100 thoughts on “Last Day Of Summer Camp!

  1. When I read the title I was like wait what was today then I noticed today was my last day of my soccer summer camp too and I was like wait what

  2. Ugh, I remember the old days of shirts vs skins. Some of us did not have a body we wanted the world to see but were forced to by the gym teacher or the in the case of camp, the counselors overseeing the activities.

  3. I’de chalk up the injury to a freak accident. I’ve played in gyms just like that and never seen anything like that happen. Which is probably why they didn’t change courts.

  4. This makes me hella jealous cuz I never got this kind of experience as a kid and never had it. Hella broke family squad you with me?

  5. This makes me hella jealous cuz I never got this kind of experience as a kid and never had it. Hecka broke family squad you with me?

  6. I am going to go to to a basketball camp in august, and we call our coach “coach K “ as well! His real name is Kyril Raykov (I am doing the basketball camp in bulgaria). Also there will be Kenneth Webb coming!!!!! Yaaaay! He is a proffesional coach

  7. $6/hr to do summer camp, yes I know camps want to be cheap, but I got paid close to $40/hr teaching teens computer camp. Both regular colleges and ivy league. Teaching on the campus of Harvard was pretty cool for that summer.

  8. I am really sorry about that injury, but Cameron is not made for all those little games. Duke is all about tradition. We have never had major changes to our jerseys or the way we play. Again maybe they will play in a different gym next year

  9. Why’s he calling it summer camp like we’re going to sit by the campfire and roast marshmallows and explore nature

  10. OMG I haven’t watch y’all in like a LONG time(I mean a LONG time) Lincoln’s voice is so different.Dang,WOW

  11. I went to this camp last year
    this was the best camp
    so many people got hurt on this court it was so bad

  12. Duke should have an Engineering program. Perhaps the “Engineering Prof’s” should solve the problem of those hoops being too close to the wall OR modernize and get new backboards and hoops that push out and collapse back. I’m Duke should have money for that in its budget.

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