LAUGHLIN NEVADA Travel Tips and Things to do

LAUGHLIN NEVADA Travel Tips and Things to do

hey guys we’re here we just checked in
we are in Laughlin Nevada let’s go check out a roll all right I hope you guys liked our room
tour and we are starving because we just did a five-hour drive from San Diego so
we are gonna get something to eat right now let’s go we just had some delicious
in-and-out and we’re from San Diego so we have in-and-out over there but for
some reason we wanted to here definitely hungry we had a five hour drive and we
just wanted to eat real quick but uh usually it was packed yes very very
packed so now we are gonna check out the Riverwalk and also we’re gonna see if we
could hop on one of these little river taxis or where they call water taxis
we’re gonna jump on a water-taxi and then we’re gonna check out the Colorado
River so we’re in Laughlin Nevada and if you go on the other side of the river it
turns into Arizona so if you’re interested in getting the
water taxis it’s $5 one-way and it stops off at every hotel so if you want to go
back it’s gonna be $10 but you could go all the way from one side all the way to
the other side for five bucks so it’s a pretty good deal and it’s a nice little
fun ride come here to Riverside Hotel & Casino
and check out this amazing car show admission is $2.00 per adult over 21
years of age and most of these cars are actually owned by mr. Laughlin and some
of them are owned by mr. Lopez which actually has a couple shops across the
river and bullhead Arizona if you’re looking for things to do here in
Laughlin Nevada come to the car show here at the Riverside Hotel and Casino
owned by mr. Laughlin okay just a quick tip you guys wanna
dream while you are enjoying in the sunset in the Riverwalk okay you’re
allowed to but don’t bring any glass bottles and heat blast cups no glass you
will get arrested no maybe fine good morning everyone
today is day two in Laughlin Nevada and we had a blast last night we checked out
a little bit of the nightlife we went dancing it was fun but it is not comparable to
Vegas so if you’re looking for that party style over in Vegas do not come to
Laughlin we still had a blast and a great time though we also went gambling
for a little bit last night hit the slot machines up and we also played keno and
if you’re wondering yes the waitresses do come around and they give you free
drinks as long as you’re gambling just like in Vegas
I’d say the overall feel here is more like downtown Vegas but it’s still a
couple notches below so don’t come here thinking it’s like Vegas or like
Downtown Vegas it’s more of a relaxed atmosphere where you could gamble you
could still drink and you could have fun if you’re a coffee drink and you need
coffee in the morning like I do there is a Dunkin Donuts here at
Edgewater casino where we’re staying it and if you want Starbucks that’s at the
Golden Nugget a couple hotels down we are here at the Laughlin Outlet
Center and we kind of came early because we have a lot of stores that are closed
so do not come before ten o’clock so the food court is downstairs on the first
floor I’m going to show the directory so you guys can check out what stores they
have here but they do have a lot of stores here and if you’re looking for the outlet
it’s located right in front of the Edgewater casino where we’re staying it omelet chicken fuck Finch tells some
scrambled egg and a biscuit fried chicken big chicken mashed
potatoes maybe and roasted turkey so there was a long line to get in but it
was well worth it because we got a table right next to the river so we got to
check out the river as we were eating it was delicious the little guy got into
some sugar or something because he is on a good one right now thank you so we just found a free boat that goes
on the other side which is bullhead Arizona and there’s pretty much nothing
to do here so it looks like all the employees that work at the casinos live
in Arizona and they just cross on the boat and they go to work over there so
it is free so if you guys want to come check it out there’s not too much stuff
to do that I seen so what it’s cool that we got to go over here and it was free
so something free to do yes nice ride so I’m free to do in Laughlin
Nevada if you’re looking for the free boat ride it’s right on the dock of the
Riverside casino okay we are now at the Harrah’s Casino and all the self
parkings that we’ve gone to so far this trip which is like five it has been no
cover so free self parking when you come down here to Laughlin Nevada if you guys
want to come to a beach in the middle of Nevada come to the Harrah’s Casino cuz
they got a beach right here but you are supposed to have a Harris Key don’t tell
nobody we’re kind of snuck on but you are supposed to have a key if you want
to come down to the beach if you come all the way down to water
craft rentals you could get a seadoo for $89 for the first hour and then you
could do all day for $400 and it’s located all the way the
farthest end of the Harrah’s Casino in the beach area so all the hotels here
are on the river except for the Tropicana so that’s a deal-breaker do
not book your hotel at the Tropicana we are currently at the Edgewater pool and
it’s uh okay nothing too much to write home about but crazy
yeah and I’m crazy but I felt like the Harris had the nicest pool and it also
has the beach so I recommend that one if you’re all about going to the pool or
you know you’re gonna go to the water which one do you like a curious yeah
that was like my search I liked it it was pretty nice we walked by it and it
looked like everybody’s having a good time they had the canopies up I guess
you could rent those out get drinks have fallen by the pool and it did look nice
if you guys are coming to Laughlin Nevada with kids
I recommend the Riverside Hotel and Casino because they have a bowling alley
they have arcades for the kids and they even have their own movie theater so I
definitely recommend it if you’re bringing kids to Laughlin thank you guys
for checking out the video if you liked it give it that like subscribe any
comments or questions down below and we will get back to you and we will see you
guys on the next video

67 thoughts on “LAUGHLIN NEVADA Travel Tips and Things to do

  1. Good video as always. I’ve been to Laughlin a couple of times around this time of the year: great weather.

  2. Great and informative video, thanks! I am planning a 3 week road trip in California and Nevada with friends (we are from Stockholm, Sweden) and your video helped me a lot to put Laughlin on the list of go to places. Do you know if there are any good hiking options since there are many mountains/hills in the area?

  3. thinking about visiting in the distant future. (my brother is there right now & posted pics on facebook, inspiring me to go to youtube) thanks for posting your very enjoyable, laid back, informative video. felt like I was living vicariously through you guys, while watching.

  4. We go there 2 to 4 times a year, I get free rooms in a couple of places there. One of my favorites places.

  5. I've been to Las Vegas a few times and just heard about this place. Excellent Video and thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Great video. Hubby's birthday is next month and I've been thinking about taking a trip to Laughlin. This was helpful because I never knew what was down there.

  7. Vegas is overrated and very grouded with scammers in every corner. Like you said laughlin is so chill,great video my man!

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  9. I'm going to Laughlin in august, first time going, my family has been there before, but I haven't yet I'm hoping I have a blast before I go back to school.

  10. I was at Laughlin June 2 2019. For my birthday, got there and I cry cry cry… dead place to be in…. don't like it no life at all… nothing to eat… had to drive 1 half to go Vegas… never again in my life going back…

  11. Don't trust these reviews. I repeat: don't trust these positive Laughlin reviews! It's like hell on earth!

  12. Im from san diego too. Im going to spend a week there on the 4th of July. Got 4 free nights and i was invited to the beach party. Free everything. Fuk vegas. I love laughing free beers food and rooms. Cant go wrong. San Diego is boring cant drink at the beach here. At the harrahs beach u can. Lovely wife too.

  13. Getting married August 3rd then right after we are heading to Laughlin for 3 days for a mini honeymoon.. Staying at the Rivers Lodge. We live in Las Vegas and Laughlin is our getaway town.. thanks for the video. Cheers from Vegas

  14. Also anyone reading the river lodge also has a bowling ally/ a beach/ arcade for kids and a giant Lite Brite.

  15. Thanks for the heads up on everything! We are considering going to Laughlin this summer, therefore your video was so helpful!!

  16. We’ve lived here in Laughlin Nevada for a year and I learned so much from this video.You can get in the car show free if you get a players card at riverside casino.

  17. Been there more times then we can count and living in Bakersfield we always fine many from are city there on vacation and often stay 10 nights and love the desert. Also visit Oatman, AZ right out of Bullhead City, AZ its a fun place to visit and has old time post office and they hand cancel all mail.

  18. Looks nice but its really to hot about 114f and people its rude and food it's disgust ( honest tru
    don't go there guys I won't recommend it to anyone it's a racist town).

  19. Hay algun problema en los barcos, te piden I.D. Green Card de regreso, algo que debamos saber si llevo algun amigo en mi viaje o familiar sin documentos?

  20. I live in Bullhead City and honestly if you come to Laughlin Nevada you need to eat in the prime rib room or the Gourmet room the prime rib room has the best prime rib I've ever had the rest of the food the potatoes and bread and all that salads and desserts that's all a buffet and you eat that first then you get your prime rib and honestly the prime rib is so big it's like an inch thick or maybe sticker it's so tender it smells like butter in your mouth it's so good like I've lived here for like 14 years now and I will still go there every single night if I could and then also another fun place you can do in Laughlin is go to Bikinis Sports Bar and the Riverside losers Lounge usually has its busy nights and it's so busy can barely walk and then sometimes it has its slow nights where there's like two people in there so if you want a slow night it's not going to be much fun but if you want a busy night it'll almost feel like you're in Vegas and they also have the women's wet t-shirt contest and then they have like a ladies night were ladies get free drinks and stuff and Bikini Sports Bar there is busy nights for that

  21. Love the video. My family and I have been going to Laughlin for 10+. Never gets old. Davis Camp is the place to be come summer time. It's on the Bullhead side of the river.

  22. Great video, what was the price for the buffet? And did I see Green Chili on the line as well? Was the pool heated? I'm doing 5 nights there starting this Coming Sunday. thanks

  23. Sounds crazy to some but I'm coming to the USA from Australia and I'm staying there for 2 weeks….
    Then Vegas for two weeks…
    Then Reno for a week

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