Legend of Tashiding’s Bumchu Festival #tashiding #buddhism #sikkimtourism

Legend of Tashiding’s Bumchu Festival  #tashiding #buddhism #sikkimtourism

Hi! Hello everyone welcome back to my channel. Today I am back with a video wherein i’ll
show you some animation about the Caves in Sikkim. So stay tight!! The Lamas are very holy because for them life
is always full of prayer and meditation. Wherever a lama goes, he always carries with
him a prayer wheel and a rosary. He is therefore the guardian of holiness. The prayer wheel used by the lamas and the
faithful devotees consists of a cylinder turning on a handle as a pivot. Outside, on the curved surface and on strips
of paper within is inscribed the prayer “OM MANI PADME HUNG”, which means “Hail! Oh Jewel in the Lotus”. Every time the wheel is turned it is believed
that the prayers are automatically passed on to heaven. The prayer flags that one can find everywhere
in the countryside are also put up with the same idea. It is said that when they flutter in the wind
the prayers written on them are as good as when a person prays. Lamas ordinarily live a community life in
the monasteries following a fixed routine in which religious observances are most important. However, some very Holy Lamas at times come
to dislike the routine in the monasteries and then become lama hermits. They go to a CAVE dwelling to be in continuous
prayer and meditation. There are many number of stories praising
the holiness and divinity of Lama-Hermits. Once upon a time there lived on a very secluded
hilltop a Lama Hermit. The nearest village was far away and the approach
to the hilltop was so rugged that very seldom anybody dared to take up the difficult task
of going up to the hill. It was mainly because of this reason that
the hermit Lama had chosen this sanctuary. But the hill was considered holy by the people
because they believed that it was sacred to Goddess Dolma and occasionally a pilgrim would
go up to offer prayers to the Goddess. The lama kept up a strict routine of prayers
and meditation. According to the strict discipline necessary
for the deep meditation he kept six months CHAM every year when he neither ate nor drank. But having been a devotee of the Goddess Dolma
he used to get up every day before the break of dawn and go down the hill to fetch water
from the spring at the bottom of the hill to make offerings to the Goddess. This way he had already attained great spiritual
powers, but he still kept up the ascetic life hoping that one day he would be rewarded with
the divine presence of the Goddess herself. And so it happened one morning when he approached
the spring he felt an unusual hush all around. It looked as if nature was expecting some
divine presence. The holy hermit at once knew that a divine
miracle was going to take place and he watched in deep reverence and found the spring glow
with a strange aura of light. “It is the divine Goddess Dolma in all her
majestic brightness”, he said and knelt down in respect. Soon the beautiful Goddess herself appeared
before him and gave him a small jar. “Keep this jar” she said, “at the altar of
my temple and every year it would be filled with water. Give it to the faithful devotees and their
sins will be washed away from them”. When the Goddess departed, the lama followed
the advice given by the Goddess and kept the jar at the most sacred place at the altar
of the shrine. When the divine water started filling in it
as from nowhere, the holy man gave it to whoever came up the shrine to pray and their Sins
were washed away. The Lama died long back, but the practice
of distributing holy water in the shrine for pilgrims continues every year to this day. The Holy water from the spring came to be
a divine Cure for all illness. The Bumchu Festival of Tashiding in West Sikkim
is celebrated every year and the holy water is distributed to the pilgrims who come there
from around the world. I don’t know exactly which cave and spring
this legend is about, but in Sikkim we have many caves and shrines which distributes the
Holy water and many faithfull devotees have claimed it be miraculous. I hope you liked the video, please give it
a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe to my channel if you have not already. See you soon with some new interesting stories
and some new places to visit.

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  1. Good content 🙂 Even though all of your vlogs on Sikkim is very good but this one is better than previous ones. Good editing too. Keep it coming bhai!!

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