the places have a max occupancy of 4. From what I hear, getting adjoining rooms can’t be guaranteed. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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