Learn American Holidays – Labor Day

Learn American Holidays – Labor Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia Labor Day is
celebrated nationwide in the US on the first Monday in September it’s been
celebrated since 1894 at the federal level and it’s the only u.s. federal
holiday dedicated to American workers the holiday arose from a time of
political crises in the US and partially in reaction to a particularly bloody
strike Labor Day was adopted as an alternative to International Workers day
do you know why we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video
Labor Day celebrates the American worker it’s also the unofficial end of the
summer vacation and Recreation season in most US school districts summer vacation
ends right after Labor Day the celebrations are informal and the main
purpose of the holiday is really to give people a day off of work and to
recognize what working men and women contribute to the nation every Labor Day
in the US you’ll smell plenty of barbecues firing up and see a lot of
people having informal gatherings in parks and in their own backyards in
addition to celebrating laborers this day means that summer is drawing to a
close in touristy cities you’ll start to see cars driving away and people
returning to their homes parades are sometimes held to commemorate the day as
well Labor Day is also significant for
professional sports as it’s the official beginning of the professional football
season in the United States on the Thursday immediately after Labor Day
sports fans tune into the very first pro football game of the year for
post-secondary students college or university starts right after the
holiday and college football is in full swing soon after Labor Day as well put away your white shoes wearing white
shoes after Labor Day and before Memorial Day is considered a faux pas by
some fashion conscious Americans this however is now a rather out-of-date
custom and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know why Labor Day was
adopted as an alternative to International Workers day Labor Day was
offered as an alternative to International Workers day due to the
political nature of the latter fearing the political influence of the communist
movements just starting up in Europe Congress and President Grover Cleveland
needed to reach out to the American labor force they rushed Labor Day
through as a holiday it was already celebrated in several states to offer
reconciliation with the labor movement and to head off the influence of the
more radical workers movements in Europe how was this lesson did you learn
something interesting is there a day similar to Labor Day in your country
please leave a comment in English class 101.com until next time you

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  1. Can you write what you say ?
    i want to translate what you say in translation becouse there are more words that i don't know it and i can't write all this words , i am lazy :

  2. I hope you read this comment. But this video comparing with the posted 12/07 is very different. You're chronicling horse race? Lost the simplicity and I'm failing to see your video. Probably should have won much fame and now this different! Great transformation of personality. See his previous 12/07 videos and take its conclusions of character and humility.

  3. Alisha, your voice is very clear and easy to understand. I've seen some videos of others teacher they are also interesting but sometimes not that clear. I know technology helps but the voice is important. What I like the most is that your teaching is not too long 3 minutes of very interesting information.

  4. I'm Thai. Your voice is clear and fluently, but if you could speak more slowly. it will be better for me. Thanks

  5. Alisha , your way of teaching English is the world best method I have ever experienced . I have been teaching English as a second Language in Srilanka for 32 years . I have been experimenting different methods and following but your teaching method is excellent , very effective and attractive. I would like to know your teaching more and more.

  6. American video, but most of the details presented here are shared with the Canadian Labour Day holiday.

  7. we don't even celebrate like any holidays except Halloween, Christmas, Easter ,and new years. The rest we just have a day off

  8. The OP intentionally left out the fact that Grover Cleveland had sent troops to kill the workers. Many workers died to try and bring workers better pay, less hours, and safer working conditions. All of which was started by anarchists for the betterment of their fellow humans.

  9. Unfortunately due to your use of the word bloody I was unable to use your video as a visual aid and it is a pity it would have fit perfectly with my lesson plan.

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