Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Mexico

Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Mexico

hi everyone I’m Yesenia from Spanish pod 101.com
in this video we’ll be talking about top 10 tourist attractions in Mexico let’s
begin Teotihuacan Teotihuacan they owe the voix can tell tehuacán this is one
of the most popular archaeological sites in Mexico nadie estaba can construe yo
Teotihuacan original meant a nobody knows who originally built Teotihuacan
Palenque Palenque Palenque Palenque this is another Mexican archeological site or
sitios archeological Palenque esta en una hula belenki is in a jungle palacio
nacional National Palace ba la Co Nacional National Palace it is located
in Mexico City and you can visit it though some areas are forbidden el
Presidente de mexico trabajo en el palacio nacional the president mexico
works in the national palace monte albán monte albán monte albán Montalban this
is another archaeological site if you visit Mexico you should absolutely visit
one of its amazing archaeological sites la ciudad de montalbán estan las Sima de
un montón the city of Montalban is on top of a mountain that must be pretty
amazing ospc oka Banyas Hospicio cabañas oz p EO gaba yes
o spiezio cabanas this is located in Guadalajara and it’s one of the oldest
hospitals in the American continent ellos Paseo cabanas Albert Guevara
finals in fair most and a silhou yes in where the auspicious
cabañas Woodhouse orphans and sick people in the 19th century la catedral
de guadalajara voix de la Jara cathedral la catedral de
guadalajara guadalajara cathedral this is one of the oldest cathedrals in
Central America la casa de da de de guadalajara I see though this 3 their
body of this is the Guadalajara Cathedral has been destroyed many times
chichen itza chichen itza chichen itza chichen itza you’ve probably already
heard about it this place is famous for the beautiful
Mayan pyramid chichen itza fuei clasificado como una de las nuevas siete
maravilla del mundo chichen itza was classified as one of the seven wonders
of the world I’ve been there its truths amazing templo de Quetzalcoatl temple of
Quetzalcoatl templo de KITT Sal quatl temple of Quetzalcoatl this
temple is located in Teotihuacan el tempo de Quetzalcoatl
venner Abba a la serpiente emplou mala the temple of Quetzalcoatl worship the
feathered serpent pyramid a del Sol pyramid of the Sun be la me the del Sol
pyramid of the Sun this is another monument located in the Ottawa con la
Pira meda del Sol es una de las piramides mas altas el mundo the Pyramid
of the Sun is one of the tallest pyramids in the world
pyramid a de la luna pyramid of the moon– be me there
de la luna pyramid of the moon– it’s related to the pyramid of the Sun and is
also located in the bility walk-on complex
la pyramide a de la luna is mas chica que la del Sol the Pyramid of the moon
is smaller than that of the Sun okay that’s all for this lesson which
attraction do you like the most or have you been to any of them leave us a
comment letting us know and we’ll see you next time
hasta la próxima

4 thoughts on “Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Mexico

  1. Thank you for the language tips. I have been to a few of these already. However, worth pointing out that attractions 9 and 10 are all part of attraction 1 on your list. Maybe worth adding Tulum or Tula instead.

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