LETTING the KIDS BUY whatever they WANT for SUMMER VACATION! where to??

– We’re going to let the kids decide where we go on summer vacation. (kids cheering) – So our idea is we’re
going to be doing traveling. – [Boy] Look how shiny they are. – [Mom] We only have
like 20 minutes left go! Power air fryer here I come! – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, the time’s done! – It is time to tally up the votes. This is it, where are
we going this summer? – Yeah! (upbeat rock intro plays) – What’s up Toa squad,
look at this weather. You guys, it is raining. – [Girl] I love rain! – We moved to the desert. I totally did not know it
was going to rain this much. Like, it has been raining
way more than normal. Are you guys loving the rain? – Yes!
– [Kids] No! – Not really. – It is almost end of school. We’re getting ready for summer and I’m dying for some warmth. Some nice weather. I know of a great place to go on vacation. Who wants to go to grandma’s house? – No! I wanna go to New York! – I wanna go to the beach! – Lake Powell! – Anywhere besides Grandma’s. – New York! – California! – I have a great idea. I want you guys to help us
decide where we’re going to go for the summer. So, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to play a game. Everybody has a fun place that
they want to go on a trip. But I think, we need first
we need some supplies. Okay, we’re going to split up into teams.
– [Boy] Hey mom! And we’re going to see who
can make the best summer haul to decide where we go. Whoever has the best summer haul, so you’re gonna gather all
these fun summer things. And you’re gonna make a pitch that this stuff is going
to be the best vacation. For New York, or California
or whatever you guys said. We’re gonna rock-paper-scissors and whatever you decide
is the team you’re on. – [All] Rock-paper-scissors shoot! – Okay, I got a paper. – [Dad] Boys, boys are all rocks! We rock! – Okay me, Evee, and Cora are
a team, little girls and mom. – Me and Rykel, we’re gonna win cause we have less people! – That balanced out really well – [Dad] That’s the easiest
way to play teams, ever. – That’s crazy, all right
everybody out of the car! – [Girl] Let’s go! – All right guys we are
at our favorite store. We’re at Kohl’s, baby! Yay! (kids cheering) – [Mom] That’s right. We love Kohl’s because they
have everything you need. They’ve got kitchen stuff, shoes, clothes. – A house! – A house. No, they have traveling
gear, they’ve got everything. So I think that this is going
to be the ultimate place to find everything we need
for a nice summer haul. We’ve split into three teams. We have the teen team. (girls cheering) We have the boy team. (boy growls) And we have the mom and
little girl team. Yes! So, their task is one, they have to find a
t-shirt for their team. Second, they’re gonna
have to have a summer haul and get everything for
their perfect summer that kinda portrays what kind of vacation they want to go on. Can be like, we want a pool vacation. They get all sorts of
pool gear and swim stuff. Or they want like a hiking, or whatever. – But, they have 30 minutes
to find everything they need for this awesome summer vacation. On your mark, get set, go! – [Girls] Go go, come on! – All right, boys are out. Yeah we gotta find the shirt first, okay? – Our idea is we’re going
to be doing traveling. So, like, the whole trip. So we’re going to start
off with a comfy outfit. So maybe some Adidas pants
as well as like a shirt. For the comfy, getting there part. And then, we’ll come back
to you guys in a bit. – Okay guys, our team is all
about backyard, barbecues and beaches. Our team is the b team! – Okay, backyards, barbecue, and beaches. That’s what the girls decided. What’s our shirt gonna look like, guys? – Barbecue and beaches and backyard. – [Mom] Let’s go find something come on. – All right, yeah so, the
boys are gonna do sports. We came to the sporting section. Like, dude, these are awesome. – [Shae] Yeah! – I’d take red, white, and blue. We’re feeling patriotic. That’s a small. Can you take a small?
– Oh, this is a medium! – Okay take the small and the medium. Oh, these shorts are awesome. Oh, look at those, patriotic. What’d you grab? – Blues. – [Dad] Okay lets try them. – All right so we all know me. I either want, leggings like this. Or, some sweatpants. But I’m not seeing sweatpants. So we’re going to start
off with some leggings. I’m gonna find some leggins for me. Ooh, those are so cute on you! And you can do like a white shirt, or we could do matching shirts. – Yes. – Yeah these will fit. – [Mom] Look at these shirts you guys! Oh my gosh, so cute! They have some awesome shirts. I am really digging their americana stuff. Do you love the red,
white, and blue things? – [Both] Yeah! – [Mom] Okay did we find something? – [Cora] Mom look at this shirt! – [Mom] We’ve got Mickey, we’ve got Snoopy.
– [Cora] Snoopy. – [Mom] What if I get one of these shirts. And then we find something
matching in your size? – Yeah! – [Dad] Uh, black? I don’t think you wanna wear a black. – Yeah, darn it. – [Dad] What about, oh
here’s a small and white. – So, we have both found our pants. Rykel, let’s show them our pants. Okay, so I’ve got these pairs of Adidas. – [Rykel] And I’ve got these ones. – And she’s got those ones. So we’re both different
but still matching. – [Rykel] Oh, they have zipper pockets! – We’re gonna put them in our bucket. Now it is time for us to
find a shirt, Rykel hurry! We only have 30 minutes we’re
at like 10 minutes already. What kind of shirt are we looking for? Oh, a stitch shirt? Well, I feel like I want like
a shirt that’s like worded. This one goes really well. It goes so well with the shirt. – [Rykel] This is an extra large. – Well yeah, we’ll find a small. But, do you wanna do these shirts? – [Rykel] Yes. – Sweet we found our shirts
for the first section. – [Mom] Look at all of
these soft tees, skirts! Okay, you guys pick out something that matches my red americana shirt. Ready? Go! – This one! – [Mom] You want this one? What size is it, seven? Oh that’s perfect for you. – This matches my shirt. – [Mom] Let’s get it. Perfect! Thumbs up, cause we’re
gonna be the cutest team. – Yeah! Thumbs up! – What do you think you guys? I actually think I like the red. And these shorts I’ll
probably wear all the time. I like this! – Swap, swap, if we swapped
shirts we’d be perfect. Or if we kept them, and we
swapped shorts we’d be perfect. – Rykel I found it. Okay guys, so now we’re
going for traveling shoes. Never put a girl in the
shoe section, oh my gosh. – [Rykel] We’ll never leave. – Because we’ll never leave. We can’t find matching
shoes that one of us likes. Cause we both like a lot of the shoes. I found them, look at how cute those are! Ooh, look at these. Oh, those are really
comfortable, I like these. – [Rykel] And they’re wide enough right? – Mm-hmm, should we get them? – [Rykel] Yes. – [Klai] Let’s do it. – [Mom] We got our backyard stuff. What do we need now? Beach and barbecue, right? – [Both] Yeah! – [Mom] Let’s find some b stuff. Hurry!, lets go! Look, this shirt has hotdogs. That’s perfect for barbecue. – Mom! I know that the backyard
fun will be so much fun with Blitz bubbles! – [Mom] Oh a bubble
blower would be awesome. – [Evee] Yeah! And this bubble blower! – [Mom] Okay, let’s grab
it, let’s put it in. Backyard fun here we come! – Mom I need a summer dress! – [Mom] Oh, perfect for backyard. – [Evee] Let’s get this print one. – [Mom] You want this one? Let’s see, size seven. (Evee cheers) – For summer and beaches
we need sunglasses! – [Mom] Okay. Wow look how cute these are. – [Cora] Can I buy this one. Can we get this one. – [Mom] Sure, that’s a Jojo Siwa one. We have found some awesome things but I think we need a
good backyard outfit, so. – [Wyatt] Guy’s I kinda like this. – Me too. – I feel like we’re too matching actually. – Really? – You’re wearing the same thing
I’m wearing the same thing. – I kinda don’t like the matching. – [Dad] Boys, can I play with you? Look I’ve got shorts, and
shirts, and stuff too. – That’s a lot – Let’s do this – Yeah! – Now it’s time to find a second shirt.
– A shirt. – And this is like a summery outfit for when we’re out and about. So we wanna make sure its kinda cutey-ish. And we’re going to get scrunchies. Oh, I already saw them. So we’re gonna get some scrunchies, cause we love scrunchies. – All right I found a really cute outfit for my backyard outfit. Okay girls, let’s find
your guys’ backyard outfit. Ready? – [Both] Yeah! Outfit time! – They didn’t have a bigger size. I love these shorts but they
only match this, so I’m out. – I love these! – I love them too. – I need to tighten these. – Starting over we’re going to put together our own little travel kit. I love making travel kits it’s like one of my favorite things. And I always need like a
travel kit for when we’re gone. So we’re gonna come up with a travel kit. – We need beach towels
for our summer haul. – [Mom] Oh that’s right beach. Look at this, look at this,
look how cute that is. – I chose a shirt. This is, the last was a
small, this is a medium. It’s still too small on me. I don’t think I’m a large, but I gotta go get some more clothes. You want this one? – Yeah, I like this one. – I like this one. – Uh-oh, we’re at a standoff guys. I think we’re gonna have to Jan-ken-pon. Whoever wins has the other has
– No – to get that outfit We gotta be a team guys! – Okay, here we go you
guys, from my travel kit. First up is, a Neutrogena cleansing wipes, and its pink cause I love pink. – [Mom] We have got to
get this for our front. What do you think? – [Girl] What about the chicken? – [Mom] Oh the chicken is so cute! But this is like, the front
it’s gonna show everybody that we’re like vibed up for americana. – Wyatt wins! Yeah!
– [Shae] No! – High-five, bro. Okay let me see that golf
outfit one more time. And I’ll go get changed. – All right, I obviously need a face mask, because when you’re traveling
gotta get that face mask. So I’m definitely gonna go with this deep purifying
charcoal bubble mask. – [Mom] The air fryer! This is going to be perfect
for our backyard barbecues. Look at that we’re going to make like fried chicken
and fries, perfect! Power AirFryer here I come! – [Dad] Okay, so, you guys
kinda went the golf route. I didn’t so we need to
go to my section now and find that kinda stuff. – Yeah. – [Dad] Bro, what about
these blacked out Air Maxes. No, or these? – [Boy] Perfect! Daddy! Right here. – [Dad] Oh, my goodness! Okay, pack them up! We gotta do something for Shae. – These are so cute
are they the same size? – [Rykel] Yes. – Sweet we found our bags and we’re going to fill them
with all of our nice stuff. – Mom, there’s so much
cool backyard stuff! What are we gonna get? – And beach stuff too! – [Mom] Okay, let’s get a floatie cause we got a pool in our backyard, huh? – [Shae] Look at those! – [Wyatt] Look how shiny they are! – I’m getting these guys. Fours all the way. – [Mom] We are gonna get some sandals for beach, barbecue, backyard. Do we go for comfy like these Nikes? – [Cora] No. – [Mom] Do we go for slippers like these. – I want these. – [Mom] But these might not,
let’s look for your size, okay? Oh, those are really cute! – And super comfortable. – [Mom] Yeah! So cute! – All right you guys we have
been looking for super long. We found our perfect, we
totally think we’re going to win right? I mean, we’ve got a full on outfit. We’ve got like two outfits, and so much– Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! The time’s done! Oh, hallelujah! We actually made it. You guys better go and
vote on Klai and Rykel. So that we can take the
family somewhere really good. – [Mom] Okay guys, I
think we’re almost done. – [Both] I hear it! – I hear the timer! Hurry! We gotta go, we gotta go! You guys need to vote for
the little girl and mom team. – [Evee] Yes
– [Cora] The b team! – For the three b’s. That’s right because our
vacation is going to be the best. – [All] B team! – I think I just bought
out all of Kohl’s store. Okay, let’s go home and see who’s gonna win this summer haul. – You guys are gonna love
ours, please vote for us. – Vote for us. – [Klai] and we will buy you guys– – Nothing
– Nothing – All right guys we are
back from our shopping haul! All right we have our
three teams we have the mom and little girls team! (girls cheer) – Men! – [Mom] The boy team. – Men!
– [Shae] Men team! – [Mom] The boy team. – Men!
– [Dad] Aww. – [Mom] The teen team.
– [Klai] The winning team! (girls cheer) – [Dad] What? – They just totally went and did that – [Dad] That is self-proclaimed! – We have decided to vote, secretly. So we’re going to tell you
guys our team names, our idea. And the vacation we’re going for. And we want you guys to vote. At the very end we’re going to have a poll we want you guys to vote. And then we’ll all vote as a family. And we’ll see where we’re
going on our summer vacation. Cause it might be coming
to a place near you. – Team one, the b team! – [Both] The three b’s! – [Mom] The three b’s! You might be asking what does that mean? – Beach, backyard, and barbecue. – That’s right we got our
awesome, come on stand up girls, matching outfits. We went with coordinating
outfits I got this really cute, look at this fun tee,
“American Pie”, love that song. Oh, we got, stars and stripes all around! – We’ve got some fun Fourth of July decor. Bubbles
– [Girl] Bubbles – [Mom] For our backyard barbecue. For the beach we got
some cool pool floaties. We’re gonna have burgers on the grill. But we’re gonna make
french fries in the fryer. (girls cheer) – [Both] We got some fun summer outfits! – [Mom] That’s right for the
backyard, beach, and barbecue. Ours is kind of like a staycation. We wanna go to the beach. We’re gonna be focusing
on the west coast here. We’re gonna go to the beach. We’re gonna have fun
barbecues at our house. – [Girls] Three b’s! Three b’s! – It’s the best, guys. – We – Are the – Triplicates – Yeah, so what we did, is
we went super matchy matchy. We’ve got our Snoopy
– [Wyatt] Snoopy – Family fun shirts Now
– [Wyatt] Now. – We love these shirts
and we will use them. But when it gets time to get really sporty,
we’ve got some fresh kicks. But look, our summer is
going to be super sporty. We are gonna take the whole family. We are gonna play soccer, we
are gonna play basketball. We are gonna play so
many games all summer. – Golf!
– Hockey! – We are fully prepped for another sport, what other sport are we
going to do this summer boys? – [Boys] Golf! – [Dad] So we’ve got out golf
outfits totally ready to go! – Give us a big thumbs up, not them. If you want our team to win. – The triplicates! – We have got our whole setup right here. We’ve got backpacks, and blankets, and then we’ve also got outfits. Rykel you wanna tell us
what these outfits are for? – (claps hands) Our
team is about traveling. So we have some matching outfits. – We’ve got our travel outfit first. We’ve got ourselves some
Adidas and a whatever shirt. When you get to your
vacation spot you don’t want to just be in your pajama clothes. Even though this does look really good. So, we have got ourselves
– [Rykel] Another outfit. – an outside outfit. – So I have some jeans and I have a cute yellow
and white striped– – Surprisingly I’ve
got a yellow shirt too. Now we have got some super fun tees. We’re going from the west to
the east coast, baby, oh yeah! So what are we going to need Rykel? – We’re going to need a travel
kit for all this traveling. – So, we first start
off with our backpacks. And then we’ve got… – [Rykel] our travel size blanket which are… – [Klai] Matching! Girls need their chocolate, so we’ve got this little
tiny chocolate bar. Now in our travel kit we
need all sorts of things. We’ve got makeup wipes, scrunchies, socks. – [Rykel] Face masks, hand
lotion, glasses, dry shampoo and more socks. – So make sure to vote for us, for across the country– – Road trip. – To New York. – All right you guys have the options. We have the three b team. The backyard, barbecue, and beach team. We have the all sport boy team. – [Both] Triplicates! – The triplicates,
playing sports all summer. And then our last vacation choice is… – The winning team! – [Mom] The road trip
across the United States. So, we want you guys to vote, right here. Are we gonna, road trip
across the United States. Play sports all summer, or go
to the beach and barbecues. All right, now that you guys
have voted it’s time for… The Ohana Adventure to vote! (all cheering) We’ve got paper and pen,
grab a paper and a pen. And everyone is going to vote what vacation they
think is going to be the best. Even if it’s not their own, they can vote for somebody else as well. And then we’re going to
tell you at the very end. What we’re doing for our vacation. (upbeat rock plays) It is time to tally up the votes. Dad, you get to, count the
votes, here we go guys. – Out of our magic, soon to be on our website,
Ohana means family hat. Sports all summer, three b’s. – [Mom] Uh-oh. – Road trip. – Whoa, we are all tied up right now guys. – Road trip, road trip. – [Mom] Uh-oh, road trip might win. Sports all summer. Sports all summer. – Oh my goodness, we are tied. Sports all summer three votes,
and road trip three votes. This is it. – Oh no. – [Mom] Are they gonna win. – [Rykel] We have to win. – We’re gonna win! We’re gonna win! We’re gonna win! – [Mom] Hey, here we go,
what’s the final vote? – All right magic hat on. – Hey this is it, where
are we going this summer? – Should they look first? – [Mom] Ready, set. Road trip with sports and beach. (laughs) – Yeah! Road trip wins! But we have to play sports along the way and hopefully visit a beach. (all cheering) – The winning team! – I think, we all won. So we’re gonna hit the road
hit us up on our Instagrams. Hit us up in comments. Let us know where you live. Where you want us to visit. We are going to be going, from the west coast to the east coast. In July, hanging out and
then back, late July. We’re gonna spend a month on the road. We’ll see you guys soon. – We wanna thank Kohl’s
for sponsoring this video. They reward the every day. And we found so many amazing
products, name brands, awesome prices. We love Kohl’s. Did you guys find everything we needed? – Oh yeah we did! – [Mom] We found everything
for our road trip! Everything for our sports! And of course, our backyard,
barbecue, and beach supplies! Make sure you guys check
out your local Kohl’s. They have lots of these cool fun tees. And all sorts of fun stuff. We wanna thank them for
sponsoring this video. We had a blast. We hope you guys voted for the road trip. But I’m gonna go back and tally
and see what everybody said. And we will comment
that on our next video. Thanks for hanging out with us everybody. – Give it a big thumbs up! – You better subscribe if you want us to come to your state, yeah! – Don’t forget to hit
the notification bell! (bell chimes) (foreign language) (slow electronic outro plays)

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