Let’s Go Camping in Oregon

Let’s Go Camping in Oregon

There’s just something about camping that’s good for the soul. A night out under the stars helps us slow down, disconnect from modern-day distractions and engage on a deeper level with nature… and each other. Oregon is a land made for camping. With its remarkable breadth of scenery and love for public lands, the Beaver State offers an impressive range of camping options. But one set of campgrounds stands out in particular: Oregon’s State Parks. They’re home to some of the state’s most ecologically significant and striking landscapes. And with the parks’ exceptional recreational access, experiencing these landscapes is made easy — day and night. There are more than 50 state park campgrounds situated across Oregon’s diverse landscapes, and they serve as base camps for outdoor enthusiasts of all interests: from hikers to bikers… anglers to surfers…. wildlife viewers to fall foliage seekers… and to those who just want to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of a campfire. Shoulder seasons, during spring and fall, offer wonderful times to camp when you’re likely to experience a quieter side of the parks. If you’re considering a camping trip during the summer season, we recommend reserving a campsite through Oregon State Parks in advance. And if tent camping isn’t your calling, you’re still in luck; more than half of Oregon’s State Park campgrounds offer reservable cabins or yurts – a great option for the chillier months. Once you’ve experienced camping in Oregon’s state parks, we’re certain you’ll fall in love with them too. New to camping? Not a problem; Oregon State Parks has you covered. Through an introductory program called “Let’s Go Camping,” aspiring campers learn about essential camping basics, Leave No Trace ethics and are provided helpful camping gear to enjoy a restful night out in nature. Instructors are there to help you set up camp and offer tips and tricks along the way. Seasoned state park rangers stop by to share their knowledge about unique park history and outdoor activities. And the park itself provides the rest of the fun. A lifetime of Oregon camping memories begins here. Let’s Go Camping program is a program designed for first-time campers It’s a program where we offer assistance, we offer gear, so we have tents, sleeping bags. Throughout the weekend we do programming, how-to clinics on different outdoor topics, We also offer activities with rangers out in the parks. It’s designed to get people coming back and to camp again. “Let’s Go Camping” is offered at multiple Oregon State Parks throughout the summer, both near metro areas and further afar. Studies show that camping can be good for your health — it gives you the opportunity to
unplug, destress and exercise — and you just might make unforgettable memories along the way. But don’t just take our word for it… go out and experience Oregon’s great outdoors for yourself. There’s a campground waiting for you.

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  1. keep your drones out of the wilderness, it is illegal. Try being a good example instead of part oif the problem.

  2. Some of the best night's sleep for me has been camping in the state parks along the coast. Breathing in the cool air while in a warm sleeping bag and cot felt better than any resort hotel. Make sure your tent is pretty water resistant as the rain does come and go…

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