Learn American Holidays – Halloween

hey everyone I’m Alicia Halloween is a
time for celebration in the USA it’s become the second most popular holiday
in the nation over the years Halloween is known for its oftentimes scary
costumes elaborate parties and events horror film festivals and its many
gothic trappings this holiday was a late comer to the u.s. not really becoming
popular until the early 20th century today it’s one of the most anticipated
holidays in the USA Halloween is very much associated with scary costumes and
things that are wonderfully creepy do you know what holiday dressing up in
scary costumes was likely borrowed from will show you the answer at the end of
this video people in the USA typically carve pumpkins into scary
jack-o’-lanterns decorate their houses to look as creepy as possible and wear
elaborate costumes to celebrate this holiday these aspects of Halloween
according to some have their roots in various Celtic and European myths
legends and cultural traditions today popular horror films have also
influenced the cultural traditions that surround Halloween the monster movies of
the early 20th century are significant contributors to the look and feel of
modern Halloween celebrations in the USA trick-or-treating started at the
beginning of the 20th century to curb the vandalism and destruction that once
characterized this holiday in the USA today Halloween is a night when the
streets are full of families getting treats from their neighbors and
vandalism and other problems are rare some families and social groups set up
elaborate haunted houses and invite people to go through for free or for a
donation hay rides and other nighttime events are also very popular in rural
areas check the local theaters and TV stations around Halloween and you’ll
find plenty of scary stuff to watch too over the years Halloween costumes in the
USA have become more varied some people particularly younger participants forgo
the dark gothic theme of the holiday and dress up as characters from adventure
movies literary figures or even historical figures and now here’s the
answer to the quiz do you know what holiday dressing up in scary costumes
was likely borrowed from Samhain is considered to be a significant influence
on Halloween celebrations though this is disputed by some scholars Samhain was
and still is to some extent celebrated in Scotland and Ireland it’s associated
with the final harvest of the year more than it is with scary ghouls and goblins
those spirits do play a part the dressing up was originally done to scare
malicious spirits away or to trick them into thinking that you were one of them
to avoid harm how was this lesson did you learn something interesting is
Halloween celebrated in your country if so how please leave a comment in English
class 101.com until next time

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