Leh Ladakh Tourism – Top 10 famous places, must watch video before planning Leh Ladakh, India Trip

Leh Ladakh Tourism – Top 10 famous places, must watch video before planning Leh Ladakh, India Trip

Ladakh is well known for its breathtaking
landscapes and it’s awe-inspiring natural beauty, from snow-clad mountains
to blue lakes, from glaciers to sand dunes, from majestic lands to magical
skies you can have it all in Ladakh today in this video I’ll be providing
the 10 must-see places in Ladakh but before we get into details do not
forget to subscribe to our channel for more such videos At number 10 is Leh
Palace, Leh Palace is a royal palace constructed by Sengge Namgyal, king of
Ladakh in 17th century. This beautiful palace has nine stories and its roof provides a spectacular and panoramic view of the beautiful town and
surrounding grand mountains. At number nine is Shey Palace
Shey Palace is located in Shey. A beautiful village around fifteen
kilometers from Leh. Shey used to be the capital of ancient Ladakh and this palace was used as a summer retreat by Ladakhi Kings and Royals. It is located on a hilltop and has a exclusive monastery featuring a grand 39feet statue of Sakyamuni Buddha made of copper and gilded gold At number 8 is Sangam the confluence of Indus and Zanskar River This beautiful place is
around 45 kilometres from Leh and the view of this valley is real treat to the
eyes. The two rivers can be seen distinctively in two different colors. In
summers the Zanskar River is known for river rafting while in winter it is
famous for Chadar Trek At number 7 is Hall of Fame Museum It is constructed by
Indian Army in memory of soldiers who sacrificed their life for the pride of
their country. This museum is around five kilometres
from Leh city and gives a glimpse of huge contributions made by Indian
Soldiers. At number 6 is Shanti Stupa, it is built
on a hilltop overlooking the Leh town. Its white dome shape structure is built
in association with Japanese Buddhist community and it provides spectacular
panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. The stupa holds the relics
of Lord Gautam Buddha at its base. At number 5 is Thiksey Monastery which is located at a height of 11850 ft in Thiksey village which is around 19
kilometers from Leh. It is one of the largest monasteries in Ladakh and resembles the Potala Palace in Tibet. It’s 12 story building features a huge
statue of Maitreya Buddha At number four is Hemis Monastary, it is the largest and most popular monastery in Ladakh. It is located around 45 kilometres from Leh and is beautifully tucked in mountains. It is famous for annual Hemis Festival which happens during June July every year. This monastery also has a
museum that depicts the rich ancient culture of Ladakh At number three is Khardung La Pass
situated at a height of around 18,000 feet and this world-famous pass is one
of the highest motorable roads in world. It is around 40 kilometers from Leh and
it provides breathtaking and thrilling views of majestic Ladakh At number two
is Nubra Valley which is a true masterpiece and feels like a paradise on
earth. It is around 150 kilometers from Leh and your eyes will be amazed with
never-ending natural beauty and wherever you look, you will be simply awestruck..! Two beautiful places to visit in Nubra Valley are Diskit Monastery featuring
109 feet Buddha statue and highest desert in world at Hunder where you can
see two hump bacterium camels and finally At number one is Pangong Lake, this
majestic Lake is located at a height of around 14,000 feet and is 135 kilometers
long. One of the unique feature of this lake is that it changes color many times
during a day! This lake is surrounded by magnificent mountains and clear blue
skies and the beauty and serenity of this place is just beyond words…!!! Thanks for watching and if you liked the
video please do subscribe…:-)

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  1. Hey friends, in this video I have captured the top 10 famous tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh and if you'r going Ladakh for the first time then you must see these places. I have created this list on basis of my personal experience and these are my favourites. Ladakh is very beautiful place and has lots of other awesome places to visit so you can explore more as you travel there! If you like this video please do mention your feedback or comments in below section. If you do not like it then also let me know the feedback so that I can incorporate in my next video. If you think there are any more beautiful places to see in Ladakh do mention that! Looking forward to hear from you and thanks for watching!!!

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