Learn American Holidays – New Year’s Day Holiday

Learn American Holidays – New Year’s Day Holiday

hi everyone I’m Alisha New Year’s Day is
on January 1st in the US it’s almost universally a day off from work and in
the u.s. clothes stores gas stations and other businesses are common sites come
January 1st it’s preceded by some of the largest celebrations in the nation and
weary from being up all night enjoying the parties Americans tend to take it
easy on this day the song auld lang syne is associated
with the New Year celebration in the US do you know what this song’s title means
we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the United States are both regarded as
holidays though only New Year’s Day is an official one the holiday kicks off
late on New Year’s Eve when people go out to celebrate in style this holiday
is marked by fancy parties and plenty of parades and other events celebrating the
new year across the time zones that cross the u.s. is a popular tradition
with those who like to stay at home in Times Square in New York one of the
biggest celebrations in the nation is held and this is typically regarded as
the official New Year party for the entire country though each timezone
rings in the New Year with its own celebration New Year’s resolutions are
popular in the United States though often times in a tongue-in-cheek way
most of the time people will resolve to give up a bad habit or adopt a healthy
new habit over the course of the new year it’s almost accepted as a matter of
course that people will not follow through on these resolutions however and
it fits well with the tradition of American sarcastic humor New Year’s Day isn’t celebrated on
January 1st on all calendars according to the Chinese lunar calendar New Year’s
is usually in February depending on the culture and tradition can be celebrated
on other dates as well popular resolutions include quitting
smoking losing weight becoming more ambitious with goals and getting a
better job and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know what the song title
auld lang syne means auld lang syne means the good old days or days gone by
depending on the translation the song is a very old tradition dating back
hundreds of years the New Year’s Day celebrations in the US can easily extend
from before midnight on January 1st to well into the afternoon how is this
lesson did you learn something interesting how is New Year’s Day
celebrated in your country please leave a comment at English class 101.com until
next time you

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  2. mentioning Chinese New Year in this video seemed really weird and out of place. I had to listen to it about 3 times to try to make sense of it, but it still didn't make any sense.  FYI,  Chinese celebrate both the Western New Year and their own New Year

  3. The new year in my country is celebrated with a dinner at midnight, more exactly with a typical food named "natilla" which is a kind of flan added with cinnamon and raisins, it can have some flavours. The "buñuelos" are another typically food ate at this dates. It consists in a cassava flour balls or a wheat flour balls mixed with "queso costeño" "costeño cheese", a kind of salty cheese. In the churchs, the priests make a "rooster eucaristhy" in spanish means "misa de gallo", celebrated between 8 PM and 11 PM at 31st of december. Those are some forms to celebrate the new year in Colombia

  4. I guess the Biggest American Celebration is "Dia de los Muertps". Celebrated from Chile in the South of the American Continent to Canada in the North.

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