Learn the Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary in American English

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up for more. Hi, everyone, my name is Bridget, and in today’s
lesson we are going to be talking about the Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary. Let’s get started! ticket
All passengers must have a ticket. A ticket is what grants you access to places. So you buy tickets ahead of time, and you
show them at the door. Someone takes them, someone scans them, just
to make sure you’ve paid to get where you’re going. When you get onto a plane you have a ticket;
when you go into a museum you have to show your ticket; when you go into the movie theater,
you have a ticket. Ticket. tourist
I think you all know what it means to be a tourist. A tourist is someone who’s visiting a new
place for pleasure, means you’re going out and exploring, trying new things, you’re going
there as a tourist. To tour, you’re literally there to tour a
place, to get a sense of it, to see new things. itinerary
What’s on the itinerary, dear? An itinerary is a schedule of what you are
going to be doing in a given day. So you can wake up and say, what’s on the
itinerary for today? Just like you can say, what’s on the schedule
for today? It means what you have planned. So for example, I’ve booked a vacation package
where all the days are planned out for me; so day one, what’s on the itinerary? Oh, it seems day one we’re going to a museum,
and then we’re going to a stadium, and then we’re going to see a play. guide book
A guide book is a book that has information about a certain place. So if you’re traveling to Japan, you can buy
a Japan guide book, and in that book you’re going to see good restaurants to try, museums,
neighborhoods to check out, different things. So the guide book is meant to guide you on
your tour of a new place. tour bus
A tour bus is a bus that’s meant for tourists. It’s a bus you get on that takes you around
and show you different things, or if you are in an organized tour, maybe everyone in your
group will get on this tour bus, and the bus will take you to the places on your itinerary. Let’s take the tour bus back to the hotel. temple A temple is a building devoted to the worship of a particular god or gods. You can say, wow, there are so many temples
in Kyoto in Japan. mosque
That’s a very old mosque. A mosque is a Muslim place of worship. church
A church is a Christian place of worship. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them on your
travels. Wow, this church is so tall. This church is so impressive. waterfall
Don’t go chasing waterfalls… weird, this song has actually been stuck in my head all
day. We’ll hike to the waterfall and gaze upon
its beauty, and have lunch looking at the gushing water. A waterfall, water is falling down the mountain,
you’ve seen them, they’re beautiful. In America we have Niagara Falls, which is
one of our most famous waterfalls. Waterfall. tour
As a tourist, you’re probably going to go on at least one tour. A guide takes you on a tour of a particular
place, of a particular thing, and gives you information. That means you’re on a tour. Maybe in your guidebook you see that there
is a tour to go and see a waterfall. So you get on the computer and you buy a ticket
for the tour, and once you have the ticket, you add that tour to your itinerary, so that
you have it scheduled. Boom! Boom! Connect all the dots! So that was the Top 10 Most Common Tourist
Vocabulary. If you guys liked the video, don’t forget
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