LEVEL 9999 Ramen Tour of Tokyo, Japan – ULTIMATE WAGYU Beef Ramen + FOIE GRAS Ramen – Japanese Food

LEVEL 9999 Ramen Tour of Tokyo, Japan – ULTIMATE WAGYU Beef Ramen + FOIE GRAS Ramen –  Japanese Food

100 thoughts on “LEVEL 9999 Ramen Tour of Tokyo, Japan – ULTIMATE WAGYU Beef Ramen + FOIE GRAS Ramen – Japanese Food

  1. HUGE THANKS to Cody from https://www.ramenguidejapan.com/the-meet-ups for taking us for these 4 INCREDIBLE Bowls of Ramen in Tokyo! Cody offers delicious ramen tours of Tokyo! Check out his page! and follow him here https://instagram.com/ramenguidejapan Please leave me a comment below about what you thought of the video, I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much for watching!

  2. That was a great video. You and Cody were a great pair , I really enjoyed this episode. I hope I can see more of this journey.

  3. Interesting….both my mom and dad would smack me upside the head simultaneously if I slurped my food like that! Lmao. I need to perfect it!

  4. Why is it I keep coming back to your videos…. Obviously it's because you are just so good at what you do Trevor….

  5. Love your vids binge watching them with my wife we are planning a trip soon and you have given us many places to look forward to

  6. What's with all the Shaniqua dry straw hair dyed men in Japan, it's like the ghetto is seeping into the barber shops.

  7. Oh My! The ramen in Tokyo looks really delicious especially the wagyu beef ramen. I gotta share this to you guys a small youtube from the Philippines also went to Japan but in Osaka Japan. They made a video in which they ate Japanese street foods in Osaka Dotonbori. I know Food Range is incredible but you should see this couple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWH2DyhXSB0

  8. I tried shoyu ramen by ivan ramen before and it was just straight salt didnt enjoy it. is there versions of shoyu that arent super overpowering with salt

  9. Блин все у них вкусно в японии, но вот только их рисовая лапша меня убивала – безыскусное уг ((

  10. I really like watching these videos to learn about food across the globe but the loud exaggerated MMMMMMMMMs while maintaining direct eye contact infuriate me.
    I feel like he wants to have an educational show while making noises for babies while explaining things like I'm a kid.
    It's food. I understood it the first time you say things.

  11. Thank you so much for this video! I tried all 4 of these places about 3 weeks ago. They were all pretty amazing. The Foie Gras aburasoba was the highlight for me. Nothing else like it. Absolutely amazing! Please keep putting out videos like these!

  12. Thanks for sharing.
    There’s border for our country,but not in our hearts. You are such nice man mr James.
    Hope to see your videos in Iran again.

  13. All these glass half empty people…stop whining about how he slurps or eats or mmmms. You know damn well that's why you like him.

  14. Dude why is he so awkward here. Especially in Japan. If you walk into any ramen bar, sushi bar etc..in Japan it’s usually completely silent. So cringe.

  15. I cant watch you anymore im sorry i love your videos but can not stand MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! one time is enough not every bit though

  16. Do you have to make loud orgasmic yodel everytime you slurped your ramen? I find that contrived. It was noisy for me to enjoy the show!

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