Leaving Your Kids at Home When Going on Vacation – Part 1

One mom recently sparked a debate for
asking this question on mumsnet.com. She said, quote, am I a bad mom because
I wanna leave my toddler behind while my husband and
two older children go on vacation? The mother is planning
to go to a water park. And she said, in this case, they’d all be
able to go on the rides without someone having to stay behind with the baby. So is this mom being selfish,
or is she being sensible? I wanna ask the mom.>>Sensible.
>>Yeah.>>You guys, did you just yell sensible?>>Yes.
>>Well, and that’s the thing about moms,
you have to do you. But I know for me, for me,
I could not leave one of my children home.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s just who I am, but I’m not gonna judge anybody else who does.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Mainly because for me, I love our family unit. My son loves being with Uriah and
vice versa. And when I travel,
I want to experience that with everybody. I never wanna leave a child out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Cuz you never know what they might think if they
see pictures in the future. But not only that,
maybe this is a morbid thought, but what if something happens to all
of us on this family trip, and then you’re just left with, [CROSSTALK]
>>You’re the sole survivor, that’s what that is. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]
>>But you’re not the only one
that thinks that way. Yes, it is a morbid thought to think,
but there are a lot of families that, either they feel like you, where you’d
prefer to all be on the flight together, and there are other families that
always take two separate flights so that everybody doesn’t die.>>You know what, in this case, though-.
>>[CROSSTALK] It sounds crazy.>>In this story, though, the mother left the little
one with her mother. So I looked at it as, maybe a lot of
people don’t have a lot of people to watch their kids or to help them. So I looked at it as that was a moment
that the mother could bond with the little one, and then the mother and
dad could bond with the other two.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The grandmother.>>Yeah, the grandmother. But I also think when you
go on trips like, now, I’ve been noticing,
when we go on trips, Tam takes me.>>Yes, it’s good.>>We rotate.>>Yeah
>>We have so many people with us.>>That’s [INAUDIBLE] Disney World.
>>I put her right on my lap. We were riding all small world.>>Yeah?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>How old is Uriah in that picture?>>Less than one.>>Yeah she wasn’t one yet.>>And she got a fever.>>Did she enjoy it?>>She didn’t know. She was less than one.>>You guys, Disney World is
something completely different. I think she really enjoyed the music. And she enjoyed the lights. You know, when you go to the parade?>>You sound so much like my sister.>>I know. [LAUGH]>>Tam,
my sister’s the same.>>I agree with you Tam. When I was younger,
my parents loved travelling. And so we would go to Knotsberry Farm,
or even to Disneyland, and I was too young to really speak or
show that I liked anything.>>Yeah.
>>But I know that I had a really good childhood, and I loved the
feeling that my parents had when you just bring them through those experiences. I may not be able to verbalize as
a toddler to say that was a dope ride or that corn dog was real bomb. You’re not going to say that,
but you remember. Just like when you read to your
kid when they’re in your womb. You read to them. You play music. You love on them. That emanates. That comes through, an energy. I really do believe that.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>When you talk about, my age is, though. Ages are important. Now like, yeah you know, but
she knew we was with here. We wasn’t gonna leave her. But now she’s getting a little bit older,
>>And you need more people, because we went to Monster Truck.>>Yeah.
[LAUGH]>>And that was like an experience for me. So I had to put her on
top of my shoulders.>>It’s a lot of work.>>It’s a lot of work.>>It is a lot of work.>>I would say,
just invite a lot of people with you, and then y’all can rotate. And then that way y’all
all can stay together. That’s how I see it.>>My only thing is, I’m not a parent, but I wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong
with it, if it’s not age-appropriate. Does that make sense?>>Yeah.
>>Like you also have to understand that there are gonna be activities that you
can’t do, cuz that’s a life lesson. We’re all gonna be getting on rides. You ain’t going to inconvenience
all of us because you’re a baby.>>That’s what’s hard about parenting.>>You wanna how I think?>>What?
>>I am aware, but hey.

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