Learn Holidays – Truly American Holidays

Learn Holidays – Truly American Holidays

hi everyone I’m Alisha the fourth of
July is also known as Independence Day it commemorates the signing of the
Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 think of it as America’s birthday when most people think about July 4th
they think about fireworks but do you know why Americans display fireworks on
the 4th will show you the answer at the end of this video
Americans kick up their heels on this holiday in many ways but people mostly
go to picnics and barbecues it’s also a day to be patriotic so you’ll often see
the American flag and people dressed in red white and blue parades are another
common sight on the fourth of July especially during the daytime why do
they take place during the day because as soon as it gets dark Americans
gathered to watch magnificent fireworks in the night sky some families set off
small fireworks in their driveways and some gather in parks or by the sea to
see the larger more professional firework displays the most outstanding
firework displays take place in New York City and Washington DC
both of these displays are televised nationally and the president even
attends the display in Washington DC on the 4th of July you’ll hear the u.s.
national anthem the star-spangled banner the words were written by Francis Scott
Key who was inspired to write the lyrics after witnessing the Battle of Fort
McHenry in the war of 1812 and now here’s the answer to the quiz
why do Americans shoot fireworks on the 4th the custom of shooting off fireworks
on Independence Day can be traced back to a quote by our second president John
Adams he said that he believes that July 4th should be celebrated by pomp and
parade with shows games sports guns bells bonfires and illuminations hi
everyone I’m Alicia Columbus Day celebrates the day that Christopher
Columbus first arrived in the Americas the holiday is celebrated on October
12th and in some cities there are very large parades and many other events it’s
particularly popular in US cities with large Italian populations that would
celebrated nationwide a famous American charity organization
is named after Christopher Columbus and takes part in celebrations during
Columbus Day can you guess which one will show you the answer at the end of
this video in Italian American communities particularly in the larger
cities in the u.s. Columbus Day is very much tied to a celebration of their
heritage in addition to the celebration of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas
cultural and religious images and symbols specific to Italian Americans
are abundant in Columbus Day parades if there’s one thing that defines Columbus
Day celebrations in the u.s. it’s the parade New York City is particularly
well known for its large Columbus Day parade San Francisco has the
longest-running Columbus Day celebration in the United States dating back to 1868
Columbus Day in the u.s. is not celebrated in every state in fact some
US states do not recognize it at all and many schools remain open on the day
there is controversy surrounding this holiday and it’s been changed to a
celebration of Native American cultures in some areas Columbus didn’t realize he’d arrived in
the Americas this is why Native Americans are sometimes referred to as
Indians which incidentally some say is politically incorrect Columbus initially
thought he was in the East Indies and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you
know a famous American charity organization that’s named after
Christopher Columbus and takes part in celebrations on Columbus Day the Knights
of Columbus is a charitable organization with very strong Italian and Catholic
roots they participate in just about every Columbus Day celebration you’ll
find them marching among the participants in any large parade to be
sure hi everyone I’m Alisha Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays
in the United States it also marks the beginning of the holiday season the
weeks leading up to Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa and the winter solstice which
are all widely celebrated holidays in the US for retailers Thanksgiving begins
their busiest season Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of
November Thanksgiving was founded as a national holiday by one of the most
famous presidents of the United States do you know who it might have been we’ll
show you the answer at the end of this video
Thanksgiving to a large extent is about having a feast with friends and family
turkey is the traditional main course with yams squash pumpkin pie cranberries
and other rich and filling foods rounding out the meal some families
spend weeks preparing for their Thanksgiving feast and to stuff oneself
is most certainly encouraged the Thanksgiving meal of today is rooted in
the meal that the pilgrims from Europe shared with the Native Americans on the
first Thanksgiving this was quite a feast turkey duck goose
squash corn and a plethora of other foods were shared between the Europeans
and the Native Americans this original fate was said to go on for
three full days football is another tradition during Thanksgiving
celebrations in the United States watching the football game while
preparing the Thanksgiving meal is an important part of the celebration for
many families families that arm sports fans however may opt to spend the time
out I’d enjoying the crisp autumn air or may
find other diversions to enjoy while the turkey cooks Thanksgiving is not a uniquely American
holiday there are similar celebrations in Canada for instance the concept
behind the holiday showing thankfulness by having a feast spans many cultures
and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know who founded Thanksgiving is a
national holiday Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving during the dark
days of the American Civil War even though the holiday was officially born
during this conflict it’s more associated with the initially good
relations between the first European immigrants and the Native Americans hi
everyone I’m Alicia Martin Luther King jr. Day is
held on the third Monday in January every year in the United States this
holiday is dedicated to the slain civil rights leader who advocated nonviolent
action as a way to reform discriminatory laws in the United States Martin Luther
King jr. Day was not accepted by all 50 states right away it was signed into law
in 1983 do you know when all 50 states adopted it will show you the answer at
the end of this video Martin Luther King jr. Day is a
federally recognized holiday but there are celebrations in some cities and not
in others Martin Luther King jr. Day is tied to the civil rights struggles of
the 20th century and beyond it’s very much associated with the struggles of
the african-american community in particular but it’s also celebrated by
most people in the US as a unifying holiday celebrating Martin Luther King
Junior’s legacy is a complex endeavor for most people what he fought for and
how he fought for it are equally important King advocated for the rights
of African Americans and other groups who were discriminated against via
racist laws he also advocated nonviolence in the images of riot police
beating unarmed nonviolent civil rights protesters in the 1960s are largely
credited with swaying public opinion teaching African American history is a
major component of many Martin Luther King jr. Day celebrations in fact many
of these celebrations and events try to inform people about other civil rights
leaders who were instrumental in reforming exclusionary laws in the US you Martin Luther King jr. Day is also
celebrated in Hiroshima Japan where it is nearly as significant as it is in the
u.s. the City of Toronto and Canada also holds festivities in honor of Martin
Luther King jr. and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know when all
50 states adopted Martin Luther King jr. Day Martin Luther King jr. Day was not
officially recognized by every state until 2000 though President Reagan
signed it into law in 1983 many states resisted the holiday or tried to term it
something else such as human rights day in Utah hi everyone I’m Alicia on the
third Monday of February every year the United States pays tribute to its first
president George Washington Washington’s birthday is a federal holiday and
federal government workers get the day off it’s not as widely celebrated as
some other national holidays however sometimes the holiday is referred to as
Presidents Day there’s a rather odd tradition associated with Washington’s
Birthday and Presidents Day try to guess what it is we’ll show you the answer at
the end of this video Washington’s Birthday is not among the
u.s. holidays that are associated with large-scale celebrations there are
celebrations in some cities but compared to other major holidays in the United
States this one is rather reserved in nature Washington’s Birthday is often
part of the combined Presidents Day celebration most of the time Presidents
Day emphasizes the two people who are generally considered to be the greatest
presidents of the United States George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
Washington’s birthday is culturally significant to the United States because
of General Washington’s revered place in history he was the first American
president and beyond that he was handed a unanimous electoral college victory to
win that office he is also the most celebrated general in the Revolutionary
Army that defeated the British the biggest celebrations of his holiday are
held at the George Washington birthplace nat’l monument in Virginia and at Mount
Vernon George Washington designed the first
metal intended for the average soldier the Purple Heart one of the most
respected US service medals in existence is given to soldiers who were injured in
battle and it was designed by Washington himself and now here’s the answer to the
quiz believe it or not sales are a tremendous part of the traditional
Washington’s Birthday and Presidents Day celebrations furniture stores and car
dealerships are particularly notable for holding sales on this day hi everyone
I’m Alicia groundhog day is a fun tradition in the United States it’s not
a national holiday and nobody gets a day off but everybody waits to see whether
the groundhog predicts that spring will come early or late it takes place on
February 2nd Punxsutawney appeared in a popular movie
about Groundhog Day can you guess what the movie was called will show you the
answer at the end of this video Groundhog Day comes at the time of year
when winter has dragged on for quite a while and when people are ready for
spring of course the groundhog really cannot predict whether spring will come
early or late but when he predicts that spring is on its way soon
people are generally much more chipper Groundhog Day might not be a national
holiday but it’s certainly an important and well-known tradition in the United
States Punxsutawney Pennsylvania which is as close to the national capital for
the holiday as there is receives approximately 40,000 people every year
who come to celebrate the day Groundhog Day involves a rather simple tradition
when the groundhog looks out of his burrow his prediction is based upon his
choice to either go back into his burrow or to come out if the weather is cloudy
and he doesn’t see his shadow the legend holds that he’ll stay out of his burrow
signaling that spring is on its way soon if he sees his shadow and goes back into
his burrow it means that there are six more weeks of winter on the way Groundhog Day is for kicks and not about
being accurate according to most reputable sources the accuracy of
Punxsutawney Phil or any other groundhog is close enough to and as significant as
the accuracy of chance and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know the
movie in which Punxsutawney appeared that was about Groundhog Day not too
surprisingly the film that featured Punxsutawney Pennsylvania was called
Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray the film’s plot centered around Bill
Murray’s character living the same day over and over again which happened to be
Groundhog Day how was this lesson did you learn something interesting had you
heard of this holiday before please leave a comment at English class 101.com
until next time you

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