Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Thailand

hello everyone welcome back to title words you are with me today today we’ll
be doing top 10 tourist attractions in Thailand okay let’s get started
gilad ma’am the floating market gilad nam the floating market fan Kong chance
to pop idea to latinum my boyfriend will bring me to the floating market actually
the word fan there’s no gender for this work so it can mean either boyfriend or
girlfriend so if you are guy you talked about this word it means is your
girlfriend so so if ever go it means this is my boyfriend but those of you
who don’t know what is the floating market it is actually the market that
Estella sells stuff from boats so they mostly they sell souvenirs or fruits or
food from both proper o Maharaja Wong Grand Palace
proper Omaha rata won grand palace from me Santa pi proper Omaha rata one
tomorrow I’ll go to Grand Palace the grand palace in Thailand is actually
located at the heart of Bangkok is actually the residence of the kings of
Thailand since the past but nowadays it’s I think it’s used mostly for
official ceremonies poke it poke it poke it poke it plenty people get so mad the
sea at Phuket is very pretty you should try to go quite poor what
Paul what Paul what Paul what poor miss you see I’m drunk I’m not high what Paul
is famous for Thai massage which is true you should try and it’s very cheap there
too and one more thing the what what in front means Buddhist temple so if you
see this word in front of like other word like what Paul what was oh ever it
means it refers to a temple Katya Katya Katya a UTA UTA
meanwhile I hang at you Tia there are many temples do you know that Lucia is
the formal capital city of Thailand that’s why there are a lot of temples
because temple is the if the city is huge a big in Thailand that there will
be a lot of temples god chiang kohung got time core town plan content chopped
by cocktail my friend liked to go to Koh Chang also the word God means island so
if you see this word it means islands it refers to some islands got PP core PP
got P P Co PP 1 don’t need hunter Pike or PP this holiday I’ll go to copy P if
you have been there let me know about it Chiangmai Chiangmai Chiangmai chiang mai
pulling seeing my Suleiman seeing my girls are all cute I said do you know
that chin might is the name of a province in Thailand so it is actually
to the north of Thailand that’s why people there there the
completion is very smooth and nice and that’s why people believe that girls
they are very cute mae hong son mae hong son mae hong son mae hong son quantum a
hong son tidy to con people at myeongseong are all kind this is just a
belief in thailand they said that because my honks like provinces like
monks oven Ching mansion right they located to the north of Thailand in
North Thailand the weather is a bit colder than the rest of Thailand so when
the weather is cold you are you tend to be more calm more kind you’re not
getting frustrated very easily that’s why people believe that people there are
kind and the thing is true to Riley Riley Riley Riley hot Riley
yep sangguk mark railay beach is very quiet okay so that’s the end of the day
do you enjoy it by the way have you been to any places in Thailand if you have
let us know below in the comment if you like this video don’t forget to
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no one come for more time okay see you next time bye bye you

8 thoughts on “Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Thailand

  1. ขอบคุณครับ – I notice you give alternative pronunciation for all of those places. Are both correct?
    Also – I like the word แฟน in Thai because it is gender-neutral. For example, a girl could say she is busy with her แฟน, which could either be a boyfriend, husband, or even another girl. The word แฟน offers some privacy.

  2. I've been to Thailand once and I really enjoyed Great Palace and Lumpini park. No, wait…..I enjoyed everything! Including the Chinese neighbourhood and……I do not remember the white palace by the river.

  3. Hello Jay, I love the videos you make. I have been to Chiang Mai, Lampang and Bangkok. I especially loved the King's Garden. it was beautiful. Keep up the good work Jay.

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