55 thoughts on “Learn to travel — travel to learn: Robin Esrock at TEDxVancouver

  1. I liked the talk he gave but the description saying "modest $20,000 insurance settlement" felt ridiculous. I have never had that kind of money to spend in my whole life and insurance companies would only cover the treatment and broken equipment at best.

  2. Aircraft emissions are very damaging to the environment and human health. Please contribute to the Wikipedia article on sustainable tourism and make sure it highlights the awful air pollution caused by aviation emissions. We need packages that don't involve long (or any) air travel. When I was a child we travelled on holidays locally and had wonderful holidays meeting other people and enjoying nature. Why do people have to travel overseas (with plane travel) as a badge of honour and thus pollute the air and the environment, and harm human health?

  3. i love going to new places and ive learnt from skateboarding you learn more going to new places, my moto is new places create new spaces

  4. I didn't have a lot of money and I have done 70 countries and lived in 9. One doesn't need a lot of money to travel. One needs a plan. Have many connections. And have skills to sell. The world exposes itself to us and we learn to go go go. I don't regret my life. Do I have many world possessions? No! But I have hundreds of friends in 7 continents and I speak several languages.

  5. Travelling shows gender inequality….

    N those wolf misguides women about so called equality…

    Women n men r equal in many area but not in every area….

    So respect each other

  6. When you travel make sure to open your mind and heart for adventures. Do unexpected decisions, explore unusual paths that you wouldn’t try in the comfort zones and most importantly: talk to strangers, make new friends and ask questions. Your memories, stories and experience found during those days form the body of your life.

  7. If you had come to the Central African Republic, you getting yourself robbed would have been the best case scenario. There are places in this world where being a traveler, especially a Caucasian one, almost equals having a death wish. CAR is one of those.

  8. How do you get visa from so many countries. Of course we have to pay for visas' and accommodation. How do you manage these things

  9. As an American who has lived in the Philippines for 17 years, I think generally, American tourists do not want to "experience" other cultures as much as to find validation of what makes their own "better" (or "the best"). Similarly, most Americans think their individual opinion is correct & usually won't consider alternatives. This inevitably leads to the locals wishing they would just go back where they came from as quickly as possible…

  10. Travel to Puerto Rico where I now relocated to and actually purchased a home 2 years ago up in the mountains. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Food is delicious too.

  11. if people travel more, this world will have less conflicts and wars…. the reason why we fight is because we don't understand each other…

  12. If you don't want your money and stuff stolen from you, don't go into the towns in Cabo Mexico, I had more than $3,000 stolen from me, and some expensive stuff. Those Mexicans see white people as targets, no question about it.

  13. A solo traveler, been to 38 countries around the world and Albanians are still the most friendliest and heartwarming people Ive met in my life.

  14. Not sure why so many women are worried about travel. Hands down the worst humans I have ever met in my life were women…….bottom line, avoid women and you'll instantly be safer.

  15. A good tip for traveling with no money if you need food and a place to stay, go to the Jehovahs Witness church in any country on Sundays and they are so loving and kind. One of them will offer you shelter

  16. Americans don't travel enough. We are taught to have the American Dream. That American Dream is killing us because we're stressed out thinking we have to have it all. Doing all this darn working for ungrateful people. We need to live our lives and travel more. I'm 56, downgrading my lifestyle so I can travel as often as possible.

  17. Stumbled on this video while watching travel vlogs and so happy and appreciative that you mentioned Albanians as the worlds friendlies people. I'm Albanian and we really are very friendly and sincere people. Way too much for our own good sometimes.

  18. I really love this video. It captures what I have been saying in my classes for years now. Can't wait to share it with my students. My students created a quote that sums up my philosophy which is "travel the world with an open mind and kind heart"… after watching this, I might add… with a smile on your face.

  19. I almost died at 23. I started traveling after healing. 28 now and 18 countries later I have friends all over and learned to love this world more. Stay blessed stay traveling.

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