Lava Lolegaon Tour | Lava Lolegaon Rishop | Places to Visit Near Kalimpong

Lava Lolegaon Tour | Lava Lolegaon Rishop | Places to Visit Near Kalimpong

Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop are three beautiful
locations of north Bengal. These places are easily accessible from any
part of the country. However, in all these places you will find
peace, serenity and nature. Surrounded by majestic Himalayan mountain
range, these locations can be your ideal weekend getaway. Here is a complete tour plan of Lava, Lolegaon
and Rishop. Day-1
First go to visit Lolegaon. For that reach New Jalpaiguri railway station
or Bagdora airport from any part of the country. From there take a car to reach Lolegaon. Lolegaon is nearly 125Km away from NJP and
it will take almost l to reach Lolegaon from NJP by road. A local cab will charge around Rs 3000 for
this trip. Loleygaon is a quiet hamlet situated at an
altitude of 5,520ft and surrounded by dhupi and cypress forests. The village is famous for stunning views of
majestic Kanchenjunga range. You can also have a glimpse of a range of
rare orchids here. It’s a great place for —
Day-2 On day-2, early in the morning go to see sunrise
from nearby view point. After having your breakfast, start for Lava. Lava is 22 Km away from Lolegaon and it will
take almost an hour to reach Lava from lolegaon by car. Cab fare for a day is around Rs 3000
Lava is a small sleepy village located at an altitude of 7000ft. Set amidst lush green forest this is an ideal
location for nature lovers. Lava is the base and the gateway for the famous
Neora Valley National Park. Upon reaching Lava, go to visit this national
park. Entrance to the park is about 10kms from Lava. The park is home to a large variety of flora
and fauna. Lava is also a paradise for bird watchers. Next Visit Lava Monastery. Close to the local market this monastery is
famous for serene ambience and typical Tibetan architecture. Day-3
On 3rd day go to Rishop from Lava. Rishop is only 4 Km trek from Lava. You may enjoy trekking in this route. Rishop can also be reached by car from Lava,
but the condition of the road is not good .
Rishyap a small village on the hill top and famous for stunning 360 degree views of snow
covered Himalayan mountain range including Kanchenjugha peak. You may spend your day here in the lap of
nature. Day-4
On day 4 head back to NJP for departure. Where to stay
In all the places you can stay at WBTDC resorts. Other than this government resort there are
also some private hotels and homestays where you can put up for the night. A mid level hotel will charge between Rs.
1500 and Rs. 2000. Online booking facilities of these properties
are available. We will share the respective links in the
description box. Total package will cost around Rs 12,700 per

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