Le camping sauvage – Bapt&Gael

Hey, Gaël? Gaël? Can you hear me? You know… One time I was supposed to go at the museum with your mom… But after, in fact we… we didn’t go the museum Because… We were supposed to go to the restaurant… But she wasn’t very hungry GAEL! What? Yeah, I was thinking that maybe we could take some time off. No? Yeah but we can’t take some time off if we don’t work You know, doing nothing can be tiring And if we relax a little We’ll better apreciate the fact that we don’t work You got me there! But where are we going? I was thinking that maybe we could take a trip into your ass Nah, I’m kidding We could maybe go wild camping? Yes! Yeah! We’re gonna camp here! Yeah! But did you bring the tent? Don’t worry. I brought something better! But Bapt, what are you doing? Bapt? Wait There you go! The tent is set! But tomorrow it’s your turn Alright… There it is! The tent is set! Yeah… Finally… Subscribe! And if you also like wild camping and setting up tents with your willy And with your friend, tell us in the comments!

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